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25 Jul 2022 12:41:22
Keevins the Oracle (NOT)

This clown's latest column starts with "Celtic and Rangers ready to play pass the parcel again"
He is stating that the SPFL title changes hands on alternate seasons, just one little fly in his ointment is that in last 11 years Celtic have WON league TEN times.
So NO Hugh, that is NOT pass the parcel.

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25 Jul 2022 13:26:22
Aye and according to him Tim it's sevco that's winning it, surprised not.

25 Jul 2022 14:19:23
No one can say for definite where title is going. If you take your green glasses off there isn't much between both teams.

{Ed007's Note - C'mon Auf, name one player they have that would get in our squad, not the first team just the squad and who would they replace?}

25 Jul 2022 14:33:55
Been going to football to long to take anything for granted. Seen us win league's with poor squads, seen us lose with good teams. 20 points behind 1 season win next yin. Smart money would have been on them last season we were miles behind. Hey presto we win it. Take nothing for granted and enjoy the highs because when the lows come they hurt.

{Ed007's Note - I totally agree 100% with that but you said there isn't much between the teams, how did you reach that conclusion, OFFC would get in our squad and who would they replace?}

25 Jul 2022 14:35:22
GKs- easy. Hart and Siegrest
RB- Jj, even taking Ralston before capt Tav the all time great with 2 trophies
LB- i believe Taylor is better than what they have
CB- CCV over Gaulstone. Starman is better than souter, helander and prob Davies
Midfield- no one touches Cal. Then it's Hatate, Oriely, throw into the mix turnbull before you even consider greetin Jack
Wide men- geez. Jota maedad abada or Scott Wright?
Strikers- K-man or GG before buff, or whoever.

Your right Ed, name 1 player that is better?

{Ed007's Note - Our new No.2 was their plan to replace 40-year old McGregor and if Celtic had wanted Ben Davies this summer we would have signed him, his agent approached Celtic to see if we were still interested in player and were told no.}

25 Jul 2022 15:11:24
I know what you are trying to say but there isn't much point in saying who would get in whose team as both teams play an entirely different style of football. In my opinion it will be which style/ formation and a little individual skill as to who comes out on top ?‍♂️.

{Ed007's Note - If you look at it from that point of view, that they play entirely different styles of football how can anyone say there isn't much between the teams? If you can't compare them then you can't say that.
Does that mean OFFC wouldn't like say Jota, Orally or Juranovic because they play a different style than we do?}

25 Jul 2022 15:33:16
Zombies preseason played more like us. Out from back and high Prees. Changed from last season. Personally I don't see much in either team they will beat everything in Scotland out with us. You have celtic well in front I hope your correct. Time will tell.

25 Jul 2022 15:56:52
I'd take Kamara and Goldson if I'm honest.

{Ed007's Note -


25 Jul 2022 17:15:59
You'd take Kamara and Goldson! to do what? replace the 2 wee boys sitting behind the goal, even then they would be to slow to return the ball.

25 Jul 2022 17:49:53
Aye that's what I'd take them for? take your green tinted specs off, Goldson is far better that Starfelt and never misses a game. You can't tell me Kamara isn't a good player, if you are you're either just plain bitter or don't know anything about football.

{Ed007's Note - I wouldn't swap an injured Jullien for Goldson never mind Starfelt and Kamara is rank rotten and nothing but a headless chicken, we would have been better keeping Soro if we want that in the team.
Anyone who says otherwise is either an OFFC fan or one of those panty-wetting Celtic fans that's well worth the watching, pussies that scared to upset anyone so try to act as neutral as they can with their rubbish.
And what has being bitter got to do with anything, another OFFC supporter tactic is claiming anything said against them is bitter or bigoted.
How can not liking a player be called bitter, are Celtic fans that don't rate MJ bitter, look how bitter you yourself are about Starfelt?
Personally for me I've probably forgot more about football than you know and that's why there's nothing bitter in saying Goldson and Kamara are rank rotten and wouldn't get in our squad.
Connor Goldson is so good that his agent couldn't find ONE single club from the top 2 divisions in England that were interested in signing him on a FREE transfer, that's a Hell of a lot of bitter, scouts, coaches and managers eh?
So Connor Goldson refused to sign a new contract at OFFC, Goldson, his agent, his wife Kayleigh, the club and the company, their last 2 managers and all his team mates were expecting him to return to England this summer on a free as was repeatedly reported in the press - and there was not ONE single club interested in him so he signed the contract on offer from OFFC and they didn't even have the brains to reduce the terms on it - they gave a wage rise and decent chunk on a signing on bonus to a player they were the only team in the UK willing to sign him.

