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29 Jul 2021 12:45:49
I am defying Mrs T by posting as I am supposed to be having a break from my laptop, so while she is out I wanted to add my tuppence worth.

The results against the Danes were so predictable so who is to blame.
Firstly, WE the fans are partly to blame because we have given this Board far too much leeway by falling for all their promises which fail to be delivered, YET we still buy all their merchandise and season tickets etc which this board knew we always would do.
Peter Lawwell has left Dom McKay with a thankless job, but he probably does not even care, after all the shambles Celtic STILL pay him a salary.
Ian Bankier, our chairman, do you think he is hurting as much as all us fans, is he fek, he is another invisible nonenity on the gravy train and offering NOTHING in return
McKay himself, yes he is knew but he is repeating SAME promises and disappearing after a bad result, come out and speak to the Celtic fans Dom.
If I was big Ange I would tell this Board bring in players I need or I WALK.
We fans now we are allowed back in the ground have two jobs to do SUPPORT our new manager and his young players, and BOO these Board members at every game and get Bankier OUT.

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29 Jul 2021 13:04:06
The fact the club have said nothing sums it up, I think they just don’t give a rats ass anymore.

Slow, inconsistent and some what ridiculous planning. Lacking professionalism and grit.

29 Jul 2021 13:09:34
Last week you were telling us the club doesn't need fans that are negative? Now your saying we've to " boo" the board and your going to walk😂😂 Which is it Timalloy? We'vecbeen trying to tell you this for weeks but you weren't having it!

29 Jul 2021 13:12:37
Totally agree with you Timalloy.

The supporters have indirectly, by being so faithful, enabled the boards actions.

I sincerely Ange gets the players in that he needs.

29 Jul 2021 13:29:02
Ange seems a very honest and genuine guy and would have expected a tough start with some players queueing up to leave, transfer delays due to quarantine and of course our own terrible reputation with dragging out transfer deals and then there is the old problems with injuries, attitudes and fitness issues (yawn) .
We are once again out of the CL, but this was one of our worst ever results as the Danes were in all honesty, pretty average, so that tells you where we are at this cruscial time in the season.
A good result at Tyncastle would be a lift for the players, support and the manager, but it would not fool anyone into thinking all is well and not just rotten in the state of Denmark!
The manager needs backing from above and below, but the club cannot repeat the shambles of last season all over or this time I am certain the 'Celts for Change' banners will be dusted down.

29 Jul 2021 13:46:50
People are reacting like this is the first time this has ever happened since 1967 when we were best in Europe the custodians/ boards have continually down manned down graded refused to invest properly whether in a position power or trying to catch up . we've had ti suffer their biscuit tin mentality and when they do spend money our recruitment is a joke as they buy 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 cheap unknowns who generally never play or can't play which ends up costing more than buying 2 quality . and your right the fans are party to blame as when you point this out / bring it up too many accuse you of being a Sevconian / why don't you go to ibrox etc etc . is there or has their ever been any / direction / forward planning strategy at celtic . everything they do seems to be reactive and very slow rather than pro active and decicisive . they want to be known as world class operation but run the club like an 1800s amatuer side .

29 Jul 2021 13:52:12
The board is totally to blame for this no doubt about it. And in no way am I going to even try to defend them, but what could the board say to make this better? I am not great with words as most of my posts would testify But I can't see anything they could say that us fans would say fair enough you said sorry. Only thing that they can do is to get new defence and goalkeeper in a lot quicker than they have been working on better quality players than we currently have It's well over time they say sorry with action not words.

29 Jul 2021 13:53:27
Well said DRB.

29 Jul 2021 14:02:53
The negativity brigade are starting to realise 😂.

29 Jul 2021 14:10:13
Tony is right because words are cheap and there’s nothing the board can say at this moment in time, to take away the embarrassment of losing to another Danish club.
But Money Talks.
The Celtic Board can do their talking in the transfer market and back our manager.

29 Jul 2021 14:38:05
If it doesn't change just Boycott the games, they will soon start dipping their short arms into their long pockets and pulling out a few drivvle signings to try and keep us sweet!

We need to invest in a decent head of recruitment, someone with a proven track record!

29 Jul 2021 17:06:14
I was looking at next weeks fixtures for the champions league, apart from Malmö there isn’t one team left there that I would have been confident of getting a result against. Europa is our level at best for the time being.



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