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31 Jul 2022 10:40:59
so, not only did our authorities break with tradition and NOT give Celtic (as current league champions) the opening game of the season, they have scheduled OUR game for half an hour before the women's cup final kicks off.

Don't know about anyone alse but I have been watching a few of the games and some nice football at times.
The one thing that does stand out is the lack of actors and histrionics when tackled etc.
The other night the England player took ball straight on the face.
Did she drop like she had been hit by a bullet from an AK47 and roll about the ground?
Naw she carried on (she was in tears with pain but she had stopped a possible goal!
Disgusted at the games timings though.

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31 Jul 2022 10:51:00
Totaly agree male football dire when they fall about its embarrassing and a borefest.
Women football they get up and go.
Rules need to change slightly. Maybe game does not stop but both stand at sidelines.
There must be a way.
The other is when subs being made the time wasting is getting bad. So the game stops for a substitute. Why player off player on. Both not allowed to touch the ball if they do red card.
I'm sure there are other ideas out there let's put them out there.

31 Jul 2022 10:57:36
This post has taken Paranoia to a new level???.

31 Jul 2022 11:19:02
Thank you for your positive in put nothing to do with being para it's to keep the game flowing. Go read it again.

31 Jul 2022 11:35:48
Guys living in a household dominated by females I have had to ENDURE these games.
The women are BORING all namby pamby stuff no real meaty tackles.
God help us all if England win, you will get nothing else on your television for weeks, all programmes will be cancelled and you will have to endure 10 hour tributes to England COME ON GERMANY

Also all this coverage of the so called "Wagatha Christie" court case.
Two NONENITIES wanting publicity, I see Jamie Vardy did a disappearing act and left his wife face everything on her own.
Shallow selfish people all of them.
Glad the actual REAL football back today with the MEN.

31 Jul 2022 11:46:04
The keepers are a riot kick the baw a wee bit high you'll score.

31 Jul 2022 11:46:26
The womens football is absolutely dire let's be honest. don't know how any one can watch it. Would rather watch sevco.

31 Jul 2022 11:57:47
Womens football is absolutely atrocious, who subjects themselves willingly to that needs their head examined.

31 Jul 2022 12:40:56
If a women's football match was taking place outside my house I wouldn't even tilt the blinds.

If however, the council put down a couple of tons of sand and it was a womens beach volleyball match ? ?

☘️ ? ☘️.

31 Jul 2022 13:03:50
Wasn't answering your post FGA, stop being so paranoid?? was replying to Tiny Tim about them scheduling our dame half an hour before Womans final.

31 Jul 2022 14:33:00
England winning the Women's Euro Championship would have the same gravitas for me as the World Dung Beetle Turd Rolling Chanpionships. To me it's burger and chips to the haute cuisine of the mens game. It's a side show.

FGA - there are loads of things I would change about the game other than the things you mentioned. Just few are:-

The game doesn't stop for injuries - like rugby a team comes on to treat the player down.

The refs need to find a pair of balls - after a decision if they are crowded out/ hassled then it's a yellow to the closest player and keep it up until sense prevails.

Refs need to make a judgment call about fake injuries - hand out a yellow for the more obvious. No red though. If they are on a yellow already then a pink card should be produced so that the player and the crowd are in no doubt that the player is a p**f. Who'd want that? Watch the Oscar performancies dwindle ( you'll never stop Neymar though! )

Totally agree on the clock being stopped for subs made. It's blinking easy - once the ref says it's okay to sub then the team subbing need to find the opportunity to do it after that when the opportunity arises.

I hate penaty shoot outs. Instead the game goes on but every 3-5 mins each manager has to bring off one of their players after a claxon sounds. It's up to each manager to decide who comes off - we will see which manager has some real balls then and be lauded as either a God or derided as a class A clown for his choices! Takes away the total lottery element of penalty shoot outs and puts the game firmly back in the hands of management. First goal is the winner - imagine the discussions after that happened!

Finally - the bobbins that "run" our game should have an amendment to membership that every member team must offer any unsold seats to the visiting fans team 24hrs before kick off. The benefits to each club (that constanly plead poverty) , the away fans and the over all spectacle that Scottish football should be are obvious.

More options from Obergruppenfuerer Stubbies Horse are available on request.

31 Jul 2022 14:58:59
@stubbsie thanks for your input ????
How many years have you been holding that in for.
Waiting for the right poster to start it.
Hope you blew off planty if steam you are welcome. ???
Loved it.

31 Jul 2022 14:59:55
Apologies from me.

31 Jul 2022 15:34:52
FGA - thanks for the opportunity hahaha

How about this - a bit left field but hey.

Who would be for a "people's player fund"? It would work like this:

Every league game would have an extra £1 (or £2 for cup games past the quaters and all Euro games) tariff imposed on it and the proceeds held in a "people's player fund". The monies would accumulate every game and it would be at the descretion of the fans when to cash that fund in so that the manager could buy a player with it. Now the club just has to pay the wages of that player. Any resale of the player then goes back into the fund until we decide when to release it again. Now given we have a decent cup run and do okay in Europe (the figure would be much higher if we had to do Euro qualifiers too) That fund would generate between £1.5m and £2m a year. We could have signed that Souza lad after only a few years or a great player like O Riley every year. All for the cost of £1/ 2 a game - and who'd really miss that - it's less tha half a pint before the game .

Views on that are welcome!

Other options are available on request - forward to Stubbsies Horse care of St Jude's Mental Hospital!



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