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26 Sep 2021 17:39:18
Time for change before it's too late.
The plan was very obvious from last season, take the Man City group philosophy and bring the manager and Fergal Harkin as DoF.
They delivered on 50% and messed up. This manager is no good without direction.
He has no experience of delivering in this standard and no idea on how the game is played at a decent level in Europe. Attack attack football is achieved by having a budget way beyond what we have, sort it now before we really become a joke.
We have payed good money for people who won't make the grade. We need to act very quickly before it all caves in on top of us.
I am not a self opionated poster, just a supporter who gives a ****.

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26 Sep 2021 18:09:29
You want rid of ange?

26 Sep 2021 18:28:54
The new squad has taken a real body-blow with injuries and we are stuck between a rock and a very hard place as any confidence and composure the players had after the very convincing home wins has now evaporated with a lack of leadership on and off the pitch.
Ange is not only new to serious European competition, he has zero experience of SPFL opponents and that should be where his allocated assistants should be strongly advising and preparing him and the players, but all I see is an arms-folded lonely manager and very little communication, coaching or tactical dialogue?
The players that are fit - for all their experience and quality, seem to have lost the ability to find a Celtic jersey with a pass when it really matters several are really struggling like Ajeti, Abada and James McCarthy - who looks right out of touch. While Turnbull/ Rogic are too inconsistent without Cal-Mac beside them.
Another obvious problem is because of injuries, we have a real lack of decent quality, or experience on the bench to improve the situation (THe vast majority being defensive-minded (. Bitton has been done for a while but I have been really disappointed with Soro and finally understand why NL was so reluctant to play him. October will bring one of the most difficult array of fixtures and hopefully things will pick up when players return; but in the meantime I'm back to worrying before games rather than expecting and although we certainly have to add to the squad in January, what position will we be in by that time? Answers on a post (card) .

26 Sep 2021 18:54:17
@DRB. the amateurish type of management has to stop quickly.
Injuries have to be factored in but I don’t believe we have done enough to make the squad competitive.
We should lose this manager before Halloween, I make no suggestions as to who we can replace him with, only that whoever it is should know SPL and European football and see what it takes to grind out results.
We have no chance of winning the league if we continue like this for the next 3/ 4 weeks. If we don’t win the league this year then there is permanent damage done to the club.

26 Sep 2021 19:12:23
Is ange the aussie caxinha watching him tooday can't help but believe if you take away the hype and spin surrounding him he's another ronny roar appointment nice guy but way way out of his depts won't see out the season i honestly believe.

26 Sep 2021 19:25:48
OAB2, your post (IMHO) - sums up the present situation to a tee.

None of us (as far I know) can see into the future, if we could we'd have more cash than Terry Thomas!

Yeah, this is difficult but Ange needs all our support not a P45 after 7 league games!

Serious question for anyone who cares to answer it;-

* after Eddie Howe led our board a merry dance and told them to feck off at the last minute - what we're your expectations for this season?

26 Sep 2021 19:31:26
Pitchforks already? A lot of fickle fans. It takes time to gel about 12 players into a rebuild. Yes were dissatisfied or disappointed or p. ed off or whatever but patience is required. We know time isn't on our side and Anges honeymoon period is over but get a fecking grip with the get rid attitude. Orc behaviour! I know we will come good with a fit squad firing on all cylinders.6 points behind is a kind of a bonus as Sevco would have been heading out of sight.

26 Sep 2021 19:31:54
Didn't Terry Thomas die a pauper?

26 Sep 2021 19:39:17
DRB, you're absolutely correct - he did.
On here however, when I reference TT, I'm actually talking about DD.

26 Sep 2021 19:48:41
@DRB, aye he did, but he had a lot of great years in Ibiza ? ?
We need to shift this manager out asap, sorry Pedro, I normally agree with your posts but his time is up. We banked on Howe, but we also spent a long time with Roy Keane. I rather have that man right now.
I think this manager is already under pressure and might walk.
Pud. I am not fickle, just straightforward.

26 Sep 2021 19:56:53
Why does someone have to be "the new" someone else?
Ange is the new Caxinha, Mccarthy the new Duffy. Absolute rubbish. Ange has been here 3 months and we've been very unlucky with injuries. Now I'm seeing posts wanting him out. 3 months he's had . Get behind him and the team, we're only 6 points behind.

26 Sep 2021 20:19:49
Mal re Ibiza ???

We're all hurting and have been since, oh, last November (ish) .
I know from your posts you're not fickle, far from it, but I believe Ange deserves a chance and our support.

There's plenty of games and time to put together a run up until the January window, bring in another 3 or 4 players, and go all out for the title.

Whatever happens Mal, I'm glad there's at least one person on here that normally agrees with my posts ?.

26 Sep 2021 21:26:54
? ? ? Pedro. Any man who drinks in Sharkey’s and has the patience to listen to Michael the cyclist is good enough for me ? ?.

26 Sep 2021 23:18:04
Mal, I am that soldier ☘?☘.

27 Sep 2021 00:43:51
Yaaaas fergal Sharkey!

27 Sep 2021 00:45:00
Harsh Malika we are in this position due to the transition phase. It's something we need to accept that it takes time to gel. We are missing key players. Regardless our squad depth isn't great at the moment. Ange took Australia to their first Asian cup win. That would of had better players than the SPL teams. He done well with brisbane and yokohama. It's arrogance that we don't recognise these teams as we've found there is some decent players and teams there. I think he has got a decent few players and is building something he needs time. Again 6 points is recoverable we just need to recover it soon.



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