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31 Mar 2022 16:40:12
Blame celtic not doak.
Were is the pathway for young players to get a decent chance.
They had the chance to nip this in the bud when LM left for Germany.
They had the chance to put in place a strategy but have failed. So many have left tells you something was wrong at the club.
Sometimes celtic get lazy with the so called "he's a celtic man". that way of thinking has came back to bite us in the past.
Good luck to the boy.

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31 Mar 2022 17:17:48
Correct give them a chance and if it doesn't work out at least we gave them the chance.

31 Mar 2022 17:35:59
Think deila is the only manager to really give the youth a chance.

31 Mar 2022 17:49:19
Jungle John
What a lot of tripe. Celtic have numerous Academy players making the first team in last 5yrs. Could it be better yes. Name me all the Academy players in the Liverpool team. He's away for the money no other reason, which is fair enough. Save me the badge kissing Celtic man pish in-between.

31 Mar 2022 18:18:30
God, reading the comments below it appears opinions have gone ballistic on this issue.
To me, Doak is a working man. He works as a football player. Like any other working man, he has the right to ply his trade wherever he thinks is in his best interest. It is really up to him whether or not he considers his best or primary interest is money, career development, workplace contentment or any other.
He has chosen Liverpool (not a bad choice I personably think) over Celtic, and I as a working man who developed my career through choices over the years, respect his decision. Since the Bosnian ruling, football clubs, including Celtic, are no longer causes, but workplaces to young players.
Good luck to Doak and all the others like Gilmore etc.
It’s the nature of the game now for players. They know they are only one injury away from the scrap heap.

31 Mar 2022 18:26:32
Does anyone have a notion when we play them after the split, Grant from the Times seems to think May 1st, any info would be great so can get travel sorted, Laim Miller left when he could have a great career with the hoops but left For Manchester.

31 Mar 2022 18:33:49
Without turning this into a quiz you name these numerous players to make the first team. the truth of the matter probably Welsh has had the longest run in and around the squad in recent years.
Please keep the Kts, and the calmac and JF out of this. that was all years ago.
So name these players who are regularly in and around the squad in the last 5 years. not the token ones that made one appearance in a random cup game. every team plays random academy players in early Cup tournaments.

31 Mar 2022 19:37:46
Uimhr ocht,
I think it will depend on Sunday’s result.
If Celtic win it will probably be the 1st game after the split because the SPFL won’t take the chance of Celtic winning the league against Sevco at Celtic Park.
Any other result and it might be the following week ( 2nd match after the split )

31 Mar 2022 19:56:16
Some of these comments are atrocious. He’s no even 17 yet, players at that age need structure in there career. Not everyone can just get thrown in against men and expect to perform every week.

31 Mar 2022 20:08:09
Auf, I would say Liverpool have more academy players in their team than we have in our. Of top of my head but
Caoimhín Kelleher
Harvey Elliot (possibly)
Curtis Jones
Nico Williams (currently on loan but played a gd few games for lfc)

31 Mar 2022 20:33:37
Ken like eh. Maybe we're giving him no structure pathway hope of progression.? . Would he have been given the debut and bench time or even heard off had Liverpool not been interested . wylie most everyone wanted the kid hickey . playing for hearts at 16 most spl teams have kids that age in for them . we are the the big hitters in the league . surely we can throw one or two on fir 15 mins when a games won at celtic Park. even on bench make them and all b players feel like they are on the radar.

31 Mar 2022 20:48:14
Jungle, you can't discount the players from the academy that are in the squad right now and have been for years to suit you. You're saying players don't have a look in well just this season: Welsh, Murray, Johnston, Ralston, Dembele and likely a couple more I've forgotten. Just because they're in the academy doesn't mean they're ready for the first team no matter how much we would all like to see more of them make it. I personally think that there is a pathway into the team IF they are good enough.

Would you prefer to see mediocre players from the academy in the team over better players signed from elsewhere? Would you be happy if that meant we didn't perform as well in the league etc? Football is a business and promoting youth is only good if its good for the team and not just for the sake of it.

31 Mar 2022 20:51:50
It’s been reported that Celtic have received £600K for the young man.

31 Mar 2022 21:10:58
DRB he’s sixteen years old. We are pushing for a league title that’s worth £40m. It’s hard to fit young players in and given them a lot of game time. he's had 2 appearances in the second half of the season off the bench one against Rangers. He played well, but in reality we have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. You’re right maybe a pathway to the first team will help. But the fact is when you’re 16 and Liverpool come knocking it’s hard to turn down. He’ll be getting a good wage and structure from Liverpool who have some of the best facilities and coaches available to thread him into a premier league level player (Hopefully) . Celtic are in the midst of upgrading through Barrowfield and the likes. These things take time and we fell off while other teams exapnded there youth set ups.

31 Mar 2022 21:25:21
Great debate ?.

31 Mar 2022 22:29:56
Worst thing is . this debate has been on going for decades about the inadequacy of the structure of the youth set up getting youth players developed to first team players. and I can't see it changing any time soon . Ken like. we win league get 40 million bring in more foreigner's (nothing against foreigner's ) who are good bad and indifferent. including numerous " wonder kids "who are duds but come from the bigger leagues clubs so are looked upon as better by some . and in meantime neglect the bhoys coming through system .

31 Mar 2022 22:59:07
I don't get this blame culture. No one is to blame here. Doak was not ready to play in our first team, if he was I can guarantee the manager would play him as he wants to play the best players.

Doak is not to blame either. For whatever reason (to which we are not privy to) he decided his best option was to move to Liverpool and he is perfectly entitled to do this.

Now some may wish to hold a grudge and that is their perogative but me, I wish the young lad well and we move on.

31 Mar 2022 23:01:58
Had this debate with my mates a few weeks ago. IMO there is a pathway, our club captain being the obvious example, not to mention KT, JF, and a few others who have been given a fair chance but won’t make the grade (mikey Johnstone)
I was speaking to a guy in my work who is an ex pro and who played in English lower leagues. He told me that boys at 17-19 at top EPL clubs were getting around £7-10k when he was down south in 2013!
So as much as I’d like to have a look at how/ why Celtic couldn’t keep a hold of him I think it’s pretty obvious.
We are much further down the food chain to Liverpool and the boy has probably been offered life changing money to move. We just need to bite the bullet on things like this and move on.



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