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16 Sep 2021 19:42:36
Very disappointing tonight.

We can't keep conceding so many goals.

Ive been his biggest fan but Ralston was stinking tonight and I mean woeful. Soro Isnae a footballer at all. And Turnbull Rogic can't play in the same team, maybe against the SPL pish but as soon as we need to defend Turnull and Rogic offer nothing.

Soro should have been subbed after 25 minutes after that second foul his game was finished. Really poor game management and Ange has to shoulder a lot of the blame tonight.

And yes I'm negative but we can't keep doing the same rubbish in the big games and think it will work.

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16 Sep 2021 19:50:26
Soro should have been subbed he caused that goal losing the ball.
After he got booked should have been hooked.

16 Sep 2021 19:56:45
Utter nonsense! We had key players missing tonight, in particular mcgregor. Who else was Ange meant to play?

Betis were fortunate we were light in midfield otherwise tonight would of been a very different story.

16 Sep 2021 20:00:44
Dunno how you got your assessment of Ralston. I thought he was decent and got a goal too.
Scoring 3 away from home in Europe should guarantee a result but we are lacking defensively and have been ever since Pontius was a pilot. Going forward we're decent and that seems to be Ange's philosophy but when we're so leaky at the back it kinda undermines his game plan. Going gung-ho is great when you have confidence in your back line but we are continually shocking in that department. Yes we have missing players etc. etc. but tonight was ultimately just more of the same compared to recent years. HH.

16 Sep 2021 20:03:10
Said before the game that Soro wasn't the answer. He simply isn't good enough. Turnbull and Rogic have fantastic ability but I agree both are slow and lack the energy to play together. They wouldn't have been though if Calmac was fit.

16 Sep 2021 20:05:06
Give it a rest mate.
We played well first 30 mins and have a lot of players out injured and the moment.
Blaming ange ?‍♂️ I personally didn't know who ange was but so far so good but he needs time and a few more transfer windows to build his team.

16 Sep 2021 20:07:20
Aye very good dnn so you don’t manage a game when your 2-0 up. You continue to let 2 attacking midfielders charge on with your DM who got booked in the 7th minute rattle about like a headless chicken giving the ball away desperate to hack anyone.

16 Sep 2021 20:12:39
I agree chinks but I still don’t think you can play rogic and turnbull together in big games they’re both slow in the ball and leave massive gaps.

16 Sep 2021 20:17:35
So we can’t think Ange is the right man but disagree with some of his decisions tonight. we gave Lenny it stinking for 18 months.

At no point have I said I don’t like Ange or he’s not the man just simply he needs to take some blame tonight. We were 2-0 up cruising, should we not have consolidated and managed the game a wee bit. We had soro running about like bambi on ice.

My point with Ralston is that he had no defensive support but at 3 of the goals he was completely caught in no mans land they weren’t his fault but he applied no pressure he made it easy for the attacker to get the ball under control have a look and pick his pass. Something a bit of pace in there might have stopped.

16 Sep 2021 20:19:36
Ralston positonally tonight was cataclysmic neither stood of nor did he press he just stood somewhere in the middle affecting nothing that’s why I said he was rotten.

16 Sep 2021 20:20:37
Spot on dnn, thought under the circumstances we were superb tonight, considering we were at half strength due to injuries and had to play 90 mins in testing conditions with no option to put on fresh legs.

16 Sep 2021 20:22:01
Problem is we are to small in midfield (height)

16 Sep 2021 20:35:47
They Ange has only been in the door for 8 or 9 weeks, he has had to try rebuild the shambles from last season. We competed against that team tonight away from home with 6 or 7 of our players missing, you don't see that at all? You don't see the massive improvements from last season? ?.

16 Sep 2021 20:38:54
So the fact that he had no defensive support makes it his fault. Right? Oh lordy! HH.

16 Sep 2021 20:40:58
I do see massive improvements from last season but do you not see going 2 goals up in Europe again and not deploying some game management as concerning?

We looked deadly going forward 9/ 10 but we’re a 2/ 10 defensively and 90% of that is coming from the midfield transition.

16 Sep 2021 20:41:59
Tbhoy what planet are you on? We had very limited options in middle of the park and Ange selection was best available.

Only reason Soro played was because of injuries and obviously McCarthy is still not 100% match fit.

I can only assume you are an fm2021 fanatic.

16 Sep 2021 21:01:53
No dnn the last time I played fm was on an Amiga 600 I loved the game but have much better things to do with my time now.

Yes we did have limited options and I get starting soro because McCarthy was not 100% but football is a transitional game. Not many teams play the same way as a 0-0 throughout the game. Read my points. The game I watched we went 2 - 0 up. Rather than attack we should have consolidated. At this same point out CDM had been booked and arguably should have been sent off. He spent the next 20 minutes not getting close enough to anyone to affect the game. If you don’t think substituting soro after 25 minutes was a viable option what planet you on. If McCarthy is on the bench and we can get 45 minutes bring him on and win the next 45-60 minute battle.

Hey if we would have gone out tonight and lost 3-0 fair enough we were struggling for a team but we were two nil up and didn’t manage the game. that's MY POINT.

16 Sep 2021 21:02:36
Game management after 30 mins played

Do you think we have the players to play keep ball away in Spain for the next 60mins like?

I don't

I want to see attack and score more goals, I trust big Ange

People forget he has only been in the door for 9 weeks, over time I have no doubt the players we have will improve. I also have no doubt Ange will bring in more good players to fit his system. It takes time though.

16 Sep 2021 21:02:39
Will. i. am, no game was ever decided in 30 minutes. In case you didn't know, football is a 90 minute game and we were pysh for 60 of them. HH.

16 Sep 2021 21:22:47
Royjac game management starts from the 1st minute mate. Game management isn’t about keeping the ball for 60 minutes it’s about breaking the game into stages a s achieving what you need to for that stage. I fully believe in Ange but I am allowed to think he got it wrong tonight. I was a huge BR fan but I still think when it can to Europe BR was a bit of a one trick pony he tried to play his usual game and we got pumped 5 and 6 goals at a time. IMO Celtic need manager that can flex as in the league we’re playing against real dross week in week out then in Europe we have the potential to be outclassed and kudos to Ange for getting us two goals up with a weakened team in Betis but we can’t keep throwing leads away. We need to plan the game out when we have an advantage. Is that not what top coaches do?

16 Sep 2021 22:13:10
It depends on the coach and the philosophy he has about the game, Ange is a manager who believes in attacking football that will excite the fans.

Would you rather we had someone like Sean Dyche as manager?



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