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21 May 2024 23:50:14
Goalkeepers - I'm seeing the Belgium keeper being mentioned and I think it's a good signing. But what about a big name? I've mentioned him before but imagine de gea up here? It would stick it up that mob as well - we would have the GK who kept their saviour out of the team at Man U and what a keeper De Gea is as well!

Next up is CF - I'd pay what Norwich want for Idah - sell some of the fodder we have up top and push it out for him.

And on O'Reilly - I've seen rumors of 75 million and that's just stupid. But I'd be looking for 40-50 million - guys one of the best in the world at the moment. No doubt about it. And then go buy Ferguson from Bologna for a bit less than that. He's going places as well.

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22 May 2024 02:21:42
Sorry regi but ferguson i think would be out of our price range. Can see us spending more than 15 maybe 20 mil at the most on 1 player and that's with the board loosening the purse strings.
I do agree with you though he would be great signing. Very similar player to oriley. Half of europe are sniffing about him too.
Imaging ferguson ndidi and oriley in a midfield 3. that's the type of players we need at the club to progress in europe.

22 May 2024 07:02:47
I never took our link with Motherwell keeper Liam Kelly serious last week.

I’ve mentioned before that Kelly has been the worst keeper in the Premiership this season with only a 63% save rate.

I’m a little shocked that Sevco are interested in taking him back to Ibrox where I think he started his career.

Kelly did play better against Sevco this season, with an impressive 81% save rate but he only had a 65% save rate against Celtic, which is about his average for the season.

22 May 2024 09:31:59
I'd rather take the Belgian keeper than De Gea tbh. He's been without a club ever since he left Man Utd which says to me he's not the keeper he once was or his wage demands are astronomical. Either way, I'd pass.

Idah, I've said before I think he'd be worth signing permanently because he gives us a different option and has proven he can come in and do it under the pressure at Celtic. Saying that, we should always be looking to sign the best we can and Idah probably doesn't fall into that category.

We're not getting £40-50M for O'Riley. I think we could possibly get very slightly more than our record fee but £30M is the absolute max we're getting for him in my opinion. Until the SP winners get more than £4M for winning the league, there's a ceiling on fees the club will realistically turn down. Ferguson is pie in the sky.

22 May 2024 10:29:39
The Turkish lad at man u would be an option.

22 May 2024 11:33:23
De Gea won the Man Utd POTY award 4 times which is a lot for a keeper and the last being only 2 years ago.

His wages would be double or triple our Cap on wages.

22 May 2024 13:23:16
De Gea is not the type of goalie I would want at Celtic . When he is good he is absolutely brilliant . However in his last season with United he displayed his brilliance less frequently and showed a very haphazard run of form, in which he was responsible for all types of exceptionally soft goals .
I fear that tendenvy may continue and taking into account his likely obscene wages that us Celtic fans would think he was on, we would soon crucify him . Getting one over on them is the worse possible reason for signing anyone . Let us look for an experienced solid goalkeeper, saying almost all that is. Expected of him and good ball delivery.



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