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31 Oct 2021 09:31:30
We all LOVE big Ange, but he is not above criticism
Yesterday he totally got some crucial decisions wrong like his team selection and choice of penalty taker. Also the team's attitude yesterday was poor they thought just turning up meant a win and that attitude is also down to Ange.
It also proved that the Greek bhoy does not have the temperament to take important penalties he BOTTLED it.
While we are apportioning blame, I also blame the Green Brigade for dividing the fans again we MUST be united this season.
Yes I also blame our Board for same reason dividing us fans and totally ignoring our wishes.

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31 Oct 2021 10:43:15
Green brigade have no blame . ange in retrospect yes but he doesn't ( i hope) tell them not to/ or refuse to shoot and get rid off the ball immediately without taking a positive responsibility. and the board yes for many things possibly fir maybe again biscuit tinning the Greek at 2.8 mill instead of the big French guy at 6plus Mill but that's still to be seen.

{Ed007's Note - Thomas Henry didn't want to move to Celtic once the chance to move to Serie A presented itself so that's hardly the board's fault as they had agree to match the €6 million (£5.1 million) fee Venezia had agreed with OH Leuven.}

31 Oct 2021 10:45:46
Tim ad cut the big fella some slack he was very assured last year, a get this was a pressure pen but give him a chance, personally ad have fave it to JJ as last 2 were excellent.

31 Oct 2021 11:04:09
Blaming the green brigade for yesterday is embarrassing and how have they divided the fans. Why don't you blame the other 40 odd thousand fans? Maybe they are wrong Is it only the green brigade that are allowed to bring atmosphere to celtic Park.

31 Oct 2021 11:19:09
Dc7591 I've just read Tims post and was about to post the same thing as you.
I'm not getting how the GB are at fault here?
The players should be able to motivate themselves knowing a win put us top of the league.
There were still 15 minutes in the 1st half and the full second half for the players to raise their game. If they needed the fans singing to do that they are in the wrong job.

31 Oct 2021 11:29:05
Didn't read/ realise the board agreed to match fee. Still blaming them anyway?.

{Ed007's Note - ???

31 Oct 2021 12:14:27
I read last week Thomas Henry is struggling with his new club.

{Ed007's Note - One goal and 2 assists from 9 appearances from what I can see, Buzz.}

31 Oct 2021 13:01:53
deep river bhoy why is the French lad more appealing to you because he had the biggest price tag. i think the board did a good bit a business in getting the top goal scorer in the Dutch league for 2 mill. if it was the opposite way around yesterday the big French fella missing the pen you would be screaming its the boards fault and have wasted a big fee on him when we could have got the top scorer from the dutch league for 2 mill.

the big fella flopped a penalty we move on.

31 Oct 2021 13:54:32
The green bridge weren't playing football so how the feck is it their fault? GG misses a Penalty and he's a bottle? DID Mrs T p. in your Cheerios this morning? It was a bad day and we move on but 1 thing I've never done is Booo a Celtic player and its embarrassing to hear it. We have no divine right to win against so called lesser teams.

31 Oct 2021 14:19:05
No ui . he had a better scoring history and was (looked) the big strong target man type we need . we've got 6 or more wingers but no man in middle . yes I'd have got at him if he took a penalty as pathetic as that one yesterday and stood around like a fart in a trance for 90 minutes. yes he was top scorer Last season but had a record of approx 4 a season before then . and if he was that impresive why did none of the big 3 in holland go for him or for that matter teams around the same level. btw I genuinely hope the boy does well.

31 Oct 2021 15:25:47
same could be said for the french guy if he was that good why did he end up at a low level Italian side. one bad game and he is being slated already.

31 Oct 2021 15:45:40
The point I was making about the GB was after last season and all the infighting the last thing we need is more disruption by the GB. The Green Brigade are just self entitled wee people who think they are the epicentre of our club, NO THEY ARE NOT. Celtic have got by for years without these so called ultras. The old Jungle bhoys would have outsung and out classed them in support and creating atmosphere.
Sadly there are too many apologists for the GB on here who cannot see the damage these ultras have caused to Celtic Football Club over the years.
Open your eyes.

31 Oct 2021 16:15:28
What exactly have the GB done to Celtic. Out of curiosity how much money did the old jungle boys raise for Celtic charities. Agree no organisations/ fan group are bigger than Celtic.

31 Oct 2021 16:16:54
I don't agree with many of the GBs stances but they were 100% correct yesterday. This Tory board are ruining our club and far too many of our fans are content to sit and let it happen.

31 Oct 2021 16:29:02
The gb have never done anything to disrupt the team Tim far from it the support those bhoys give is 2nd to none. You say too many apologists? Too many in our support are happy to let the board have a free run on how they treat the fans without retribution. As a fan you have a right to get across your point of view but so do they. Take yesterday for example why would they not take a stance on the proposed appointment of someone who has purposely set an agenda against them and Celtic fans in general. To condemn that says more about you than them imo.

31 Oct 2021 17:33:26
Jesus fck. The Green Brigade are just fans at the end of the day so why are they being blamed for yesterdays result?
So if they protest against something they are told that they don't speak for all fans (which is correct) yet they take a stance and don't sing for 30 minutes are are to blame for the team not being able to motivate themselves?

31 Oct 2021 17:34:29
iv not been a fan of some of the stuff the GB have did in the past but yesterday I'm fully with them on it. to appoint some who has persecuted our fans is a joke.

31 Oct 2021 18:31:11
Auf1888 the banners they display which result in fines for the club?
I heard on the radio whilst driving home before the last european game that they had displayed something again which would cost the club in another fine but i'm not sure what that was or if the club got fined?
i'm not anti or an advocate of the Green Brigade. I'm saying things as I see it.

31 Oct 2021 19:07:54
Im in the same category as you. Neither for or against, yesterday display was justified against Higgins. He's criminalized ordinary football fans for singing at games. No one young boy who's got a record for Roll of Honour. Can anyone say they haven't sung it.
On the fines that Celtic have paid out. Some are very unnecessary. GB raised more money for Palestine good causes on the back of Celtic being fined.

{Ed007's Note - Good to see you back, Auf ?

31 Oct 2021 19:30:14
Pod1 the banner at the European game was a Countdown word game which read F C U K EUFA.



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