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26 Jul 2021 13:41:15
I've been saying for a few weeks now we should get nisbett, I'd also take Ferguson is prefer the backbone or heart of our squad to be young Scottish/ Irish players who no what it means to pull on the jersey.

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26 Jul 2021 14:25:31
you want players who know what it means to pull on a jersey and then say you want one of the ferguson klan?

26 Jul 2021 14:35:04
Ferguson will develop into the best midfielder in the country this season. Let Broony show him the required standards then sign him next Summer.

26 Jul 2021 15:02:54
brumbhoy, 'ferguson klan'? Can you give me some insight into what you mean by this please - I'm interested to hear your view?

26 Jul 2021 15:07:12

Ferguson is good enough to play for Celtic, so regardless of his name we should still sign him.

Name, colour or creed should not come into it when we want to sign a player and as a club we are above that.
That’s lowering down to their style when you are using comments like that
Hail Hail

26 Jul 2021 15:35:15
Lewis ferguson, whos only red card in his career came against us when he tried to break tom rogics leg, that lewis ferguson? a thug just like his uncle.

{Ed007's Note - You obviously don't know the Fergusons - or what you are talking about - so I think it's best you keep your bigotry driven opinions to yourself.}

26 Jul 2021 15:42:01
so he didn't go in 2 footed on tom rogic, in a strop whilst losing, then sulk off the pitch in a mirror image of his uncle from 20 years previous?

{Ed007's Note - So you don't want to see us signing the best midfielder in Scotland outside Celtic Park because he made a bad tackle 2 years ago - when he was 19 - on a Celtic player? And why bring his uncle into it, why not bring his dad into it and what he said about it and what Lewis told him.}

26 Jul 2021 15:44:01
We will not sign Ferguson or Nesbitt. We won't match their valuations. However we will most likely pay more money for duds from another league. I'm not being pessimistic or negative, but apart from one or two occaisons- Brown nearly 15 years ago and Turnbull, we will always go fir somebody that out board might think has a bigger resale value, with a foreign name.

26 Jul 2021 15:47:18
Well said Ed.

{Ed007's Note - Cheers mate 👍

26 Jul 2021 16:12:52
Well said Ed, We certainly don’t need bigots posting their vile opinions on here. 👏👏

Hail Hail

{Ed007's Note - 👍👍

26 Jul 2021 16:17:54
His father was a much better footballer than his uncle, and he is one of the most talented youngsters in Scotland, be madness not to try to sign him asap.

26 Jul 2021 16:18:43
Looks like that we are loosing young Leo Hjelde to Leeds. Surprised that Ange is allowing this to happen.

But he is the boss and we have to trust his judgment.

Hail Hail

26 Jul 2021 16:37:44
Bigoted views what did the boy say that was bigoted. His uncle was a thug on the park. Just like that lasley that played at Motherwell.
Think the folk calling him a bigot to win a argument need to look at themselves.

{Ed007's Note - "ferguson klan" really? Why not mention the tackle in the original post, why even think of using the word "klan"? Why not say family, or even clan? I suppose he could always say it was a typo but he hasn't tried that - yet.}

26 Jul 2021 16:41:00
Love to see ferguson at celtic. Right type of guy we need in the middle. The fact who his family are makes no difference. Plus Barry ferguson has already said he couldn't see a reason he won't sign for us. Saying because he mad a bad tackle is some rubbish talk.

26 Jul 2021 16:43:55
Don't think it's Ange's choice, hjelde is in the last year of his contract.

26 Jul 2021 16:49:04
F*ck me 😂😂 didn't realise you were all such fans of former rangers players. Nacho novo was some player eh lads? Am I doing it right.

{Ed007's Note - Lewis Ferguson left Rangers when he was 14-years old. If you like Nacho Novo then that's up to you but I think you'l be in the minority of 1 there on here.}

26 Jul 2021 16:54:57
Wasn't a typo it was joke lighten up . You seriously think I was saying he's part of the actual klan? 😂😂.

{Ed007's Note - Jokes are meant to be funny, you should have probably went with the typo excuse.}

26 Jul 2021 16:58:01
I am pretty sure Barry Ferguson married a Catholic girl and their kids goto a Catholic school, so you can call Barry whatever you want but he ain't bigoted.

