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28 Dec 2021 14:08:36
As 2021 draws to a close here's ma Awards.

(1) Best Transfer Windae Fur a While - the last wan. Hart, Kyogo, Jota, Tyson Vicars, Abada. Really like the look of the laddie Dawson? (Who was the recruiter? - gee'm a joab) .

(2) Signing of the Season: Joe Hart.

(3) Biggest Bullet Dodged: Eddie Howe.

(4) Second Biggest Bullet Dodged: Eddie Howe.

(5) Third Biggest Bullet Dodged: (if we really did have to dodge it) . Roy Keane.

(6) Best Bounce of the Year: Ange Postecoglou.

(7) Ar$e of the Year: Boris Johnson.

(8) Absolute Must Sell: Barkas.

(9) Second Absolutely Must Sell: Barkas.

(10) Best Christmas Video. Oors (Geeza Song Jota) .

And that concludes the vote of the Airdrie jury.

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28 Dec 2021 14:27:14
PS: Oh and Scales looks promising and Juranovic is class even if for me he looks better out of position at left back. Then there’s the new Bhoy Ralston.

28 Dec 2021 15:07:42
It’s good to see Scottish athletes winning titles regardless or who they support but apparently they are big sevco fans like is Europe’s strongest man and Tom worlds strongest I still think personally though even though I don’t like him when big Thor comes back no1 stands a chance.

28 Dec 2021 15:53:18
Ar@e of the year bfkb by a country mile then bojo.

28 Dec 2021 16:17:01
Sorry lads that was a reply to stubbsie posted it on the wrong thread.

28 Dec 2021 18:19:00
No worries CF - we have all probably done that.

Yes it's great to see Scotsmen achieving greatness - at whatever they are doing.

You'd have to be totally curmudgeonly to want them to fail just because they are Rangers fans. It's about character, not rotten taste in football teams, and these lads seem genuinely nice fellows.

PS CF - thanks for the spoiler about who won WSM2021!

28 Dec 2021 21:02:06
Signing of the season Joe Hart, think you must have had too much sherry, must be Kyogo.

28 Dec 2021 21:12:53
Joe Harts confidence and winning mentality has gone right through the back four and entire team. If we’d played with Barkas in goals the season would be finished already.

But it’s all about opinions. ?.

28 Dec 2021 22:01:40
If you are comparing Hart with Barkas, as if Barkas is the second best goalkeeper in the world, then Hart is the best goalkeeper in the world, but that's not realistic, there are at least two better goalies than Hart in the SPL, that's not counting Gordon and McGregor, Hart is too statuesque, and doesn't come out for crosses, anything than the shambles that was last season, with a nervous Barkas behind a shambles of an ever changing centre back pairing, of course Hart is going too look good, and after seeing Barkas in the last game, maybe, just maybe there is a goalie in there some where, I still think we should have signed the Dundee United goalie at the start of the season instead of Hart.

28 Dec 2021 22:39:49
I wasn’t comparing Hart and Barkas.

I was discussing the signing of the season.

You think it’s Kyogo. I think it was Hart.

But don’t change the parameters of the discussion .

And I don’t drink feckn Sherry so don’t be cheeky.

28 Dec 2021 23:41:54
You mentioned Barkas, ?, happy new year.

28 Dec 2021 23:45:52
Happy New Year to you too Buddy. Goodnight and God Bless. jfp.

29 Dec 2021 01:19:39
4 better keepers than Hart in the SPL. Jesus wept.

29 Dec 2021 09:18:03
Aindoh didn't like broony and since he's lept its Hart, the Dundee keeper has never been close to the level Hart has but he's better, deary me.

29 Dec 2021 12:13:02
aindoh, come on.
Kyogo has been brilliant and a breath of fresh air but equally, at the other end of the pitch, big Joe has made saves that he had no right to make and due to his experience at the highest level, gives the back 4 confidence everytime they step on the park.

☘ ? ☘.

29 Dec 2021 13:14:34
Joe Hart has been a good signing and he’s a massive improvement on our keepers from last season but he still needs to come for corners inside his own 6 yard box because he will be targeted in the second half of the season.

29 Dec 2021 13:43:24

He’s been fantastic.

He’s a winner.

I agree though anything in the 6 yard box should be his and he doesn’t do it enough.

But where’s our centre half’s?

We can’t defend a corner and we can’t score from a corner.

Paul Elliot? McNeil? McCarthy? Mjalby? Stubbs? Bobo?

A dominant centre half that can attack the ball and take anything in their road with it?

29 Dec 2021 14:30:01
Your right JFP.
There’s a big difference between Celtic and Sevco at corner kicks in both boxes and it’s areas we need to improve on from January.

29 Dec 2021 16:25:56
Buzz I am at a loss when it comes to corners at both ends for us.

Maybe I'm over simplifying it but a great man once said that football was a simple game and should be played in the same vein. What do the players JFP mentioned all have in common? Simple, they attacked the BALL. Too many times I have seen a shift away from that simple ethos and our players now seem intent on stopping the MAN. Is this something that goes back to this zonal marking malarkey where space is more important than what's actually in it? Defence was my position and I can tell you the ball was all I ever went for - doing that also negated the chances of the attacker getting a clean go at it. Stay TIGHT to your man and ALWAYS be goal side of him - you'll win way more than you lose. Know where row Z is and don't be afraid to find it. Too many times the opposing man is all that our defenders are concerned with - if you stop the ball you stop the man - simples.

Anybody got our defensive coach on speed dial - I need a word with him!

Next time we lose a goal I'll highlight it - once you see it you can't un see it - a bit like a really old fat burds' ar8e in a thong.



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