25 Jul 2022 18:34:46
They do not play from the back they are rotten at it goldston constant long ball hit and miss
They play nothing like us.
The friendly they played teams where very open not like SPFL where they play 11 behind the bsll
NEXT WEEK wil be different.

25 Jul 2022 18:35:13
Our style gets the best out of our players and theirs does the same for theirs.
We can argue all day that we are better overall but we can't ignore the fact that their style of football with 11 players who wouldn't get into our team got them to the Europa League final and they could've won it. I still thank Jesus every day that
they didn't.
Yes we were building a new team last season etc. etc. and that's a fair argument if anyone wants to make it but they got it almost perfect while we haven't had much of a sniff since 2003 outwith the occasional excellent result.
We all know that playing in European competition is of course different to our domestic league and the title will always be the priority for bragging rights and Champions League qualification as that's where the real money comes from to allow us to invest in the squad.
I'll back us every day of the week even if we have 11 of me playing. lol HH.

25 Jul 2022 18:43:30
Good one Ed, you’ve got everyone wound up again ?
You know as well as I do that the quality of players is but one element in the art of winning football matches. Walter Smith took a team of diddies all the way to the Eoropa Final not so long ago (how he did it I will never know) yet contemporaneously Tommy Burns had assembled a great array of talent in a Celtic team, yet won nothing.
Last season, Rangers (allegedly) comprised so much talent that Celtic would have been best advised to scratch from the league … yet look what happened … new manager, unknown players hitting the heights, players previously written off coming up trumps. GVB showed last season that he can manage a football team. On paper, and by performance last season, Ange has the beating of him hands down, but Rangers, might, just might, if GVB gets it right, be set up to make the most of what they’ve got. Ange might get too cavalier. It will be a fascinating watch, but it’s certainly not clear cut … and that’s before you throw in the vagaries of injuries and suspensions. I think Ange probably knows that, which is why he is assembling a two team squad.
I’m looking forward to it and I think every point for both teams will be crucial.

{Ed007's Note - Behave you! As if I would wind anyone up, shame on you for that accusation. ?

25 Jul 2022 18:46:59
@Auf1888 if you read my original post I was NOT comparing squads, but pointing out that Keevins article was not factual as Celtic and Rangers had NOT played "pass the parcel" with the league title as Celtic had dominated the titles. For those not familiar with Mr Hugh Keevins he is a bitter wee man, in all senses of the word, and has held a grudge against Celtic Football Club since the Jock Stein and Billy Mc Neil days.
While I am on my soap box, although you say you are a tim and have "1888" in your name, I have my doubts you are on the right pages, as THIS page is for CELTIC fans.

25 Jul 2022 18:48:33
Am sorry Ed but you really need to take your green specs off here yes we are better and think we are stronger than them. But they no much in it and they are a decent team bad teams don't get to European finals. Slate me of you like but an honest and I know enough about football to know this won't be a walk in the park.

{Ed007's Note - Is everyone struggling to actually read here?

Auf: If you take your green glasses off there isn't much between both teams.

Me: C'mon Auf, name one player they have that would get in our squad, not the first team just the squad and who would they replace?

I know anything can happen - I agreed with Auf over that but the only person that's actually answered is the Pundit even if that was miles out as well.
We're starting to venture into the territory of it looking like Celtic fans want us to struggle so they can say "I told you so".
I am 100% confident we will win the league next year, just like I was 100% certain we would do it this year since round about November. So for the people who don't think we will win the league, why? We won the league last year, kept the same squad and even improved it.
Oh and the reasons why the will challenge, new manager, new players, new tactics etc etc is the same reason a lot of Celtic fans didn't think we had a chance last season.
Everyone was going on about how we wouldn't see the best of Ange's team until his second season - even OFFC picked up on it at the time - well here we are on the cusp of that second season everyone was talking about and the Tena sales are going through the roof!}

25 Jul 2022 19:18:19
They're spending ever penny they have to get to the Champions League. If they fail they're f*cked. lol HH.

25 Jul 2022 19:20:51
Kent would be better with his arse than Mikey is with either foot, or his arse lol.

25 Jul 2022 19:42:40
No one saying we won't win the league if your 100% certain go and re- mortgage your house and put it on us? Can't lose. It's never 100% . Just hope you don't end up with egg on your face. Am confident but to say they are crap is ludicrous. You don't get to European finals being rubbish end of .

{Ed007's Note - The entire Bundesliga are running scared of EL winners Eintracht Frankfurt. The 11th team place in their league can't be crap, they won a European final.}

25 Jul 2022 19:43:34
I'd take lundstram,

25 Jul 2022 19:45:01
Goldson feck me kamara feck me again, am bemused by this, up front might be the only place they have players that can hurt us, deary me Davis and auld shagger have a combined age of about 90 ??.

