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28 Aug 2021 16:58:53
Just seen that Elyounoussi has scored his first pub league goal, whish we had him playing in this team.

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28 Aug 2021 18:52:10
He would have been outstanding in this team.

28 Aug 2021 19:16:35
Cannot believe that people on here refer to the English Premier League as being a pub league.

I am so glad that we don’t play in this so called Pub League as it would be very embarrassing as we simply wouldn’t compete. Anyone who thinks we could are living in Cuckoo Land.

Hail Hail

{Ed007's Note - Absolute bollocks. Give Celtic 1 year's money in the Pub League and we'd hold our own, withing 3-5 years we would be challenging for the total and claiming a top 4 - 6 spot easily. Our advertising and sponsorship deal would immediately be amongst the the highest in the league and the mid - to bottom Pub League teams wouldn't get near us financially - and just for balance as well TRIFC would be a major player at that level as well.}

28 Aug 2021 19:52:32
Absolute Bollocks Ed

Thought that you knew a bit about football.

I am as passionate about our club as any of you. But please be realistic and step into the real world. Our board would never spend the money that’s required to live with the big clubs in the “Pub League”

Hail Hail

{Ed007's Note - Yes they would because we could afford it and their bonuses would still be astronomical as well. If you knew anything about football or Celtic you wouldn't
have even posted that drivel.
Why do you think DD has been trying (and working with Rangers and TRIFC) to get us to England rather than any breakaway league like the mythical Atlantic League, just so we can be a laughing stock?
So Celtic getting their share of the Pub League's TV money, the HUGE rise in revenue wouldn't compete with Southampton, Brighton, Watford, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Norwich right away? Behave yourself 😂😂😂
Would Dembele or Ajer left us if we were in the Pub League? No because we would never have been looking at that level of player in the first place. There's a reason ALL the clubs in England are against Celtic (and TRIFC) joining their league, it's because they know how massive both clubs are and that in no time they would be taking income away from other teams that think just because they have money it makes them a big club, there's not many clubs in England that are as big as both Glasgow clubs and that is a fact.
Is Celtic your second team, does your main teal play in the Pub League?}

28 Aug 2021 20:06:54
Boruc, How could we not compete?
Give Celtic the money even a mid table team gets for a year or 2 and a full house every other week and see the players we would sign.

People seem to forget the income we would generate in the Pub League.

{Ed007's Note - It's absolute nonsense, Jon 👍

28 Aug 2021 21:39:32
Its incredible when people say we couldn't complete ED
Burnley who finished 17th last season earned around £105m between prize money and TV revenue and that was a season without fans
Also if we were in the EPL we would get a hell of a lot more in transfer fees for our players.
People need to stop looking at what money we get just now and what we would get.

28 Aug 2021 21:30:44
No Ed,

I just live in the REAL WORLD and don’t wear green tinted glasses.

I am 66 years old and I have supported Celtic all my life so don’t insult me by saying that I know nothing about Celtic.

Did you see the 67 European Cup Final live? I did, so I know plenty about our great club.

Hail Hail

{Ed007's Note - Did ye, aye? But what's that got to do with the topic though, have you had your meds auld yin... NURSE!!
Maybe it's your age that's getting you mixed up with the REAL WORLD but I doubt you seen the EC Final live, you probably watched it on the TV waving a half 'n' half scarf about - 40 of you crowded round a neighbours 12 inch TV not knowing what team was what and arguing about who had their feet down the arms in the eiderdown.
It's hard to see something when you've not been born btw, just because your alive and old and decrepit means nothing to me, you sound like Uncle Albert with his "during the war" stories.
We'll not even start about the "I have supported Celtic all my life" pish, that's just impossible considering we all spend the first few years of our life not know how to shit in a toilet but you were supporting Celtic? So that's not true is it?
You started the "insulting" so if you want to keep it going batter in but there will only be one winner - and it's not you, drink your Horlicks and get to bed.
Maybe at your age football's not for you, isn't there bowls or weather reports your age group prefers watching? At least you can work the internet which is a MASSIVE achievement at your age, well done.}

28 Aug 2021 22:04:14
"Feet down the arms of the eiderdown" I nearly spat out my tea.

{Ed007's Note - 😁 I'm 66 you know.... auld women pish mate.}

28 Aug 2021 22:16:41

Be very careful when you are posting personal insults. As people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Because everyone has a few skeletons in their cupboards, but I won’t lower myself to your level.

You have the privilege to post and insult people as you like. But if someone had posted these remarks about you, you would have spat your dummy out and banned them from here.

Hail Hail

{Ed007's Note - You're a complete moron 😂😂 I've no skeletons in my cupboard on here to the people that matter, did you even have cupboards when you were young or was it called a press or bedroom because 10 of you were sharing it to sleep?


People your age can't comprehend what level I'm at Methuselah so pipe down


28 Aug 2021 22:29:40
Why don’t you Rev Up and **** Off you prick.

See if you have the balls to post this?

Hail Hail

{Ed007's Note - Oh you're a hard man..... with your 66-year old shrivelled up balls 😂😂😂 Why wouldn't I post something up that just shows how much of a moron you are? Being a doddery auld fool is no excuse Methuselah, it doesn't work for Hugh Keevins so it's not working for you moron.


28 Aug 2021 22:55:48
Know someone close to you who didn’t complain about my shrivelled up balls.

Touched a nerve did I about your skeletons.

It is not a case of being a hard man. I just don’t take rubbish from a prick like you.

Hail Hail

{Ed007's Note - Me and all our family are comfortable with ****** being gay, it's 2021 ffs and each to their own, but weren't those back door shenanigans illegal in your day?
What next mum jokes ya complete fool, you're having a nightmare here and making yourself look like a silly old man that needs his hard drive checked.
I'm not even going to block - at your age you probably won't remember this in the morning but you are a laughing stock on here now, your credibility has gone and anything you say will be seen as the ramblings of a pish stained jakey.
Did mentioning skeletons remind you of your age? #Im66YouKnow #Tena #PaperPants



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