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07 May 2022 17:39:35
Just wanted to congratulate the players, Ange and the Board on a brilliant season.
Never expected it, but loved (almost) every minute.
Also want to thank you guys for your posts which have amused me, infuriated me and informed me (Buzz is some man) over the season, but never, ever bored me.
Like Sutton, I look forward eagerly to what Ange is going to do next.

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07 May 2022 18:14:22
Happy to thank the players and Ange but board not so much.

07 May 2022 18:32:11
I would have taken this at the start off the season. No way were we going to make an impact on Europe this year, fair play to Rangers for getting this far to be fair but I would honestly prefer the position we are in just now Qualifying automatically for the CL than it being down to one game.

07 May 2022 19:00:48
I know what you mean AAW but this season the board did seem to back Ange. If he wanted a player they backed him and got those players. JJ, Kyoto, O’Reilly, Maeda and GG etc seem to be first class assets. In previous seasons the Board seem to have dithered and chosen the second class options (Lennon? ) , but not this season. Hence my thanks. Long may it continue.

{Ed007's Note - I'm a huge critic of the board but fair's fair, they brought in Ange and have backed him up, we replaced Lawwell with McKay which went south pretty damn quickly and Michaelson seems to be doing well while staying away from the spotlight which is a sign of a good CEO, they shouldn't be courting attention or the limelight imo and we've appointed a new sports science guy and a Head of Recruitment & Scouting from one of the biggest & richest clubs in the world.
If we appoint a DOF this summer I reckon Paul should get a JK tattoo on his butt.}

07 May 2022 19:23:52
I'm still fuming at the board and while they did back the manager, they have him an extremely difficult task due to their ineptitude.

1. They let Lennon continue way to long, when they could have had someone in last January and let him build for this season.

2. The Eddie Howe fiasco meant Ange didn't start until pre season was already under way.

3. They didn't get players in on time in the summer and Ange was critical, saying they had to be quicker.

{Ed007's Note - Nothing happens at Celtic without it being a board/CEO decision - good or bad. The board could easily have went and appointed Mark Hughes when Eddie Howe turned it down. When a club is failing they all shoulder the blame, the owner, board, the CEO, the manager, coaches (even the sports science department) and the players so when we have success they have all earnt the plaudits as well.
This turnaround isn't all down to Ange, it'd down everyone doing their job in a terrible situation and turning things around on a massive scale.
I didn't hear Ange complaining in January when we had deals set up ready to be finalised as soon as the players could be registered.
You're blaming the board for keeping Lennon too long, the Celtic board don't hire of fire managers, that's down to Dermot Desmond and was to a lesser extent Peter Lawwell.}

07 May 2022 19:28:17
aaw wit? where have the board gone wrong this season? the first season in years they are starting to get it right. true they've been fuds in the past. but this season?

07 May 2022 19:28:56
ill do it for free ed.

{Ed007's Note - You're still in the bad books about Grotbag's pawprint of Yoda she wanted on her foot. I wouldn't go near her trotters right enough ?

07 May 2022 19:51:47
Did ange try to break the bank (no ) bought wisely that's see if they back him on big monies? Not that he will HH notched up another league win lost count now (must be my age ) love yous bhoys.

{Ed007's Note - Ange spent the money wisely but it was still the board that signed cheques.}

07 May 2022 20:14:52
If you want to congratulate the board, that is your choice but I will not be joining you. They have got a lot more work to do before they win me over.

Yes they are on the right track and have got some things right but I have not forgiven them yet and not sure I ever will.

{Ed007's Note - I'm congratulating the whole Club on the job they have done since last summer. Anything else is just nitpicking pettiness.}

07 May 2022 20:39:21
I read you guys daily with interest and only rarely post anything but I sat at the game today reflecting on the times in the past we have won the league and at best stood still.
In my lifetime we have dominated Scottish football apart from the financially doped 90s and in the early days we were a top European side but I do feel maybe for the first time that we actually might, just might push on from here.
We have a manager and structure that hopefully demands progress and importantly a strong financial base and hard fought structure built over the years by much maligned characters like Peter Lawwell.
The next level is in my humble opinion achievable and I am after all these years really excited about next season and beyond.
Regardless I have enjoyed this season and however the future unfolds I am forever grateful my allegiance lies in Paradise.
God Bless.

{Ed007's Note - ???

07 May 2022 20:58:38
It is anger.

Anger at them appointing Lennon and taking our club backwards.

Anger at them messing up 10 in a row and not trying to remedy it in January.

Anger at them no sacking Lennon sooner.

Anger at them failing to have a succession plan in place.

Anger at them allowing Howe to mess us about.

Anger at them giving Ange a gargantuan task because of their ineptitude.

Anger at them for not burying newco Rangers and allowing them to get strong again.

Again I love Ange and the team and delighted with how well they have done.

{Ed007's Note - Jeez oh! I bet you would still boo Fergus for letting Wim Jansen leave. Basically the board have done nothing good this year and deserve no credit whatsoever. Every success we've had in a massive turnaround has had absolutely nothing to do with the people that actually run the Club.
Aye, OK then ?‍♂️?‍♂️

07 May 2022 21:17:41
Dear God pal we win as one and lose as one, if you think this board are the worst we have dealt with over the years, good luck with your year end exams whatever they call them nowadays!
I remember boards that fined our players for getting booked playing for Scotland.

