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23 Nov 2021 20:32:18
This ticket allocation for cup finals does my nut in every season. Teams that take 8 to 10,000 to semi finals and expect 25,000 tickets for finals i find astonishing.
Do those morons think it's fair that the likes of myself and many others who buy tickets for every cup game may not get a ticket for Finals? Lesser supported teams should get whatever they sell for Semi Finals plus a couple of thousand end of.

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24 Nov 2021 06:22:59
of course its fair stevie they are in a final and should get the same amount as us we moan about the so called big boys getting passes into the champions league. most of the clubs probs only take that amount to semis because 9/ 10 the day will end in disappointment. it should be a 50/ 50 split and a cut of date for them to take there allocation and if they have not filled it then the rest should go to us.

24 Nov 2021 07:49:11
What the sfa should do is look at the teams average home gate ie. If hibs are sold out every week then by all means an even 50/ 50 split but they never are sold out. So screw them they only want to turn up to finals.

24 Nov 2021 07:50:14
I'm 100% with you on that one Stevie.
Does my head in seeing full families with rug rats in tow going to their first ever game, which happens to be a cup final. Meanwhile real fans who have attended every cup game (where possible) find themselves in a ballot for a ticket to the final.
UI if their reason for only taking small amounts to the Semis is because they are likely to be disappointed then surely they should get even less for the final as they'll probably have less chance in the final? Terrible excuse for them taking small numbers of fans to the games leading up to the final!
Faithful through and through, not Faithful if they think they are going to win or fancy the big occasion.

24 Nov 2021 10:44:15
All sounds a bit to me. Did Celtic have 40,000 at home in the cup. 50/ 50 split if they can't sell we get the rest. These we rug rats could potentially be customers of the smaller team for generations on the back of the cup final experience.

24 Nov 2021 10:48:14
The sponsors get too many tickets and it stops the proper fans from attending big games at Hampden.
Celtic will get about 34,000 tickets but I’m expecting a massive 6,000 tickets to go to sponsors/ corporate.
There’s about 30,000 Celtic fans have went to our previous 3 rounds of the league cup.
About 25,000 on the Home ticket scheme system will be guaranteed a ticket for the final.
I think that could leave 3,000 tickets left to go into a ballot between 5,000 Celtic fans.
What should happen is the whole 30,000 should be guaranteed a ticket and the remaining tickets should go to sponsors etc.
My son and daughter fall into the category of not being on the HTS but have been to every round.
I’m still hopeful they will both receive a ticket for the final.

24 Nov 2021 11:02:56
I agree lads. So hibs want 50/ 50.
So if hibs got 50/ 50 and never sold there quota maybe sfa could say if you don't sell out your quota it's on you at a cost. Then celtic could step in.
I think as it stands if you don't sell your quota it goes to the other team to try and get them sold.

24 Nov 2021 11:21:48
A few years ago Hibs sold tickets next to the Celtic fans at Hampden, which prevented the remaining tickets Hibs couldn’t sell, going back to Celtic to sell.
It was pathetic from Hibs and it looked stupid in the ground with a massive space in the middle, with Hibs fans on either end.

24 Nov 2021 12:08:11
I remember that Buzz, it was shambolic. If you ask the question who is most hard done by the Hibs fan who wants to go to his first match of the season because his team are in a final and can't get a ticket or the Celtic fan who has been to every cup game and can't get a ticket for Final. Its a no brainer. Hibs should count themselves lucky they are getting 17.5k tickets IMO, nearly double what they took to the Semi.

24 Nov 2021 12:24:31
I have every sympathy for you lads and I agree that guys that have been to every game are hard done by.

Practically you guys are correct but remember that this is a final and both sides need a level playing field if possible. Should one team have a massive advantage over the other by virtue of having a bigger support day to day? Suppose we managed to get to a European cup final against Barcelona (stop sniggering at the back! ) would we be happy if the ticket allocation allowed Barcelona to have more than 60% of the tickets and Celtic under 40%?

Some of these "wee" teams might actually be in their first final for decades - we are usually in one every year. The buzz and joy it created in wee towns/ teams like Gretna, Ross County and Aberdeen was amazing and I for one wouldn't want to stop a possible once in a life time event for them. It's the romance of the cup.

It's a sore one but I'm of the opinion that a final is an occasion for everyone - not just us.

24 Nov 2021 13:29:41
SH, I wouldn't have a problem with any team getting half the stadium if they have proven that they have filled half the stadium in the Semi Final. If the Sevies had got to the final then many would expect to miss out because you couldn't deny them anything but half the stadium. I missed out before in the only Sevie v Celtic cup final despite being at every round and being on the HCTS, but I accepted that, but I can't accept missing out because a Part time Hibs supporter who couldn't be bothered to even go to the Semi wants a day out at the Final.

24 Nov 2021 16:04:17
Stevie -

In the very narrow beam of your arguments' circumstances then of course you deserve it more than them. But there are many other arguments that could be made as to why a person who never went to a semi deserves a ticket to a final more than me.

I think we are looking at it from different angles - I am looking at it from what is right and fair for the teams and you are looking at it from a purely personal perspective. Hibs, the club, deserve 50% of the tickets - they, as a club EARNED that right. How they distribute them is their own affair, and yes, if guys like us don't get a ticket then that really sucks and like you I'll be annoyed. BUT I have to realise it's not THE CELTIC CUP FINAL and that there is another team playing too.

If Hibs can't sell them then the residue should be resold to us - without the balls up of the last time we met. If I'm saying to Hibs that my team took 40k to the semi so you guys get what's left then it's not Mr - I'm a part time supporter - Cabbage that's stealing my ticket, it's ME that's trying to steal HIS!

As has already been mentioned the real ticket thieves are the corporate wallahs that have more affinity for cucumber than cabbage.

Good luck in the draw mate -it's going to be some occasion.



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