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06 Apr 2019 14:00:47
Boyata going hertha Berlin. What a step down.

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06 Apr 2019 15:10:59
Is it a step down, better wages, playing against really good teams each week

Hertha sure are not Celtic but let’s be honest anyone that stays in Scotland too long really lacks ambition to better themselves.

06 Apr 2019 19:41:53
I met him at Edinburgh Airport yesterday, but I suppose he could’ve been coming back from anywhere. Stopped and quickly got a photo with my bhoys and asked them where they were flying from etc. Fair play.

06 Apr 2019 20:01:23
Well if you asked him where he was flying from, where did he say?

06 Apr 2019 23:31:38
Not a criticism keV T but that comment efficitvely means you can't have a man that wants to be a one club man. Even touches on accusing brown of lacking ambition. Bit harsh if you ask me. Especially when wer quick enough to dig up boys who leave for lower level English teams.

07 Apr 2019 10:32:53
I was taking the photo Jimtim, it was him that was chatting to my boy and asking him where he was flying to/ from. I just thanked him for taking the time and wished him good look.

07 Apr 2019 11:17:26

You’ll always get some players that have a comfort zone and believe me i would love Tierney, McGregor and Forrest to be one man clubs

But they should realistically be looking to move to a better league to test themselves.

When I say test themselves I mean moving to a top 5 league not the English championship.

07 Apr 2019 13:01:49
No probs Stu 👍. Seems to have legs this one.

07 Apr 2019 13:35:01
Who really cares where boyata goes. I for one couldn't careless he is a scumbag.

07 Apr 2019 20:57:59
A scumbag?
Complete idiocy; what’s grounds have you got to call anyone that?

07 Apr 2019 21:08:30
The fact he refused to play for us in a CL qualifier the fact that he stated he or his agent stated he didn't want to be here or play for us so he is a scumbag.

07 Apr 2019 23:49:09
He can go wherever he likes as long as it's not us.

08 Apr 2019 06:52:38
Can’t se how that makes him **** Marco
No loyal to Celtic, head turned by transfer talk, he won’t be the last.
I personally think he would be easier replaced as he is prone to frequent lapses in concentration
But to go around calling him **** doesn’t seem right to me.
Have you met him?

08 Apr 2019 12:07:43
I try to keepmy judging to "facts" and whilst its true that he refused to play in the CL qualifier we took the word of BREXIT rather than the word of Boyata and why shouldn't we have, after all BREXIT is a and always has been a diehard Celtic supporter who was in his dream job and was going to get us the 10. Perhaps facts now show that Boyata is probably the more trustworthy of the two and when he said he was unable to play he actually was unable to play. I think many of us had a knee jerk reaction when he left the field in the last game with rangers and yet again it seems Boyata knows his body and knew whe couldn't play on. It is like seeing someone steal and immediately he is labeled as a thief but perhaps someone is holding his family hostage forcing hi to steal, he is dying of hunger forcing him to steal, he is a klyptomaniac unable to resist the urge to steal etc etc.

08 Apr 2019 17:36:13
B Rodgers who most of us would check our watches, if he told us the time, told us the story about Boyata and the champions League qualifier . I for one don't believe a word B R says m so I don't believe his Boyata tale.

08 Apr 2019 23:52:28
Don't really care if Boyata goes good riddance. Personally think he is overated and I would rather get behind the players who want to play for us.



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