07 May 2022 21:17:52
If you read what I said above I acknowledged they are on the right track and they have done some things well but not enough to soothe my anger.

I am not saying people should agree with me as that is their choice. I am merely stating my personal opinion, which is what the forum is for.

{Ed007's Note - You acknowledged they're on the right track then put up a list of ANGER like a wife that pulls up every time you've been pished enjoying dragging up the past for the sake of it.
We won the league - but they appointed Lennon.
We won the League Cup - they should have sacked Lennon.
We appointed Ange - They spent too much time chasing Eddie Howe.
We signed players from nowhere that have done a Double - Ange said in August we didn't move quick enough.
The board and CEO have delivered a massive turnaround at the Club in less than a year that not many people expected - but but NEIL LENNON..
Will we talk about the injuries under Ange, the signing of McCarthy he sanctioned, Gucci that was signed and can't get a sniff, the short pass at goal kicks, Taylor, Starfelt being the whipping Bhoys and not good enough, how long did it take Gio to get fit, risking Kyogo that ended up him being injured again.... What about they way Leigh Griffiths was treated, Ryan Morrison left, where's young Dembele blah blah blah
How the Hell we won the league and cup with the absolute shambles we've been ran by this season is a miracle - it's as if nobody else at the Club deserves any credit.
Will we discuss WGS Jnr and John Kennedy, a couple of wasters that were only there because of jobs for the Bhoys etc etc.}

07 May 2022 21:24:59
Oops forgot to mention the Bernard Higgins fiasco.

{Ed007's Note - Don't tell anyone this, pinky swear - the pies are $hite and the Bovril only tastes good with vodka in it. Was Bernard Higgins offered a job?
Oops forgot to mention the parking the parking around Celtic Park and The Forge not letting football traffic park there.
There was reports that there was fake/counterfeit scarves etc being sold around the ground, why isn't the board cracking down on that and the the amount of drunk people getting into the ground?
God I wish we had Dougie Park and Dave King fighting over our Club now you bring all this up.}

07 May 2022 21:51:51
As I said I have a lot of animosity towards the board and your words won't change that as I could not care less if you agree or disagree.

{Ed007's Note - DILLIGAF.... ??? Have you ever played chess with a pigeon...


07 May 2022 22:01:55
I was out in Glasgow for my lunch a few days ago.
My wife has a habit of listening to every conversation, instead of listening to me talking about Celtic ?
I came back from the toilet and she told me that the 2 policemen at the next table mentioned that Bernard Higgins received 6 months wages from Celtic and then he accepted a new job offer.
I take it he must have signed a contract with Celtic before the fan disruption.

{Ed007's Note - So Bernard Higgins recieved a salary from Celtic that isn't in the accounts or been mentioned by anyone - and for doing a job someone was already doing. Yeah AAW will buy that ?? along with a bottle of bendy water!}

07 May 2022 22:14:43
Yes, I’m convinced now. I take back my congratulations to the Board. I want them sacked with immediate effect!
In fact, I think we should organise a demonstration outside the ground next Saturday. We loyal fans ( no scratch that . loyal is too ‘them’ I think) . We faithful fans deserve better than this . ??

Criticism when it’s due for sure, but congratulations when it’s due also.
If they (the Board) revert to the short sightedness of yesteryear and F it up next season AAW, I will be the first to tender you the most grovelling and humble apology. In the meantime let’s include them in our thanks for their role in this season‘a success.

PS Love it when you get into full flow Ed . as long as I’m not on the receiving end ??.

{Ed007's Note - Apparently after 2 hours of back and forth the conversation is pointless and AAW isn't going to waste anymore time on it ????
Mummy's probably told him he's too excited and it's time to put the Haribo down and get to bed.
I'll probably just not waste any more of my time having to read his posts.}

07 May 2022 22:16:08
I will tell her you said she is talking nonsense ?

{Ed007's Note - No you will feckin' not!!! I'll tell her you said she's a police informer & snitch ??

07 May 2022 22:34:42
AAW your entitled to feel how you feel. But without the Lennon fiasco and then the Howe BS we wouldn’t have appointed Ange. So without all these negatives situations we would have the positive one we have with Ange at the helm. With out everything happening the way it did we would not be in our current successful position. Relax mate and enjoy the present.

07 May 2022 22:34:50
Your on top form tonight Ed. ?.

{Ed007's Note - Life's good ??

07 May 2022 23:00:33
We all felt AAW frustrations last season including Ed.
I was critical of Dermot Desmond in the summer and I was expecting a season of unrest but thank God I was totally wrong.
The appointment of Dermot Desmond’s son to the board this season, was a positive for me because I don’t think DD would accept his son to be 2nd best.
Maybe AAW is looking at the big picture and is still unhappy but I agree with SoSBhoy and we should enjoy the present.
Celtic were fortunate we got a great manager in Ange and I don’t get the feeling that Celtic are papering over the cracks because I can only see good times ahead.

07 May 2022 23:41:04
It's called Serendipity. Which incidentally is a brilliant John Martyn song as well. I can be the Boards biggest critic and, from a corporate point of view still will be, but hey. Let's Enjoy the moment. This is OUR City, these are OUR Colours. ???.



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