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24 Jan 2022 17:39:06
I think the differing ways they are tackling the problem of incompetent refereeing in Scotland says a lot about the widening gulf between the Boards of Celtic and Rangers. They should, of course, be acting together on this matter, along with the other clubs in the SPL, putting pressure on, and finding a way to bring the standards up, be that via VAR, or by allowing referees to account for themselves in open discussion or whatever they can come up with.
Instead the Rangers Board make it tribal and breast beating by pandering to the worst and lowest level of their support. I honestly don't think the 'old' Boards of Rangers would have behaved in this manner. At least Bankier works 'behind the scenes' and doesn't make it some sort of p. ing competition. It (the referee problem) is far too acute for that. It will ruin Scottish Football and one or two footballers careers if it is not tackled properly.
For the record, I don't think there is any conspiracy. Just incompetence.

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24 Jan 2022 18:15:58
no conspiracy you cleary did not see dallas emails or dougie McDonalds lies or the jim farry incident much more facts do you need.

24 Jan 2022 18:56:00
I do recall Dallas’s sectarian e-mail ‘jokes’, and I do think greater action should have been taken on that by the authorities (sometimes apologies should not be accepted without retribution) and I do recall the Bunnet taking wee ‘overblown with his own importance’ to court and winning. I can’t recall the Dougie MacDonald incident immediately, but I will research it.
However Farry and Dallas incidents are not, in my opinion, symptoms of an anti Celtic refereeing conspiracy, just stupid people doing stupid things. Farry paid the price and Dallas will never live it down (I hope) .
Don’t get me wrong, I readily accept there is and always will be bias among some (Sutton pro Celtic and McCoist pro Rangers for example, however as long as they keep it within the bounds of reason and humour, there’s not a lot of harm in that) . but conspiracy . no I don’t think so .

24 Jan 2022 18:57:20
It was incompetence by the SPFL and Neil Doncaster to allow Douglas Park to threaten Neil Doncaster and for him to go unpunished.
That’s why Sevco think they can do what they want because they can and they do.
Neil Doncaster said at the time it was the worst and most threatening behaviour he had encountered in over 20 years of his career.
Douglas Park should’ve been reported to the SFA and a full investigation should have be held against the Sevco Director at that time and who is now the Sevco Chairman.
Also why was Stewart Robertson allowed back on the SPFL board after he leaked sensitive information in his dossier, which turned out to be a laughing stock.
But Stewart Robertson still crossed a line and he also went unpunished.
Robertson is Lee Wallace in disguise.
It’s about time the Scottish Football Authorities started implementing their own rules.

24 Jan 2022 22:12:06
I totally agree . incompetent and amateurish, but it’s not a conspiracy.
We (Scottish Football‘s admin as well as referees) need a professional overhaul . soon as possible

25 Jan 2022 00:24:28
Harryhoodini you started with sense then went of rail, the only thing you made sense was ALL ALL clubs should look at the way to improve referee standards, its not just us!

25 Jan 2022 07:19:32
Brian P
That’s what I meant . ALL clubs should act together in concert. The Rangers Board only exacerbate the problem by playing to the gallery and appeasing the extreme element of their fan base. I apologise if I strayed away from that point. It was the main one I intended to make.



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