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15 Jun 2024 22:52:09
Hi, first time posting however have been reading the site for a long time. I strongly disagree with a few of the posts and Eds comments regarding moving people in the Jock Stein Stand to accommodate the "Celtic End". I very much view it as my seat and have had my seat in that stand for 10 yrs and a season ticket for 20 years and will continue to keep that ticket for the rest or my life. Many of the people around me have also sat in same seat for years and we were all there when the top tier of the Lisbon Lions stand was shut. I ask where were all of yous when this was happening? Where were all the super fans then? Plenty of loyalty was shown by us at that point and im glad Celtic are showing us a bit of loyalty back now. For the record I am actually in favour of the Celtic End and would happily stand however everyone there should be offered this in first instance and not just be moved and cast aside like the Ed and a few others suggest.

{Ed007's Note - I didn't suggest at all that Celtic fans be cast aside, but if Celtic got planning permission to build the Celtic End people who don't want to be part of it will need to be moved elsewhere, they'll have no choice in the matter.
It's not your seat mate, it's Celtic's seat, if you don't buy a ticket for a cup match who sits in "your" seat? You only rent it season by season, look at Ibrox this summer, they're moving the Onion Bears to a new section next year, did the fans being moved have any say in it? No.
If it ever does happen the people in the JS stand will have 3 choices, stay where they are in the new standing section, move to another part of the ground or give up their ST altogether, there's no way of stopping it happen, all this "I'll refuse to move" would be pointless hyperbole and even though there would be plenty of people to sympathise with their situation the majority of fans would back the Celtic End idea over people needing to move seats.

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16 Jun 2024 13:22:52

Does having a season ticket for over 20 years make someone some sort of superfan?

There's no doubt that there will be numerous Celtic fans out there who would love to have a season ticket, but perhaps can't afford one, have a disability and can't attend etc.

If Celtic decide to upgrade the area / seat your in then I'm sure you will be moved whether you like or not.

Are you saying because you have a season ticket you deserve special treatment?

Does a fan who doesn't have a season ticket but supports our club by buying hundreds of pounds worth of club merchandise ( more than season ticket price) are they more or less deserving than a season ticket holder?

I am completely loyal to my club and to ask otherwise seems to me you yourself think you are the "Super Fan"

My final comment is that we have much more in common than what divides us.


16 Jun 2024 14:28:05
I'm sure some fans at that time were just a twinkle in their Dad's eye.

16 Jun 2024 16:19:43
I was a super fan when you had 12,000 going in the early 80s With Celtic top of the league. We have all played our part in Celtics continuity from 1887.But at the end of the day supporters are paying customers. Nobody is entitled.

16 Jun 2024 16:44:21
I would move if I was relocated to a seat as good as my current seat in the Jock Stein but that isn't going to happen, i also don't believe there is enough demand out of current season ticket holders to fill the whole Jock Stein bottom tier with fans who want to stand and bounce. To be honest even now the whole current North Curve doesn't sing and bounce through the whole game it's only the bottom half of the section that never stop along with the hundred or so Bhoys up in the corner of the Jock Stein.
I just wish I was 35 years younger and I would be quite happy to stand bounce and sing for 90 minutes Unfortunately the body won't allow it.

16 Jun 2024 17:21:21
Great post Brian, i was going to post similar as im one of the fans that due of my disability, I'm unable to attend games now but still spend a lot of money on other things that go to the club.
It doesn't make us any less of a fan.

16 Jun 2024 22:26:34
Apologies if I offended anyone who is unfit to attend games etc, it wasn't my intention. I read a few of the comments and perhaps jumped the gun with what I took from it of just move those in the Jock Stein Stand. I was meaning to try to point out that many of us have been sitting there for years so a bit of thought should be given for those already there and I would be happy for it to go ahead just as long as we are all at least given the option to stay where we are however that wouldn't suit everyone as some have previously posted aren't fit enough to stand for 90 minutes.

{Ed007's Note - A wee bit of crossed wires then DC, obviously if you have a ST in there you would have first refusal for it and people that don't want to stay would need to be relocated.}

17 Jun 2024 13:58:06
DC you are a super fan no doubt about that. Welcome to the site no need to apologise.



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