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11 Oct 2021 12:12:01
Monday Debate

Would VAR work in Scotland?

VAR needs to be applied fairly and impartially only looking at events as they happen on the pitch. It needs honest referees to look at incidents and make decisions based on integrity

In Scotland would you trust the VAR referee even to look at an incident
We have all seen the excuses the refs come out with like "never saw the incident" "not worthy of a booking" "used my own judgement"

Would any "honest mistake referee" up here even refer it to VAR and would VAR overule ref or would they say "I stick with my original decision"

So my point is VAR only works with people of INTEGRITY in charge and in Scotland we will NEVER have that.

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11 Oct 2021 12:47:18
Tim, VAR will work fine if the proper people are used to look at the incidents it should be used for. For me it has to be people outside of Scottish football with no connection to you know who. Sadly that won’t happen, there is no impartiality in this country where football is concerned you are either blue or green and we know which colour is preferred. There are posters who contribute to this site who say there is no bias with regards to football in this country, when we comment on decisions we thought were wrong we are accused of being paranoid, and that’s their right but facts don’t lie so for me if it’s not outsiders in charge of VAR it won’t work for certain teams.

11 Oct 2021 12:57:28
If we had it, it would put more scrutiny on all the officials if there was a clear reason for var it would be highlighted, right now its too easy to say the ref was unsighted.

11 Oct 2021 14:05:55
There would be handpicked officials - as there is today and I really don't see a committee of 'honest mistake merchants' being any better than any one of the Lanarkshire Mafia on any given day.
The only thing that may have a knock-on effect, is if there was 'fair and impartial' media reaction and scrutiny, helping Celtic to build their case and that raises other doubts in this country.

11 Oct 2021 14:28:46
I agree with Mally and it will put the VAR officials under massive scrutiny.
VAR is a must in Scotland due to the bias Lanarkshire referees association.
When there was No pressure from fans last season due to behind closed doors, there was only One obvious club who never received a Red Card last season ( Sevco still haven’t for nearly 70 domestic games ) and Celtic were the only club in the league that Never played against 10 men out of the 12 clubs.
Also behind closed doors, Celtic were the only club in the whole league not to receive a penalty at home, which is incredible considering Celtic are a very attacking team.
There needs to be change and it can only be good news for Celtic.
The Sevco fans have put up statistics that challenge there isn’t bias against Celtic but their statistics are wrong.
Surprise, Surprise.

11 Oct 2021 14:56:17
I'm sure they name the VAR officials. At least all the honest mistakes will be highlighted. All VAR officials will have to be vetted by orc fc asking what schools did they attend etc. I hope it's brought in asap with the Champions league spot up for grabs.

11 Oct 2021 17:02:08
VAR would be perfect in Scotland once there are not scottish refs doing it. It needs to be a completely neutral person. Fact it they are looking at it on a monitor/ TV screen so they can do that from anywhere. No reason why refs from the epl or championship can do it. But if is scottish refs then it's a waste of time.

11 Oct 2021 18:20:02
VAR would help a great deal.
At the very least it would highlight the type of incidents that have gone unchecked and unchallenged for the past 120 odd years.

11 Oct 2021 20:24:49
is there actually a decent referee in Scotland.

11 Oct 2021 20:59:03
Tick there will be, he just won't be allowed to become professional and work his way up the ladder to the top flight.



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