25 Jul 2022 19:47:58
Celtic will win the league.

My midfield fears have been alleviated I believe by Idiguchi’s recovery from thuggery, Mooy signing and a rejuvenated and rested Hatata.

That’s the verdict of the Airdrie jury.

25 Jul 2022 19:52:41
I might be a Sevco fan? I'm afraid that's a straight red for that??.

{Ed007's Note - Is that all you got? Remember I see your @rse licking posts that don't get put up and the posts attacking other posters and asking for them to be banned. ?
I'm not convinced either way but it has been brought to my attention and discussed.}

25 Jul 2022 20:15:11
Who did we beat Ed? They out played us and out ran us in the semi final. We maybe won the league but am realistic this be closer than you think you be prepared for a hard thought league. Over confidence and arrogance is what sevco do I like to keep my powder dry.

{Ed007's Note - We beat them to the league, that was the most important thing. Sitting there worrying about OFFC isn't exactly keeping your powder dry and neither is posting it on the internet.}

25 Jul 2022 20:29:55
Pundit, you have raised my suspicions too. I'm sniffin' a Hoops88 revival. Just sayin'. HH.

{Ed007's Note - Suspicion have been raised by concerned posters, Besty ?

25 Jul 2022 20:35:23
What arse licking posts? And if you referring to the posts about a man that died then yes they should be banned!

{Ed007's Note - That's nothing to do with you though, who the Hell are you to tell me or any other Celtic fan what they should do, say or think? I'd rather have 12 honest men than 100 multi-faced fence sitters with me. There's people on here that I would like to ban but they haven't done anything wrong, it just pi$$es me off reading them moaning all the time (Magicpole ??) so they likes of you is THE last person I need to be told who is allowed to post and who isn't.
If it Celtic fans opinions upsets you that much maybe this isn't the forum for you.}

25 Jul 2022 20:58:21
Ed saying your 100% sure we will win the league is arrogant and silly. They ain't much between the teams that's my opinion and I'll write it on Internet if I like. Am celtic through and through but am realistic. I hope your right and they prove you right by flopping big time. I will come on here and give you an apology. But I believe league could be tight we two strong teams going for it.

{Ed007's Note - There you go lads, all of you that think Celtic will win the league are "arrogant and silly" according to Gar the Celtic supporter. No rational argument except so just resort to personal attacks. #CelticFamily
Maybe we should be all sitting panicking about OFFC signing John Souttar, that's got to have strengthened the team Eintracht Frankfurt beat in the EL final.}

25 Jul 2022 21:07:52
Well …. that brightened up an otherwise dull Monday night ??.
I enjoyed all of the contributions and am intrigued by some of the assertions.
The only opinion missing was Stubbsies ??
You sure know how to make a site interesting Ed. Hats off to you ??

{Ed007's Note - Cheers bud ?? It's just so easy to get people to bite and most of it is just my twisted sense of humour ?

25 Jul 2022 21:13:46
Nothing in football is 100% I'm no less of a fan than you but am realistic, unlike yourself both teams are good teams we are better but am no having they are mince. They days of laughing at murty n the banter years are over we have a challenge. Like it on no it's real.

{Ed007's Note - Right again, how are they a good team - and getting to the EL is redundant as they've lost 2 of their best players in Shirley and Haribo (no laughing at the back!). What has happened this summer that makes you think OFFC will challenge us for the league, what signings have they made that has you running scared, Souttar? Resigning a 40-year GK that was finished 3 years ago?
That's a serious question btw, look at where we were last season, look what we've done so far in the window (and remember the Ange 2nd season effect), Hatate's been rested and had a full preseason, same with Maeda, Kyogo missed a big part of the season is back, fully fit and raring to go, we've strengthened the GK department, the LB position that everyone was worried about, kept Jota who is arguably the most skilful player in the league along with the best CB in the league while bringing in Jenz to back up the CB position Turnbull back fully Gio had a full preseason, Abada's a year older and more experienced, we've got Gucci, Lawel and Kenny knocking on the first team door.
So without accusing fellow Celtic fans of being silly and arrogant can you break down why you think OFFC have improved enough for you to be worrying about them and thinking they have a chance to win the league?}

25 Jul 2022 21:25:49
Surely you can't find it acceptable to post comments speaking ill of the dead online but yet you find it unacceptable to post which Sevco players would get in the Celtic squad? Who are you to force your opinions on me? You've attacked me for no reason! Are the rules of this site that you must only post positive comments about Celtic and negative comments about ' OFFC' otherwise you'll be suspected of being a Sevco fan and banned? Are you not allowed to give honest opinions? and partake in a bit of banter with the other sites residents? After all they are banter sites?

