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21 Jun 2024 20:48:49
Not a rumour, but what is that France kit all about? A huge yellow chicken/ rooster? Seen a few bad kits in my time but that is embarrassing ?.

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21 Jun 2024 21:59:07
Sevco have always had cocks in theirs since I can remember.

21 Jun 2024 22:44:12
I noticed that and the Dutch strip with the huge badge?
It must be whoever made the strip thought it was a good idea.

22 Jun 2024 06:06:11
Looks to me like they’re going for an old-style baseball shirt look…but it doesn’t really come off, for me.

22 Jun 2024 10:43:02
Weejoe, so true

Wullie Waddell
Wullie Henderson
Wullie Johnson
Wullie Chalmers
Wullie King
Wullie Logie
Wullie Penman
Richard (Dick) Gough
To name a few lol.

22 Jun 2024 11:57:28
They are not the only ones Tim. ?.

22 Jun 2024 12:17:54
On the back of wingers of yesteryear, I'm old enough to remember Willie Henderson, decent though he was, he wasn't a patch on Jinky. I also remember Davie Cooper. Seemed a decent bloke (RIP) , but aside from that admittedly great goal against us in the 1975 Dryburgh cup final, in OF games, Danny McGrain seemed to have his measure because he was so left footed. My memories of DC in OF games is he was largely ineffectual.
On the flip side, I've also been reflecting on Davie Provan during the 80s for us. Good winger but when Fergie took Aberdeen to our bit, I'd be in my usual spot in the Jungle and have to say I got the vibes Davie was s*** scared of big Doug Rougvie, their FB. He never went near the big fella. Just a memory I have of these 2 wingers across the divide.

{Ed007's Note - Cooper was often booed at Ibrox as he was seen as lazy and disinterested in a lot of games, there were long periods when he wasn't even in the team - he was a better player for Motherwell than he ever was for Rangers.
Graham Spiers wrote a good article on the 10th anniversary of Cooper's death which you can read HERE.

22 Jun 2024 15:58:20
Cheers Ed, top man. Read the article. Yeah, that's my recollection of Davie Cooper. Slightly over hyped in the context of his contribution to Rangers in his time there.

{Ed007's Note - ????

23 Jun 2024 13:06:19
Anyone who can compare the two team squads middle to late 1960’s and 1970’s can clearly see the difference in ability between far more superior Celtic and the mediocre Rangers team . Celtic had a truly world class team in Lisbon Lions, with back - up players of the ability J Hughes and C Gallagher. After that Celtic brought world class youngsters on to team . George C, K D, D H, L M, we had a steady stream of stars coming on Board, Rangers had their players in J John Greig, Ron Mc Kinnon, super slim Jim Baxter who went to Sunderland and came back less super fat Jim. In late 60’s they unearthed Derek Johnstone who played for them at 16 . At that time only a Rangers player playing at his very best could come close to a Celtic player a bit off form.



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