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31 Jul 2022 00:03:21
Ed, you try to make out a case for hatate being knackered after 18 months of non-stop football. So please explain how Celtics captaln can still perform at a high level after umpteen YEARS of constant pressure? Present days players are so pampered they couldn't.
To finish my last posting-present day players are so pampered, they wouldn't have lasted in years gone by playing on stinking pitches, surviving leg breaking tackles, having to wear the same weather battered shirts for 90 minutes and not being able to drive home in their lambergins BMW's etc.

{Ed007's Note - Pressure is totally different to physical exertion I guess but that's the modern game, players need a rest to recupirate and let muscles etc relax.
I totally agree about young players btw.
Madea, Kyoto, Hatate, Wee Orally etc willl - and so far have - looked sharper for the rest and full pure season with no CL qualifiers to play. It's called sports science or something like that.}

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31 Jul 2022 09:23:06
Did hatate not do two seasons in a row without rest.
Thrown into a very physical league
Plus playing in a position you get a lot of the ball.
He also likes to run with the ball
He can also dribble and has a killer pass.
As for calmac he did get a rest he was injured.
Its all about nutrition when at that level you burn more carbs is energy protein is growth and repair.
His food plan will be changed now.
I thought he was quick sharp and fucused during preseason.
Proper food plan is number one for any athlete as a matter of fact.
Carbs = energy
Protein = growth and repair
Get that right and get training correct. Get the timing of food correct and you take a good player and make them great.

31 Jul 2022 10:07:39
I think we've always had players with higher stamina levels than others and Ange will have all the fitness info to digest and decide when a player is tiring or slowing down physically and mentally. Hatate seems to be at his peak from what I've seen this pre-season, but at the pace and intensity we play, we will always need changes and replacements around the 70-75 minute mark - outwith any injuries.

31 Jul 2022 10:12:51
FG what would be best thing to eat before a work out then mate something light mind you.

31 Jul 2022 10:24:47
Just to say l love mcgregor and think he is the best celtic midfield by a long way and also in the league as a whole. But it not too long ago ( Lennon last season ) when people were saying he looked wrecked and wasn't good enough to play in the midfield anymore for celtic. So give Hatate a chance as he has now had a proper break and pre season under him. All the signs are very positive.

31 Jul 2022 10:54:38
@ United Ireland
When I get home tonight I will sort that question.
As long as our main man @ed007 let's me put it on.
Its kind of a long answer but when I explain it will make sence to us all.

{Ed007's Note - ??

31 Jul 2022 10:56:57
I musta missed that? Don't remember when anyone said calmac wasn't good enough for celtic.

31 Jul 2022 11:46:35
But some were saying hatate won't do.

31 Jul 2022 11:49:22
The gael hatate played 2 seasons with no break. Mcgregor plays a season and gets a break its pretty simple no?

31 Jul 2022 12:44:49
Afternoon All

Everyone and every football player are different mentally and physically.

What suits 1 doesn't suit another.

I would assume every football player has there own individual training regime, diet etc.


31 Jul 2022 13:17:45
@FG no worries mate was needing a pre work out meal before work outs nothing to filling something you can eat not long before a work out and will help with energy.

31 Jul 2022 13:40:38
' mally i said hatate doesn't like the physical side of the scottish game, it won't be long till were playing in cold wet conditions with hammer throwers putting the boot in, same as the alloa game, let's see how the lad is then.

31 Jul 2022 13:45:26
Fitnessguruandy-I don't think Hatate will need to change his diet plan. These boys know what's good for you and will have been on a much better diet in Japan than we will ever have over here. I just hope he can get the same quality as he was used to.

31 Jul 2022 15:02:23
The Japanese will need to change quite a lot.



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