26 Jul 2021 17:03:29
More on about folk comparing who was better out of Barry and Derek ferguson on a celtic blog tbh.

{Ed007's Note - This isn't a blog.}

26 Jul 2021 17:04:20
Like a few of the bhoys on here I've been calling for us to sign Lewis Ferguson for a good few months now.

For me he's only going to get better and better and now he is training day in, day out, with Scott Brown, I can see him being outwith the budget of any team in Scotland come the January window.

If we were going to make a move it would have to be in this current window.

26 Jul 2021 17:09:14
You are 100% correct Marco and, just as a bye the bye, I know (as does Ed) Barry's father-in-law and he's been a season ticket holder at Celtic Park for longer than the majority on this site have been on the planet.

26 Jul 2021 17:10:21
Ally Dawson former Rangers player has died at the age of 63.


Hail Hail

26 Jul 2021 17:18:07
Shame, too young. 🍀.

26 Jul 2021 17:18:46
63 is no age at all, RIP.

26 Jul 2021 17:27:11
I’ve just read your reply Boruc about the passing of Ally Dawson.
My memory of Ally was him conceding a penalty after bringing down Murdo in 1983.
It was a stonewaller but he was still going mental with the referee.
Dawson definitely wore his heart on his sleeve.

26 Jul 2021 17:40:28
Klan a word many Celtic fans use to describe the bigoted side of Rangers. If the Ferguson's ever used anti-Catholic bile in the past.

{Ed007's Note - I don't know,have they? I've got a nephew doing 8 years for attempted murder, does that mean his mum or even my mum's guilty of that as well, they are family after all?}

26 Jul 2021 18:11:09
My own view is that Ferguson not good enough. his background irrelevant I don’t know if I’m going to have to maybe adjust my expectations of who playing in middle of park but he decent spl player for me. That’s all. Would take a punt on Nesbit. Something about that boy I like him be good addition to squad. Truthfully don’t think Soro the answer either but willing see what happens with him Turnbull has to get fitter IMO he capable of dominating games but must get fitter stronger to do that Not flashes of quality. Dominating with quality for 90 mins Team be unrecognisable in few month from what there now. I’m really looking forward to see how Ange develops it. and the new season. Mon the hoops.

26 Jul 2021 18:31:48
Ferguson seems to keep getting better and better it would be madness to not try sign him and it's encouraging that Ange apparently wants a CDM. Maybe Lewis could be the tough tackling player we need alongside McGregor and Turnbull, the boy ain't too shabby going forward either. Who cares if he was/ is a Rangers supporter, If we refused to have any of the "clan" at our club we would've missed out on some good players over the years. Not to mention even big Jock supported Rangers growing up.

26 Jul 2021 19:19:29
The facts Barry fergusson is his uncle would make me want to sign him more. just to pee off the sevco fans.

26 Jul 2021 20:57:42
I actually think Soro will be a player that develops in the CDM role so quickly that he won't be here 2 seasons from now as we will sell him for decent money.

During the West Ham game he was driving players out of position, moving the ball forward quickly and picking out great passes.

I think this lad will be class.
Daft mistake for the penalty but he will learn. Just something about him that I think will attract European clubs next summer or the summer after.

Playing alongside Turnbull, McGregor and a rejuvenated Christie at times has been great to watch, quick one touch football.

Ferguson still would be a great signing as he would be a good fit in the midfield, better option than Rogic, Shaw, Bitton, Ntcham or Robertson, but can't see us spending the money we need to get him. However if we did we wouldn't lose out as he is only going to get better!

26 Jul 2021 21:49:27
To be honest l couldn't care less who his family is or who he did play with or support. If it helps and benefit celtic and makes us better that's all l want then celtic should sign him.

26 Jul 2021 22:00:30
Lol this cheered me up. So wa, any reckless or silly tackle against a celtic player, and a player marked down as a bigot? Aul broonie must be set for the Dail now then. is it every player or just the ones who may have a link to the other side? Are the Preston lads bigots for a few heavy tackles?

{Ed007's Note - It's one of the craziest threads we've had for a while 😂 And we go on about "the klan" being stuck in the past!}

26 Jul 2021 22:17:47
Best midfielder in Scotland, u have got to be joking, he is decent but don't kid yourself edd.

27 Jul 2021 00:21:20
Out of curiosity Ringo who is the best midfielder outside of Glasgow then?



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