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31 Mar 2022 11:31:07
Doak gives me "The Boke"

Apparently Celtic will receive a six figure fee (NOTHING like what we should be getting) according to the Scottish press all gloating about Celtic losing another so called major talent.
But is Doak " a major talent " certainly has has POTENTIAL but that is all at this time and to me he is just another young player chasing the money and not willing to wait and work up to a big move.
Ach at least he is following one Liverpool tradition in that most of the players they sign are fekin UGLY.

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31 Mar 2022 12:44:29
Tim, do you complain when we sign players out of contract from other teams? Do you know the player personally to say he's chasing money? Kids obvs got potential and believes in himself, good luck to him. As for what compensation we get, if he doesn't make it then Celtic might like the fact we got some sort off money, over the moon we got compensation for Islam feruz because he had a great career.

31 Mar 2022 13:57:42
Tim, I guess if someone came to you and offered to possibly triple your salary and work for one of the best managers on the planet you would say "No"

As Cmc says, we don't know the boy or his circumstances.
What happens if he said no and stayed with us, he could play 4 or 5 games and get a career ending injury by some neanderthal up here as its not like our players get any protection.
Football is a very short career and if the boy wants to secure his and possibly his families future then good luck to him.

31 Mar 2022 14:44:45
Feck him Celtic supporter from a Celtic family. Giving up the chance off a career at Celtic. Hope he enjoys his money ?.

31 Mar 2022 15:00:44
Boy has the right to choose. End of! I totally agree with Jonbhoy. if he goes south and it comes to nothing then at least we have a development fee. If he does great then he's made the right choice and is enriching his life. Good luck to the fella!

31 Mar 2022 15:12:55
Av said on here, a few times, I know his situation and on his mother's side it's a celtic family so who knows, good luck to the boy.

31 Mar 2022 15:14:41
Thank You Auff1888 that was my point, he made a big thing about being a Celtic supporter, Johnbhoy71 "working under a great manager" what is Postecoglou CHEESE? The boy Doak could have learned under Ange and Celtic would have also rewarded him well also, then he would probably have got and earned his big move, no he wanted a fast buck.
Oh and CMC post something yourself, an opinion, any opinion, instead of trying to make yourself a name trolling me.

31 Mar 2022 15:37:54
Can I ask how am trolling u Tim, I gave u an opinion, if u like I could make a bigot up in a suit or suck up all the regulars arses, which one would u prefer timalloy.

31 Mar 2022 16:14:20
He has the same right to leave as super fan boy tierney . at least he isn't sneaking out the back door like him.

31 Mar 2022 16:15:08
I honestly don't understand Celtic fans who saying choosing another club over Celtic is better if your tripleing your salary. Must be the love of money and not club. Celtic is massive and can be wealthy at Celtic to I just don't get it.

31 Mar 2022 16:17:02
It's a short career in the football world.
If someone willing to pay huge money huge wages etc. Then you leave. Surely celtic did not see that much in him as in the end celtic would have first dibs on him. Who kmows.
We can watch his career from afar.

31 Mar 2022 17:16:12
Unless he had been guaranteed first team football by celtic I don't see the drama? People change companies in all walks of life. He's hardly MO Johnston is he Tim. No need to comment on the boys coupon either. He may well have a dish like a scared lizard but it's a bit schoolboy.

31 Mar 2022 19:42:03
Maybe picked up your post wrong drd but how did Tierney sneak out the back door?



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