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06 Apr 2022 20:57:36
So, SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster has insisted a 'strict liability' type of punishment for the incidents witnessed on Sunday during the match between Celtic and Rangers wouldn't prevent similar awful behaviour in the future.

A Celtic staff member was hit on the head with a glass bottle and required urgent medical care, while Joe Hart's penalty area was showered with broken glass - delaying kick-off of the second half.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Monday that "football authorities and clubs must use their influence to take serious measures to help tackle such misconduct".

However, the SPFL won't be stepping in to punish clubs themselves for these incidents, as UEFA might with fines or stand closures. Instead, Doncaster believes the individuals involved should be punished more severely.

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06 Apr 2022 21:40:28
It’s disgraceful Tim.
The police say leave it to the clubs.
The football authorities say leave it to the club to identify and have prosecuted the recalcitrant individuals.
And in reality, if the club are Rangers and they do nothing and in fact actively encourage the sh*t element of their fans, what happens NOTHING.
It’s a disgrace . CFC must surely agitate for some sort of change now .
Criminal acts on Sunday are going to go unpunished whilst the world looks on. Not a good look for the Rangers . as a Scottish football fan I’m incensed.
Rant over

06 Apr 2022 22:14:33
Criminal acts are for the justice system to punish not the football beaks. If convicted I'm sure Sevco will ban the morons involved. Sadly though there will be plenty other morons out there to replace the ones that are banned. I want to know how glass bottles of alcohol are getting through the turnstiles!

07 Apr 2022 08:14:22
Nothing to see until the next game.

07 Apr 2022 08:19:04
Yes, criminal acts are for the justice system to deal with, but in this case a senior police officer (the police being the first link in the criminal justice system) is on record as saying ‘best left to the clubs’. The government is on ecord as saying ‘best left to the football authorities’.
The football authorities say ‘nothing we can do that works’.
The club, in this case Rangers, do and say nothing. And so it goes on and on.
It wasn’t the glass bottles that were to blame, it was the morons who threw them and the not so moronic who stood beside them and watched.
The only answer that will bring that element to heel is strict liability for the club involved. Not fines or closures like the EUFA type of liability, but pints deductions and exclusion from tournaments. That will make the clubs, particularly Rangers, sit up and take notice. It will make decent fans more apt to assist in controlling the nutters and bigots. To me it’s the only way to prevent football in Scotland becoming a cesspit.
I have had this discussion with my brother often. He argues that such a strict liability will be open to abuse. I argue that decent fans will join together and not let it be abused. Anything else is pussyfooting around and pandering to the bigots and hooligans.

07 Apr 2022 09:31:18
It's clear that proper searches are not being carried out at the turnstiles at crumbledome. Its probably as case of " have you any weapons on you sir", " no", " would you like some".

07 Apr 2022 11:09:35
Its clear that there stewards are not enough or not capable to do the job If they had enough stewards or capable not sure which one atleast they should have seen the bottle ATLEAST flung from the ground onto the pitch Question is if that was at parkhead would Doncaster and Sturgeon sit on the fence like they have done? Would Sevco not be screaming for a 6 point deduction? What has Celtic said as a club about it?

07 Apr 2022 11:20:22
I’ve not been to Ibrox for a few years but the turnstiles were low and my friend jumped the turnstiles twice at Ibrox in the 90s.
Back then the seats at Ibrox were colour co-ordinated, so it was easy to find where your pals were seated.
His mum was a school teacher and she would beg him not to go.
I always kept my old ticket stubs from Ibrox and the colour shade would come back round again.
Twice I gave him an old ticket to show the security and get himself to the turnstiles and then he would jump the turnstiles.
I’ve noticed the Sevco fans have been complaining since Sunday that plenty of home fans managed to get into Ibrox without a ticket.

07 Apr 2022 12:07:07
To be fair I've never been searched anytime I've been going to celtic Park and I've had a season ticket for the last 7 years. It is very easy to bring bottles etc into games it happens at every ground in the country.

{Ed007's Note - I used to do it myself Dc, we would sneak in a half bottle of Buckfast and buy a cup of coke, into the toilet to pour the coke out and fill the cup with the wine and put the bottle in the bin. One of us would also bring in a plastic bottle full of vodka looking like water and that done us for our voddy-bovrils in the 2nd half.
There was a young family in front of us at the time - the dad liked a voddy-bovril too - but the mum used to get cartons of juice and stuff she tried to bring in for the kids took off her pretty regularly. There was also a couple of wee Jack n Victor types who sat with their wee fancy hip flasks during the game and nobody said a word.}

07 Apr 2022 12:55:55
Ha ha "voddy bovrils" no thanks, you must have been lucky
we always got the "jobsworths" at our turnstile who searched everything and I mean everything, even the girls bags, I brought capri sun in their wee plastic containers and he even tried to confiscate them a couple of times, but I just told to politely Feck Off lol
We seemed to get him all the time and he soon learned just to let us pass.

{Ed007's Note - I remember you saying that before, Tim. I'm going back 15 - 20 years when it was the vouchers in your season ticket, you could basically get in any area of the ground so we all used to pile in with lads we knew at the top of the northwest corner of the Upper Jock Stein - the trek up the stairs sobered you up!
I wonder if voddy-bovril's still a thing, I'll need to check with Welshy lol if anyone will know he will.}

07 Apr 2022 13:17:11
And I bet nobody ever threw anything either Ed.
As I said in a separate reply, it’s not the bottles that are the problem, it’s some of the people who hold them.
Nothing wrong with a warming snifter at a match . but those louts that we continually tolerate have made sure that small pleasures are taken from us all.

{Ed007's Note - You always get idiots at football and then you get drunken idiots, those are the dangerous ones. Remember Dallas got hit with a coin, the wee fud that ran on to front Dida etc but they are isolated incidents stretching back over 20 years, in recent times at Iborx we have a fat slob run on to challenge Scott Brown, players & staff racially abused, batteries, bottles and coins thrown at players and staff - there needs to be something done about it before someone gets seriosuly hurt.
The Celtic fans in general self-police each other and if there is any decent TRIFC fans it's time they started doing the same.}

07 Apr 2022 14:36:38
Haha Ed - voddy-bovrils - not two things that you would think to put together - EVER!

Guys, this has reminded me of a fantastic drink for your next cocktail party of two ingredients that seem like the voddy-bovril concoction.

If anyone has travelled/ lived in the Basque region then they might have come across a most delicious delight called Kalimotxo, or, as we would pronounce it Calimocho. It consists of equal parts red wine and coca cola and it tastes like a beautiful girl saying "yes" all day long. I swear.

Disclaimer - I take no responsibility for you being barred from your local when the barman hands you your usual 80/ and you tell him your "aff it" and order a Calimocho!

If any of you try it I'd be interested to hear back from you.

08 Apr 2022 09:52:43
I've tried that Stubbsie and to be fair it was nicer than it sounds, but I'll stick with a whisky mac.
As for voddy bovril. well I can only imagine it hits the spot on a cold February afternoon.



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