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07 Sep 2021 16:49:39
Not a political statement. But a wee bit of insight for those financially interested.

Today's NI increase which takes effect in April will cost Celtic an extra £600-750k per year based upon a wage bill of between £40-£50m.

Realistically that's a £12k a week player we probably won't sign or get rid of to balance budgets.

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07 Sep 2021 17:29:35
Question for those more informed than myself - and I don't mind paying more taxes if it is going towards services/ the people who need it- but when this government have pushed through more than a thousand tax rises, and public spending is at its lowest since WW2 - where the funk is it going?

07 Sep 2021 17:47:27
@Tbhoy we all know then that this will HELP Sevco sign a £12k a week player, as they pay fek all taxes and insurance lol.

07 Sep 2021 19:38:45

The money generally goes to the usual avenues of expenditure - Military, Social Care, NHS, Policing, Servicing National Debt etc.

However, the Government has been floored by a C.V. that constitutes an outlay that, while foreseen by previous historical events, has totally floored and wrong footed our inept governors. To that end then, we now have a fiscally providential hindsight that can now allow us to set aside a proportion of our GDP to make sure George Square is completely repaired annually!

Onwards and Upwards Lads.

07 Sep 2021 20:01:30

You changed C.V. to CV - you have changed the whole misdirection and allusion that the mob on the other side are actually the C.V.!

No worries.

Keep it up buddy.

{Ed007's Note - You've lost me mate...... I didn't change anything in your post.}

07 Sep 2021 20:14:50
We are both baffled then!

In my 2 posts I wrote V I R U S and not CV.

Its has been changed twice now - ha ha - let's blame predictive text, Bots or gremlins on this one - Or you are playing me!

{Ed007's Note - No mate, it must be an auto filter Ed033's set up to change it.}

07 Sep 2021 20:44:33
Imo most guys on here (and also in the rest of Britain) don't realise ther is a cap on ni always been there not 1 mp or media has mentioned this don't raise ni just do away with the ceiling problem solvedHH hoys.

07 Sep 2021 20:25:13
Cheers Ed007 - I guessed as much hence the Caps and spaces last time.

Dykes just scored a penalty - good for him but not sure he would have done a job for us.

{Ed007's Note - Oh no, not for me.}

07 Sep 2021 22:07:37
No dykes we already have better.
His first touch with his feet is worse than French eddy.

07 Sep 2021 22:33:04
Still none the wiser as to where that black hole is Stubbsies 😅. Also this has been going on long before C.V. Back to Tbhoys point anyway, that's quite substantial for us.



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