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06 May 2022 12:31:36
They will win the cup. Leipzig are 5th in Budisliga and Frankfurt are 11th. They already put out second placed Dortmund. Their ar$es collapsed at Ibrox. It's of no interest to me other than the fact that it reinforces what we need to do and that is to replace Scott Brown if we are to retain the title next year. I'm getting fed up listening to myself saying it since the first podcast last year. Leipzig like us had plenty football players but again like us couldn't cope with their physicality particularly in midfield. Leipzig in my opinion would have beaten us. They had better players and we lack the Ragers physicality. As I said last week the best team always wins the league and that's us despite the nonsense to the contrary but they are the best Glasgow team we've had to beat to win the league for a long time. If I was Ange I would be thinking them deservedly reaching the final as much as that pains me to say only serves to reinforce that what he has achieved this season is remarkable. I don't think any other manager could have done it given what he inherited and the excellent recruitment that has largely been attributable to Ange. Anyway my teams playing tomorrow and I'm hoping to enjoy a Guinness after seeing us cinch I mean clinch the league title. ☘️.

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06 May 2022 12:56:58
Good post J spot on with your assessment, oains me to say it but they are stronger than us especially midfield and it's been like that for a while, ange has to beef up in that area, they flood the midfield and win most games because of this.

06 May 2022 13:28:12
Mally they play 2 holding midfielders most games and especially after we hammered them at parkhead. We play no holding midfielder. Because mcgregor is not one. We need to go get Lewis ferguson who would be perfect for that role. Plus the guy can go forward if needs be and can scores goals. We are far too light in the middle for me and might get away in most spl games but the ones against them and especially on Europe we get caught rotten time and again.

06 May 2022 13:36:14
Totally agree with your points JFP.

Like you, I've said it a number of times, when a team plays physical against us, we come off second best because there is no Plan B.

I still believe we're 'lightweight' in defence and certainly in midfield. We can get away with that in Scotland due to the lack of opposition but if it continues, we'll not progress in Europe.

IMHO, Ange needs to add players that effectively can ensure we don't get overrun in the midfield and give the team more balance.

If our two targets next season are retaining the league and an extended run in Europe we need different players to those currently in the first team squad.

Now we have Mark Lawwell in place, I'm confident he will assist Ange in finding those who can take the club to a higher level.

There are a few who also need to go to make way for fresh faces, Bolingoli, Ajeti, Barkas and a few others.

I'm genuinely excited at what Ange has done in such a short space of time and with continued backing believe we can go further.

One word on Seville 2022, don't write off Frankfurt just yet A colleague on mine who plays football, has watched them and thinks they'll win the final. Given that Sevcos biggest advantage seems to be Ibrox, it's not over yet.

☘️ ? ☘️.

06 May 2022 14:00:31
Hate to say it but I think their names on it, the standard ain't great the Germans have regressed look at bayern with villareal and dortmund a shadow of the team they were, braga were average at best and what does that say about frankfurt or West ham.

06 May 2022 14:00:37
Ter, you've mentioned him - Lewis Ferguson ?

Like you, myself, JFP and a few others on the site think he could do a job.

Possible signings;-
* Bodo Glimpt Keeper - Khaikin
* Bodo Glimpt Forward - Solbakjen
* Aberdeen Midfielder- Ferguson

As well as the above, I still believe we need a;-

* Left Back (appreciate Taylor has been very good)
* The all illusive, left footed Centre Half
* A winger to replace Forrest and Johnstone

That's if we sign both CCV and Jota.

☘️ ? ☘️.

06 May 2022 14:32:18
As much as I appreciate what Ange has achieved - so far - and the football we have enjoyed. I think he has to learn from the recent games, where we lacked grit and a bit of dig. There's no doubt we have plenty of skill at our disposal; however, our ball-players will never receive any protection from officials, so we need to sign at least one 'enforcer' to balance the team and prepare for games where midfield battles influence results.

06 May 2022 14:47:57
It's been years since both teams have been this strong. Whether they win the EL or not, it highlights what a massive achievement it is to have won this league against a European finalist, especially considering where we were at the start of the season. What their run also does is shine a harsh light on our own European performances recently which is something Ange is desparate to improve so here's hoping.

06 May 2022 15:44:56
wasn't mccarthy supposed to add steel to our midfield.

06 May 2022 15:55:04
I believe he was, instead he's getting sores in his arse sitting on the bench.

☘️ ? ☘️.

06 May 2022 16:02:21
I would be extremely disappointed if Lewis Ferguson was the best our scouting team could find.

Also remember he would probably cost around 4-5 million, do we think that is good value?