{Ed007's Note - I didn't say it was unacceptable to post which OFFC players would get in our squad, you're just making things up again.
Nobody spoke ill of the dead, people brought up things he done which they didn't like him for, reported facts that are easily checkable or are they not allowed an opinion? And it is a banter site as you say. But I only deleted the thread because I couldn't be @arsed listening to panty-wetters like you slagging off Celtic fans with your holier than though bull$hit.
Virtue signalling is never a good look eh? ?
And again, it is not your decision what gets posted on here, that's all down to me sweetheart ? If you don't like it you can always go over to the OFFC site to talk about how good they are and slag off posters on here. You'll have a lot in common with them.}

25 Jul 2022 21:39:38
They have bought 7 signings and before you jump down my throat I don't know anything about them do you? We have lost Bitton and rogic two good players. Let's just wait gor season to start I hope your right and it will be a breeze and we will win with a massive points tally.

{Ed007's Note - So that's it, Gar. They've made 7 signings that you're admitting you know nothing about and we've lost Bitton and Rogic, 2 players that every single Celtic fan would have been happy to see leave last summer but did step up when needed.
But you think "both teams are good teams", how can you say that when you've admitted to knowing nothing about the 7 new signings, did you watch their preseason games?
You still haven't answered the simple question, what has happened between May and now that makes you think the league will be a close run thing, how can you say they are a good team?
I'm only asking you to back up what you're saying, everybody is allowed an opinion but surely they should be able to back up that opinion and explain how they reached that conclusion without accusing people of being deluded, bitter, not knowing anything about football or jumping down people's throats as has happened in this thread?
So once again, to all the people worrying that OFFC can challenge us for the league, what has happened to make you think that?
Remember Celtic were panicking about Pedro and Future England manager Mark Warburton? ?

25 Jul 2022 21:48:07
Apparently you predict Celtic will win the league every year.
Ed. you have been correct every season fans have been allowed in the stadiums.
That’s good predictions. ?.

{Ed007's Note - Even as a non-betting man, Buzz I reckon 10 out of 11 is a good return ???? I reckon Tim should start backing my tips!

25 Jul 2022 22:10:23
Ed, lol, nice one bro. HH.

{Ed007's Note - ?

25 Jul 2022 22:18:28
Listen I hate them as much as anyone but I know enough about football. Your saying they are a terrible team? That's nonsense and arrogant other than the 3-0 we hammered them most the other derby games were close. They beat us in the cup having played extra time the week before and us having a free week to prepare. We are a good team but we are not at a stage where dismiss them as not a challenge.

{Ed007's Note - You're not allowed to hate them on here, Gar, that'll you be getting targeted on their wee cesspit as a bigot and The Pundit calling you bitter and wanting you banned from the forum. Just a bit of advice lad.
Now can I ask you a question, it's not that difficult either to be honest,
What has happened between May and now that makes you think the league will be a close run thing and OFFC will challenge us?
A straight answer, nothing about my arrogance or talking nonsense or anything else that doesn't actually answer it, it's a straight question that nobody is answering.
You're expecting a team with 7 new signings that you've admitted you know nothing about is going to challenge the 2nd season of Ange that everyone was looking forward to?
And I will throw this into the mix, when they appointed Gio I said he was good coach and would do them a turn if they they invest correctly and give him the money and time to build, if Gio thinks Colak or John Souttar are going to challenge Celtic then I will retract that. We're signing players we want, they're signing a box of action man heads from a jumble sale because that's all they can afford.}

25 Jul 2022 22:18:29
Your getting ahead of yourself there Ed.
There’s only One “Timalloy” ??.

{Ed007's Note - ? Thank feck!

25 Jul 2022 23:01:46
The thread was shocking and rightly taken down. It's you that's going on like a little sweetheart?.

{Ed007's Note - It was shocking, you had no right coming on here attacking your supposed fellow Celtic fans, telling them what they should be thinking and trying to tell me what do. I was that emabarrased for you I took the thread down to protect you from getting slaughtered and inundated with adverts on Google for Tena for Men.
I'm that tyype of nice guy.}

26 Jul 2022 00:23:24
This thread is up there with Shakespeare and Hemingway! Both barrels and then some from Ed, what a read!

{Ed007's Note - Is that a compliment, Kev lol if not who da f**k are you talking to? :-)

26 Jul 2022 05:34:05
11 out of 10 Ed your counting has got as bad as theirs HH.

{Ed007's Note - You might need your glassed checked ?? (I fixed it cheers bud and nobody likes a smart @rse ??)

26 Jul 2022 14:54:36
Well well, I didn't realise that saying I wouldn't take Goldsonand Kamara to replace our ball boys would cause so much strife, I was going to have a wee rant but I would just be accused of being plain bitter again and since I don't know anything about football I better keep my trap shut!



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