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19 Sep 2021 21:54:55
Finger pointing time again. Can you win a title with Angeball? Not without a plan B. Will we get better? Yes. Biggest culprits today? Strachan and Kennedy for me. If these guys are to te trusted and be part of APs longterm plans. they should have been screaming at him not to go with Angeball at this ground. I know we were limited with numbers but guys like Ralston and Montgomery that have shown fight had to start for me.

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19 Sep 2021 22:19:30
It’s hard to go with Plan B when we only have one striker available in a squad of 18 players.
We can judge Ange when he has other options available to him.
Our Greek striker will be available soon and hopefully Kyogo won’t be far behind him.
I don’t see Celtic having such a poor bench until the rest of the season.
We will also have Forrest and McGregor back soon and that will give Ange further options to pick from.
I think our managers hands are tied at the moment due to our current circumstances.

19 Sep 2021 22:21:59
Unless you have some inside info then I'd say it's pretty absurd to suggest Kennedy and Strachan didn't give their input to the manager. Nobody was singi g their praises when we were winning 6-0 and beating AZ. You can lead a horse to water.

20 Sep 2021 00:28:58
Totally agree BuzzBomb.

Once our players are all fit and available I think we're capable of putting together a run of wins.

If we can do this and keep in touching distance until the next window I'd expect us to strengthen further in January as this coincides with the J-League season finishing.

Ange will require a Plan B for certain away games including places like Livi and Killie - I hope today's lesson is valuable moving forward.

20 Sep 2021 02:49:47
We should of won today against a team that had only picked up 1 point out of possible 15 points.

There's no excuses, if teams with a far smaller budget can take points off them then we should with ease.

20 Sep 2021 07:21:35
How can yesterday’s result be Kennedy and strachans fault Quite simply it was a performance on the park which wasn’t acceptable. We can complain about the manager to his back room staff to injuries to guys not yet up to speed…. bottom line is the team on the park yesterday should’ve been good enough to beat any Livingston team at any given time. You can’t legislate for Welsh waiting on a crossed ball to come to him rather than go attack it, you can’t legislate for mediocre performances from players who should be able to contribute a lot more than they do. For me the only player yesterday gets pass marks is a guy I’ve continually heard isn’t good enough for us and that’s joe hart…. had it not been for him with the chances Livingston had we could’ve lost at least 3 goals yesterday. Guys like rogic and turnbull need to realise it’s not all about the flair side of the game, they need to muck in and get dirty aswell, McCarthy had probably his worst ever game aswell. For me though the one criticism of ange I have is until he’s got everyone available and match fit, he needs to decide on his best back 4 and stick with it…. this chopping and changing CBs, constantly changing the personnel at LB, it needs to stop so we can get some continuity in there. I get we’ve injuries and players not match fit just now but he really needs to select what he thinks is his best backline and go with it.

20 Sep 2021 09:08:27
everybody's fault but ange's it seems, let's get it right he picks the team he picks the system he picks which subs and when they come on, its his job to get them geed up for a game and he is not immune from blame. other teams have players missing so that's no excuse.

20 Sep 2021 09:27:28
Fed up with punters pointing the finger at the 2 coaches when it goes wrong but ange gets the praise when we win, there's no excuses we should beat livi more times than not, they are useless and it was a mentality thing for me, plus anges subs were baffling Bitton how's he going to win the game and ralston should have started Tailor made for him.

20 Sep 2021 10:31:39
Well everyone seems to disagree with my finger pointing at the coaches and instead are blaming the inept performance of the players. Thanks for highlighting my point. Part of The coaches job is to advise the manager that season after season our 'footballing ' players leave this ground humbled by a team of grafting journeymen. CHANGE the tactics and put a team out at this ground that can compete. It's amature stuff. It really is. Surely AP would have listened to his backroom team if they emphasised that.

20 Sep 2021 12:10:57
Or could have it been a case of Kennedy and Strachan advising Ange to adopt a certain tactic and Ange deciding against?

We will never know but even if we had no injury problems and a full strength team, I still think we would of been lucky to get a draw. 4-3-3 is ineffective against a team that plays 4-5-1.

Also Turnbull and Rogic on pitch at same time does not work.

20 Sep 2021 12:33:19
You think we would be lucky to get a draw if we had a fully fit first choice team out against Livi? WOW!

20 Sep 2021 16:54:27
Smkmeakipper don't know what the WOW is for, our record at almondvale speaks for itself.



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