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05 May 2019 14:33:55
Lots of reports coming in that we've offered Mourinho the managers job, if true no sure how I feel about it.

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05 May 2019 14:50:18
Clearly nonsense.

Even if it was true, he would only knock it back immediately anyway.

05 May 2019 14:53:23
I'd take him in a heart beat. Don't see it happening but would be some capture. The kind of big name that will get players wanting to come. but again would be a huge shock if he did.

05 May 2019 15:29:27
He's one of the World's best managers. It would be an unbelievable appointment if it happened - way above the level of Rodgers coming in.

05 May 2019 15:55:19
Think we need someone who doesn’t expect a £200 million budget 😳.

05 May 2019 16:05:45
One of the world's best managers partly because he has had millions and millions to spend on new players every transfer window. I'm not saying he's not good but with the exception of when he was at Porto he has spent a fortune at every club he has managed. He wouldn't have that kinda money with us and for that reason alone he wouldn't come.

If it were up to me (which it isn't) I would give him a bye ball in favour of a manager who has been successful without mega millions to spend. HH.

05 May 2019 16:31:34
Bestyboy he actually achieves more when unexpected.

Porto won the uefa cup and champions league. No fluke.

Inter he won their first European cup since 1965 during a period in which they have far from dominated in Italy nevermind Europe.

Chelsea he had money but they were building their new empire.

Our job is still too small but him taking on say the AC Milan job is his type or project. Rebuilding a team who need a leader.

A squad who see him as the main man as oppose to battling their egos.

05 May 2019 17:37:42
Theres only one way I could dislike him more, that's if he blew 10. don't trust him its a no from me.

05 May 2019 19:43:26
Would be a fantastic appointment. Would be up there with our biggest ever.

05 May 2019 20:32:27
Biggest ever mistake. he's a turd and a cheat.

05 May 2019 21:10:48
He seems to inspire players within the first year then becomes too big for his boots, if we only want Nine in a row he would be perfect, but for the next 5 years not a hope in hell, I will never forgive him how his cheating tactics cost us the UEFA Cup.

05 May 2019 21:30:18
Steph he's the most successful manager in the game right now. Celtic fans really need to get over the sour grapes over seville. He done his job.
You talk like Celtic players never dive.

05 May 2019 22:15:09
Fake News.

05 May 2019 23:08:56
No it's true and Pedro says he has 200 million to spend.

05 May 2019 23:20:41
Mourinho is anti football with a negative attitude. Don’t want a cheat at Celtic Park.

05 May 2019 23:25:07
Kev the odd dive is not my gripe. It was sustained and obviously part of the teams tactics as instructed by him. Al never get over Seville.

06 May 2019 00:42:35
He would be a fantastic appointment and is a world class manager but let's be honest there is more chance of Delia coming back than us getting Mourinho.

06 May 2019 02:19:25
Our football is bad enough at the minute without his dinosaur negative tactics. Far too bitter and controversial too and would spend more games in the stand than the dugout.

06 May 2019 06:12:40
Sounds like you are describing Lennon.

06 May 2019 10:10:05
Ed what are your thoughts on the Jose rumour.

{Ed007's Note - They're nonsense.}

06 May 2019 19:41:31
Cannot believe we’re actually debating the prospect of Mourinho coming in as manager! Haha! There’s not a chance in hell of this happening lol! Just picturing him at a freezing cold Dingwall on a Wednesday nite haha! He’s on about 15 million a season and would want double our annual turnover to spend on players! That’s before any of his back room team come in! Not to mention he’s a total walloper and an arrogant cheating cant! lol.

06 May 2019 21:07:17
There is more cast of Walter Smith being our DOF and Fat Swally being our next HC.

07 May 2019 00:37:05
I'd happily take Walter Smith and I'm not joking lol.

Good for both parties. He's a good manager and a chance for him to not mess up 10 in a row haha.

07 May 2019 21:02:24
I’ll take a Spanish donkey as manager at this rate I’ve heard Pedro has already offered one the job and bookies have slashed the odds pmsl! What next we planing a bid for hazard ha ha.

07 May 2019 22:12:06
One of the world's best managers?, look at his statistics, he doesn't manage, he buys the best players and let's them play, he doesn't manage then, he got lucky at Porto, like Ronnie did at Stromsgodset, had a brilliant bunch of players coming thru just when he was there, (coincidence in both cases, nothing to do with their managerial abilities) , after that he just spent, spent spent, he could have brought on more of the young boys at Man U, but he went for big name signings, he was like su
perally, in the third division, buying superstars like Kevin Kyle, of whatever his name was, instead of playing the young players,
Would be better getting Dick Campbell from Arbroath, he would do a better job.

07 May 2019 22:36:04
Kev, look at the money he has spent. That has been a big part of his success and he wouldn't have a fraction of it to spend at Celtic. Lawwell and him would fall out within the first 3 months, he'd throw his toys out of the pram and then he'd be off at the first opportunity. HH.

07 May 2019 22:43:34
FFS guys, grow up.
There is NO chance of Mourinho being our next manager. Stop reading the Daily Tripe and catch a grip of yourselves. He is exactly the opposite of what we need or can afford and it disappoints me that some of you are being sucked in by utter pish. Move along, nothing to see here. HH.



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