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12 Sep 2021 15:32:08
United Ireland ??
Did you notice the Celtic trends page for our game at Ibrox.
It showed where the players average position was on the pitch.
Celtic had a near perfect formation and the players where positioned were you would want them to be.
The Sevco players average formation was strange to say the least.
Apart form the 2 Central defenders, the other 8 outfield players where in and around the middle of the centre circle, very narrow.
Not One Sevco players average position was 50 yards from our goals.
It was a ploy to suffocate the middle of the park and stop Celtic from creating chances and shooting into their rookie keeper.
It was a ploy that worked for them on the day.
When you seen both of the average positions, it made sense that Celtic had 66% possession but it made no sense how we managed to lose the game.
Celtic have kept the corner count down against them to only about an average of 4 or 5 corners in each of the last 7 games that we have failed to win but Sevco still continue to punish us from those set pieces.

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12 Sep 2021 15:50:41
buzz kent played more central as well he was hardly out wide. this points to one thing buzz from what you've says above also they were worried about us and tried to stop us from playing instead of going out to play how they play but as you says it worked well for them. but we are a team just gelling once we get fully going they won't be able to stop us.

in no way what so ever was there squad depleted every player in there team that day was a first pick except the goal keeper. the right back Balogun is a regular starter for them also but played at right back he is a centre back who can play right back also. so it was not weakened in anyway. just like ajar was for us a centre back who does just a good a job at right back. you are correct on how we came out that game with nothing. they have been scraping through games all season. we have still to hit full flow.

12 Sep 2021 15:59:05
Well buzz for me playing kaygo on the left wing reduced our treat as well as having that French clown up front who couldn't care less. I said on the podcast that evening with Paul and Mark it was like playing with 2 less men. Also the whole zonal marking is a real bed bug for me. U need to mark men at corners not space. Those are 2 big factors for me.

12 Sep 2021 16:02:43
We were unlucky in that game we had our chances one for sure should have went in if it landed to another player instead of I can't be bothered Eddie but I trully believe we will win the rest off the games against them.

12 Sep 2021 16:36:00
All good replies and I agree, Celtic will continue to get better.
I mentioned yesterday that Edouard scored both his goals against Spurs with his left foot. Celtic would’ve been ahead at Ibrox if he’d took his massive chance with his left foot.

12 Sep 2021 17:02:13
For me Ter you almost need a counter rush like American football. The head injuries would rocket but we are standing still and they are on a 20 yard run up. Either stick to the man or smash the line.

12 Sep 2021 17:33:34
Helander ran from outside the box and got his head on it, fair play to him.
If his marker stood with him outside the box and followed him in goal side, there’s every chance Helander and any other Sevco player would tumble to the ground every time.
It would be a dodgy tactic and that’s why they go zonal in that situation.

12 Sep 2021 17:48:13
It's starting to remind me of the 90's when Oldco stifled and let us huff and puff, knowing they had stoppers and spoilers from back to middle and just waited for a rare chance, then nicked it.

12 Sep 2021 18:49:21
But buzz we conceded 43% of our goals from set pieces last season and already 2 this season against hearts and them. Sorry but zonal marking doesn't work for celtic the figures don't lie. U need to mark a man or at least block the run. If a guy is running and one is standing my money is on the guy running to win the header everytime. The more we continue to do it the more we will keep letting in goals. For the goal in the Derby starfelt had both of there CB coming into where he was while welsh was marking no one. Men score goals not space.

12 Sep 2021 19:17:36
“At least block the run”
That’s the point I’m trying to make.
It would only add to their penalty count.

12 Sep 2021 19:48:01
I agree our players shouldn’t be zonal marking the opposition players, who’re in the box and they should be man marking their man tightly.
But it’s not the best idea to man mark your man tightly when he’s standing outside the box because there’s a huge chance you will get on the wrong side of him when he sprints into the box.
To keep goal side of him, could result in a wrestling match and that’s why top players don’t do it.
You should keep an eye on his run because he’s still your man.
The problem we’re conceding corners against Sevco is because their players are taller and they always put in good deliveries.
Last week was just another example of not having a 6 foot 3 inch defender to challenge their tall Centre Backs.

12 Sep 2021 20:49:25
Only one player is going to connect with the ball, is there a need to mark every single player, would that goal have been prevented if there had been two players on the goal line at the posts, Zonal marking is the reason my opinion of WGS went down hill, him and the greatest manager we ever had, are both sticklers for methods of play, even if they don't work.

13 Sep 2021 16:59:57
That's my point buzz. Maybe l am not making my point clear but surely we need to pick up a man. Yes track there run into the box but this zonal marking is a waste of time. They can always stand a few feet away before the opposition start their run and the track and complete with their man in the air. Also buzz watch any game and u see guy blocking guys runs. U can do it with giving away a foul. Standing still in and area and allowing the opposition to run at u is a waste of time. I differently agree with u aindoh that we should have at least one man on the post like a taylor for example.

13 Sep 2021 17:22:03
Never understood how we don't just have someone on a post. We was shocking at set pieces last season the simple thing would've been stick a man or 2 on the posts.

13 Sep 2021 18:48:15
That would make sense don't look back in ange. Probably why we didn't do it.



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