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19 Jul 2022 08:01:10
If mooy and the reported CH is our transfer business. Have we improved in this window?

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19 Jul 2022 08:12:45
Yes, because they would not be our only transfer business this window.

We've improved our GK position, LB position and we've secured CCV and Jota on permanent deals.

If we now add a back up CB and MF, as well as getting rid of more deadwood from the club, that's a very good window IMO.

☘️ ? ☘️.

19 Jul 2022 08:27:58
Maybe improved the squad but I don't believe we have improved the starting 11, what is a positive is that maeda and hatate had a rest and including o'riley are getting a preseason, Ange gets to implement all his work and the January singings fully get up to speed and the game plan. The young Argentinian left back who has only had a few games so I won't knock him to early as still young, I can't see him be a starter. Think it was key to get the deadwood out the club and by the singings Ange done in January made it easier for the summer. Think it's going to be a great season and can't wait.

19 Jul 2022 09:05:28
Remember jota and cv weren't our players and if as expected the new lb is an improvement and mooy could well make a difference I feel we're improving and have far better strength in depth,

19 Jul 2022 10:12:16
dont think the team we put on the field will be better than last season.

19 Jul 2022 11:14:23
Sorry dillits don’t agree, know we have lost Bitton an Rogic but squad looking much better than this time last season.
Don’t see us trailing by 6 pts end of September, most likely be sitting top by 3or 4 points.
Fans were. always wanting business done in winter break. so as players coming in got good preseason, Ange did that.
Still be players to join before transfer window closes.
Looking forward to next season.

19 Jul 2022 11:46:05
Every player is getting a pre season which is massive in itself, and we're actively bringing players in but it's the usual negative comments, wait till the season starts then judge.

19 Jul 2022 11:52:48
dillits- disagree 100%. We might not have signed a "new" first team ready player yet, but Hatate, Kyogo, GG, Maeda, turnbull, Abada, to name only a few will take their games to a new level this year. Might wonder why I said kyogo but I believe the wee man will get even better with the support he will receive. Compare this team to lasts aug/ sept/ Oct team. Light years of a difference.

19 Jul 2022 11:48:35
Come on guys.
First full pre season behind most of them
It will be an improvement.
And all on the same page plus rested.
All you read on the other past rangers will win the league.
But there is no evidence especially after last year.
They only win the season afore as we where down and on our knees players have downed tools etc. It was riduclouse what these player did. and got away with. But we made a lot of money off them.
Yes we never got the 10.but remember it's another 9 in a row. Which is another amazing achievement let's not forget that.

19 Jul 2022 13:46:34
i think the question refers to our transfer business, not about any preseason or other stuff and in my opinion the players we field are not better than what we had last year also i keep seeing good things are expected from hatate and again i disagree as a don't think the lad has the toughness for a season in the scottish game, its not long ago he was crying that because he scored two crackers againt the gers that everyone was out to get him, and when watching him i think he was apprehensive when tackled even submissive.

19 Jul 2022 14:02:10
What a lot of twaddle dollies, sounds like your on the wrong site ?.

19 Jul 2022 14:30:03
If you knew anything about football you'd know pre season is massive, the new lb is just through the door but he's not good enough we have jota and ccv on permanent deals which gives you 2 happy players, you've or seen mooy or jenz sigriest is a tremendous back up keeper, as for hatate av not got a clue what your on about oh and he's been rested and had a pesky pre season ?.

19 Jul 2022 14:40:48
i do know how important a preseason is but i stand by my opinion that we are not stronger player wise than last season.

19 Jul 2022 14:56:20
I understand what you are saying
@ dillits.
The first 11 players should be at there peak now.
For the first time in there short celtic carear.
Don't you remember the first few months at the begining of the season it was a sticking plaster case.
we had a threadbare team new players injuries and we could not wait till the transfer season to start.
Then ange strengthened us.
But the summer before the first transfer window we strengthened then we got riddled with injuries. So that's a strengthening right there.
As for more players coming in. maybe one more for me a holding central defender tough no messing about about.
Then hopefully new youth lads sitting on bench get there minutes.

19 Jul 2022 15:24:16
It's hard to make that assessment Andy when 3 of our signings nobody has hardly seen, a don't buy it.

19 Jul 2022 15:44:40
Have we signed Messi? No

What we do have is a team that was essentially cobbled together from all over the place who now have a winning mentality. A team that not only trusts in the manager to deliver (massive btw) but now trust even more in their team mates. They have a season under their belts where they were dropped into Sensei Angelos's system without being comfortable with it - they now know that system and the expectations placed upon them. Knackered players have had time to recharge and pre-season will take some of those players to new heights. Guys that were signed last season will have a settled home life and routine and maybe a favourite bookies or Indian! They are a year older in their heads, a yard faster in their legs and hopefully (MJ) have a better physique. Partnerships that were shakey have been solidified and a mental map created about where their team mates will be in a certain situation on the park.

Lastly, they know Sensei is not dicking about - let him down and it's the B team.

We haven't signed Messi - the faces in the team will not be radically different - but everything else will be.

Are we a better team - you betcha.

Are we as good as we think we are? That is another question!

19 Jul 2022 16:19:50
Cheers for reply troops. Personally don't think our starting 11 is stronger. Our squad on paper is stronger if new players are what Ange expects. No fan of the board but give them credit they haven't sold the crown jewels yet.



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