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11 Jan 2022 00:01:55
Brexit Jam,
I've decided to take you up on your offer of £100 charity bet.
My terms :-
You need to show the digit numbers so I confirm it's a valid bet and not photoshopped.
I want to decide the charity if the bet is valid and you can also decide which charity if the bet is fake.
I will show Ed.007 confirmation of my charity donation if I lose the bet.
To prevent it dragging on any longer, I will give you a deadline of 6.25pm tonight.
If I lose the bet I will naturally apologise.
If you lose the bet, you will need to explain why you tried to con me out of £100.
Either way it's a Win, Win for me and my charity.

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11 Jan 2022 10:15:38
The wait is killing me here. I've been following this for what seems like weeks - it's taken over Call the Midwife for sheer drama.

I'm supposed to be losing weight but I've gone through 3 buckets of popcorn, 4 litres of fudge ice cream and more than enough cola to clean 7000 copper, tin and zinc alloy coins (or one Rangers fans toilet! ) like I did as a kid.

Very noble of you to give it to charity Buzz - respect mate.

11 Jan 2022 10:56:33
Buzz you know like I do you have NO CHANCE
as The Truth and Sevvies are NEVER used together
@StubbsiesHorse I loved your reply.

11 Jan 2022 11:12:27
Your a funny guy SubbsiesHorse.
I happy to donate to charity for closure.
And I will have no problem apologising to BJ if I need to.

11 Jan 2022 12:24:10
Nice one stubsie HH.

11 Jan 2022 14:09:01
You won't have to donate Buzz, it's clear as day that the wee sad Sevconian has went to the bother of scanning and editing a Ladbrokes betslip? I'm sure he said on his original post he put a sky diver on it but his made up bet slip shows a quid . as Tim says the truth and Sevies don't go.

11 Jan 2022 14:36:12
Who's Brexit Jam and what was the bet?

11 Jan 2022 15:15:11
He's 10% unsure now He thinks your trying to steal his identity ??.

11 Jan 2022 15:27:37
Steal Brexit Jams identity ??? No thanks.

11 Jan 2022 17:02:35
Just been over to their site to see what the craic was on this.

I looked at the picture and to be fair it looks real to me Buzz, I'm not sure how it works but do you not have to hand the ticket in to claim your money? I suppose he could have kept a hold of it as it was only £1

There was no need for it but I see I have been name checked - FINALLY, I'm so made up. I kinda think I've somehow made it now. However I was a bit disappointed in his name change from StubbsiesHorse to Stubbsies ASS. I thought that that was kinda lazy from him. It can't, of course, go without a similar retort. So, in the spirit of friendly ribaldry I now christen thee. BREXIT JAM RAG. in honour of your obvious moodiness and tendency to be a bit of an incoherent screamer at times.

How is Brexit Jam Rag (please use this in further discourse lads otherwise you are all dead to me! ) only 90% sure of sending in the number. In poker, if you have the "nuts" you don't go 90% all in do you?

1hr 25 mins to go. I'm so excited I've put a condom on just in case!



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