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07 Nov 2021 15:13:53

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07 Nov 2021 15:18:54
To embrace the future we have to let go of the past. Celtic that's the team for me.

{Ed007's Note - What the Hell are you slevering about now? Do you even know what Ange is commenting on, here's a clue, it's in the text at the bottom just above the actual video. ?‍♂️

07 Nov 2021 15:34:15
Do we then ban taking the knee. kick out racism . the november minutes silence or any other overtly political expressions put upon us willingly or unwillingly by outside agents . or is it just the gb or celtic supporters in general you don't want politically expressing / protesting even of the issues are correct and just? . ban one ban all.

07 Nov 2021 15:45:05
As long as it doesn't have an effect on what's happening on the park, but today was childish imo.

{Ed007's Note - The tennis ball protest stuff has been going around for a while now, Mally. Hull, Dortmund and the Irish national team fans are amongst the support that done it.
Oh and anyone who thinks it was only GB/NC members that done it are very, very much mistaken.}

07 Nov 2021 15:47:22
Deep river bhoy who mentioned racism or taking a knee? And ed oo7 . i know what ange is commenting on. In case you didn't know there was a football game today we won 4 2 . don't you dare think you can supress me and my opinion.

{Ed007's Note - So what was throwing tennis balls onto the park to protest about any potential job for Bernard Higgins got to do with you saying "embrace the future we have to let go of the past"? That doesn't make any sense and don't you dare think you can try and tell me otherwise.
Oh and believe me, I can easily suppress you and your opinions btw -all it takes is one click and you'll be gone like a puff of smoke from a GB pyro show.}

07 Nov 2021 15:55:47

******** MORONIC TEXT DELETED ********

{Ed007's Note - And just like that..... ??


07 Nov 2021 15:58:40
No issue with the GB mate never have but ad prefer banners or another method just looked a bit amateur, has this guy even been appointed anyone know.

{Ed007's Note - Yeah it's a pain in the bum and causes the game to get stopped which is the aim, maximum disruption without anything serious/violent etc.
I'm still not sure it's the same Bernard Higgins, Mal lol there's a Benny Higgins that's high up in banking and stuff and there was some rumours that he could be the new CEO then this stuff with the Police Scotland guy popped up on social media and a few people said they had asked and were sure it was the PS guy, they never said who they asked or that though. If it is the PS guy then I would be amazed if the board went forward with the appointment, another thing is what is he going to be doing and does that mean that other clown shoe Ronnie Hawthorn (our current Head of Security) is leaving his post?}

07 Nov 2021 16:13:44
Thats what I'd heard mate, our board don't half like to noise the fans up.

{Ed007's Note - They don't half mate lol I still can't get over the lack of communication since McKay left. I'm not looking for a full presentation of the plans but it would have been good to hear SOMETHING from DD or Nicholson. What's happened to WGS review of the youth set-up as well?}

07 Nov 2021 16:24:54
More questions than answers they just don't do communication.

{Ed007's Note - And don't we know it mate! As I've said before a lot of fans have unrealistic expectations on what they want to know from the board but surely a wee update of the situation & direction we're going in would go a long way to calming the support just now. God knows where we would be if Ange didn't have us looking good and progressing on the park.}

07 Nov 2021 16:35:35
You crack me up with your GIPHYS ed. More like a GIRFUY ?.

{Ed007's Note -


07 Nov 2021 16:47:07
Bernard Higgins is potentially taking the job of Head of Security. Replacing the boy who's retiring Hawthorne. Higgins previous job in the police, when the football anti social bill was getting passed. Criminalized young troops at the games to give credence to back the bill.
This included going through young yins front door in dawn raids, arresting people at work. Fabrication of evidence in court. Some people have had life changing experience due to the Police activities at this time.
Im not for or against the GB but this harassment was all based on singing songs that people have decided to try and make illegal.

{Ed007's Note - Cheers, Auf, I didn't know Hawthorn was retiring.}

07 Nov 2021 16:58:53
I mentioned in the summer that I was expecting major unrest at the club between our fans and the Celtic board.
Ange is doing a brilliant job and that’s helped minimise the issues that remain behind the scenes.
Ange is doing all he can to Unite everyone connected to our club and I dread to think where we would be if it wasn’t for Ange.

{Ed007's Note - ?

07 Nov 2021 17:42:53
The problem lies primarily with our club and their lack of communication. We should be used to it by now but it still p*sses fans off when they don't let us know what the overall plan is.
Dom McKay came in with a promise to be open with the fans but since he left the club has shut up shop. They have no excuse for not understanding why we're a bit annoyed by their behaviour. HH.



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