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15 Oct 2021 05:54:35
Ange must be frustrated that his high press is being penalised in Scottish football.
In our 10 domestic games this season the Scottish referees have given 150 fouls against Celtic ( average of 15 fouls ) .
Only Dundee have committed more fouls against Celtic in a match ( one more foul ) .
There's something wrong if Celtic are committing more fouls at home to Raith Rovers and Ross County.
I compared it to our first 10 domestic games from last season and Celtic committed 40 fouls less. ( average of 11 fouls ) .
The Ibrox club have also committed 110 fouls this season ( 40 less than Celtic ) .
In Europe it's a different story.
The Ibrox club have only played 6 European games this season but have committed 20 fouls more than Celtic in the same amount of matches.
Also Celtic have been penalised for more fouls in only One match by foreign referees in those 6 Europa games.
To summarise in domestic football Celtic have committed more fouls in 9 out of 10 domestic games by Scottish referees and in the 6 Europa league games Celtic have committed more fouls in only One match by foreign referees.
I don't know what Ange can do to change our style in Scottish football going forward because currently his team is constantly being punished by Scottish referees and the flow of the game is being affected as a result.
It's also strange that Celtic can be penalised more in 9 games out of 10 with over 70% possession in those matches.

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15 Oct 2021 08:19:30
Great statistics once again from you Buzz Bomb 10,you know these facts and now a Lot of Celtic Fans will also know how Celtic games are now being refereed this season, surely Celtic FC. would be aware of what is happening also, give more fouls against Celtic and stop the way Celtic are trying to play this season.

15 Oct 2021 09:18:25
Celtic have Willie Collum tomorrow.
Willie was the referee in our 6-0 home win against St. Mirren.
Celtic played against 10 men for 71 minutes and we had 74% possession but the Celtic players still managed to give away 18 fouls in the match, which was nearly double the fouls St. Mirren committed.
How can this be possible?
On One hand it’s good to see the commitment from the Celtic players and how determined they are to win possession back in games.
On the other hand our style is being punished in Scotland.
Our games are constantly being interrupted and this must be frustrating for Ange.
A pattern has definitely appeared domestically and I don’t know what Ange and his staff will do about it.

15 Oct 2021 09:55:13
The stats and facts are there for all to see; however, until our club or a representation from our club raise this contemptable issue, the trend will continue and even worsen. In all the decades supporting Celtic, I would never, ever imagine our team would be top of the 'dirty or foul-play' league when you consider the majority of our teams have had the most un-physical players in Scottish football.

15 Oct 2021 15:12:58
It won't ever change under our spineless Board. That mob get pelters for paranoid statements but they would be allover it demanding meetings and change.

15 Oct 2021 19:49:39
I don't think it's all down to refs here, I've watched all games this season and yes, the high press is great if players implement it properly but there's been many a time a player just runs about like a headless chicken giving away needless, niggly, fouls. That starts up front n works it's way back. Probably more to do with not having the quality to meet n keep up that pace.

16 Oct 2021 00:37:36
Hugo, I agree with what you are saying. Playing highly aggressive football means getting about the opposition, reducing their time, but in trying to win the ball back instead of waiting for a mistake can lead to what you refer to as "silly" or "niggly" fouls. However, as you say, winning the ball back cleanly requires quality.

How is the fouls to bookings ratio. That would indicate the type of fouls we are giving away, and also indicate where the fouls are given away. A player giving away a niggly foul is more likely going to get booked if a team is attacking you than they would if the foul is committed high up the park.

Moreover, in looking at where the fouls are committed on the pitch is an indication of the situation when the foul is committed. High up the pitch, and this indicates you've lost the ball and are trying to win it back. Around your own area paints a different picture.

If Celtic are giving away fouls, you cannot blame the referee for that if your only evidence is that we are conceding more fouls than the opposition.

Also, what is the individual player foul count. If a player continually gives away niggly fouls, then you must ask if the style of play suits the player. If the objective is to win the ball back, but a player is continually penalised, then they cannot be doing it right. So, should they be in the team?

To play a highly aggressive, high pressing game you need players that can adapt to this style of play. If players cannot, replace them with players who can. That is the nature of the game, you are either good enough or your not!

16 Oct 2021 11:43:08
That’s a good reply and all the referees in Scotland can’t be wrong, can they.
I wanted to highlight the difference between foreign referees and our referees.
I found a website about individual fouls but I don’t know how accurate it is.
The fouls Celtic are committing seem to be across the whole team.
Soro has the most with 11 fouls and Jota has 10 ( probably all against Aberdeen ) .
Christie is next with 9 fouls along with McGregor and Ralston.
It’s not loads considering a Motherwell player has committed 26 fouls alone.
What I did find that was interesting was that Celtic are the least fouled team in the league by as much as 10 fouls in only 8 games.
Celtic have only been fouled 67 times, yet Aberdeen have received 131 fouls.
According to this site, Kyogo is our most fouled player with only 7 fouls.
There are 50 players in the league fouled more than any Celtic player.



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