{Ed007's Note - Our scouting team shouldn't be needed to find one of the best young players in the country when they're on your doorstep. The price for Ferguson will probably be £3m - £3.5m.}

06 May 2022 16:14:56
Frankfurts league position has them way below Dortmund and Red Bull but they haven't lost in 12 European ties beating Real Betis West Ham Barcelona on their way
2 unlikely finalists who have ? above their weight. It goes to show you that hard graft passion unity and a desire to win against the odds can beat the so called bigger clubs who have Tens of millions to spend every year.

06 May 2022 16:45:37
I have mentioned Lewis Ferguson on a number of occasions, in my opinion he would be a good signing if Celtic could maybe include a couple of squad players in the deal all the better.

06 May 2022 17:42:29
Mikey Johnstone?

☘️ ? ☘️.

06 May 2022 17:43:55
Good stats Steff and hard work never killed anyone.

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06 May 2022 20:17:33
Ask yourself this, would you prefer we went and found another Matt O'Riley (1.5 million) or Reo Hatate (1.4 million) or spend double to treble that on Lewis Ferguson?

{Ed007's Note - Lewis Ferguson, we don't need another Wee Orally or Hatate but we badly need a physical presence in the midfield and there's a 22-year old that has played nearly 200 games in our league and is probably the best young Scottish midfielder since John McGinn.
Don't you want Celtic to sign players that we know exactly what they can do as they are experienced in our league and can do the exact job we're looking for - they're young with the potential to be a Scott Brown type signing or can be sold for a big profit in the future?
There's team's in England, Italy and Germany all sniffing around and chasing Ferguson but you'd rather sign players we've never heard of just because they are cheaper by a couple of million? Did you think Celtic were right in buying Ajeti instead of Ivan Toney because we saved a few quid?
Fans usually moan about us buying "cheap" players rather than spend that wee bit more for proven quality and Ferguson has proven his quality at the SPFL - our bread and butter level - and working under Ange who knows how good he could become.}

06 May 2022 20:51:21
If Ange wants to sign him then I am happy to back him.

However, I personally don't rate him and he is not in the same level as brown and mcginn.

I think there are better players out there who we can get for a lesser fee.

{Ed007's Note - Lewis Ferguson is a FAR better player than Scott Brown was at that age, remember there were long periods of time of Brown's Celtic career where the majority of fans didn't think he was good enough or had the right temperament/attitude to play for Celtic, most people seen us signing Brown as nothing more than an up yours to Rangers. I would probably say that Ferguson is a more rounded player than McGinn was at 22 but McGinn was a better player than Brown when they were both 22.
So who would you sign that you think is a better player than Ferguson at the £1.5 million area price tag you mention?
I'm not saying there is better btw, all I'm saying is we can't ignore a player of Ferguson's ability when he is right there on our doorstep, Celtic should always be looking to sign the best young Scottish talent, that's what big clubs do in their league.}

06 May 2022 21:41:49
Obviously it is a matter of opinion, so will agree to disagree about Brown v Ferguson.

It is impossible for me to say who we could get for 1.5 million that would be better than Ferguson as the only market I know well is the Scottish League, so do not know how much players would go for in different markets.

However, if our scouting department are doing their jobs well they should have at least a few names on the list. Keep in mind I couldn't have named O'Riley or Hatate, both good examples of better midfielders for a lesser fee.

{Ed007's Note - And both do a completely different job to Ferguson - that's why we need that type of player in there. What Ferguson does he does better than Hatate and Wee Orally can. You're comparing a Lambert or Petrov type player to a Lubo, totally different, Neil Lennon to Naka.
Scott Brown was a headless chicken when he was younger, it wasn't until much later that he learnt to control himself and read the game better.
Penny pinching cost us John McGinn.}

07 May 2022 08:54:04
I’m with Ed on this one, for 3m quid there isn’t a massive risk here, he’d be a great addition.

07 May 2022 09:37:07
I am sorry for not being clearer as I was not saying that Ferguson was the same type of player as the two I mentioned. I was merely pointing out that you can get better value and better quality shopping in different markets.

Celtic often have to pay an inflated price to get players from spfl teams and for that reason I prefer us to shop elsewhere. There are some exceptions were I want us to pay the price but they are few and far between and Ferguson is not one of those times.

07 May 2022 10:09:07
Ed your right about broony Imo I think it when he got to be club captain that really settled him down that's just my option though so I am probably wrong.

07 May 2022 10:40:38
You want that wee one playing for us? Clueless.



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