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03 May 2022 10:54:14
Sorry ED007, I do not think I am the only Celtic fan who has misgivings about Mark Lawwell until we hear the full circumstances in his appointment.
This announcement came out of nowhere, and most Celtic fans were unaware of it.
Question Was there a shortlist compiled?
Question Was anyone else interviewed?
Question Did the bold Pedro have any influence in this appointment.
Mark Lawwell may turn out to be the BEST Director of Recruitment, Celtic Football Club have ever had, but the stench of Nepotism and "Old Boy Network" with this present Board, hangs in the air.

{Ed007's Note - I don't care if it's nepotism or job for the boys, it's a fantastic appointment of someone who has been operating at the top end of the game at one of the richest clubs in the world for a decade.
Why did Mark Lawwell decide to leave Man City for Celtic, when he could have more than likely have moved to another footballing "superpower"? He won't be getting more money, he's joining a lower level club than his present one working with constraints that he's never had to think about before (fees, wages etc).
Mark Lawwell is a Celtic supporter and has been all his life, he wouldn't have got this job if Pedro was still CEO and if Pedro did have any hand in enticing his son here then I applaud that wholeheartedly, it's not nepotism or jobs for the boys it's using personal contacts to get a top performer in his field to come and work for the Club.
If the headline was "Celtic appoint Man City's Head of Scouting and Recruitment Marcelo Lawwelus" would that be better?
The same people moaning about this appointment were more than likely the same ones that moaned about Michael Nicholson's appointment and look how good tha's working out or say WGS Jnr was appointed because of his dad.
Would the stench of nepotism or jobs for the boys hang around any move say for Jordan Larsson? Was it nepotism and jobs for the boys when Dermot Desmond appointed his good friends in MON or Brendan Rodgers?
As for a shortlist, who would you have on it, the Head of Recruitment from Barca, Real Madrid, Liverpool or Chelsea? Because that's the level of appointment we've made. Mark Lawwell wasn't just working for Man City, he was Head Scouting and Recruitment for the entire City Football Group, all their clubs, academies etc.}

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03 May 2022 11:33:25
Well said Ed.

{Ed007's Note - Thank, OK mate?

03 May 2022 11:37:52
For Gods Sake. Give him a chance to get in the door.
Let's judge Mark Lawwell after a few seasons in the job.

At this very important stage of the club's rebuild all of us should be united. Let's welcome the guy and let him do his job for the good of all the club.

Absolutely every fan is entitled to there opinion however some fans I'm sure would be unhappy and question the appointment of whoever got that job.

All I'm saying is give the guy a chance in what is probably one of the most important appointments within the club.

03 May 2022 11:38:41
If it was nepotism of the highest order why wait till Pedro is away this guy has worked for 10 years at the highest level, as ed has said, Pedro was at celtic for 17 years so why wasn't his kid brought in before now.

03 May 2022 12:19:21
Just seen that we found about Ange being recommended to Celtic by Mark Lawwell which makes total sense.

Watching Ivan Toney we missed a player there but the bigger picture we get Ange which makes up for that error.

Every singing is a gamble, and can't wait to we put mini sevco to the sword on Saturday.

03 May 2022 12:20:36
Mark Lawwell Will know exactly the type of player we need for Angeball and he will have plenty of contacts.
Exciting and successful times ahead for Celtic. ?.

03 May 2022 12:38:53
This was actualy spoke about on here a while ago its not new news. It was on the cards.
Give him a chance hi credentials are pretty good he know football.

03 May 2022 12:39:03
‘The practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends especially by giving them jobs’ is only nepotism when the appointed person cannot dae it but is appointed over the head of somebody who can. Mark Lawell has evidently being operating at the top of his game for a decade and Ange is delighted. That’s just clever and exploiting your contacts otherwise the man would I imagine be unlikely to be here.

03 May 2022 12:53:48
As Buzz said, he will come with plenty of contacts. Not only that he will have knowledge of all the up and coming players from all over the world.

03 May 2022 13:54:37
Tim, you mentioned most fans were unaware of the appointment.
Do us fans know anything of what happens in the boardroom?
Celtic have always done business behind closed doors and that's the way it should be.

03 May 2022 14:12:37
ED007 we all have different opinions.
I hope Mark Lawwell turns out to be the BEST at what he does.
But I still think our Board is a closed shop and only look within when sometimes looking out may be better.
But we move on Hail hail.

03 May 2022 15:50:49
Ange has stated that he is happy with the appointment that will do me . He has worked with him before so its not as if he does not know him.

03 May 2022 17:22:31
At last a forward thinking mindset model which has us already looking at summer targets, what's required behind the scenes etc. Ange has identified what's required who will be coming and going this summer. Hopefully it works out as good as his winter window. We usually take forever to sign players and usually end up with loans that weren't part of a forwarded thinking model.

03 May 2022 18:24:03
Tim, the Director of football or recruitment won’t sit on the board. He will report to it. He would have to be appointed as a board director and stock exchange notified to take a seat at that table.

IMO it’s an unbelievable appointment, and I am glad he didn’t come 10 years ago. Isn’t it better he cut his teeth at the top of the game before coming to his boyhood club.

You wouldn’t hand a heart surgeon a scalpel and tell them to crack on I’m sure they practise on pigs first.

But we have a genuine Celtic Supporter who has gained his apprenticeship with the biggest football group in the world. Who has worked with our manager, our manager backs him. Seriously lads what the f is up with that.



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