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25 Jul 2021 10:32:26
people will disagree on the griff situation but if ange sticks with him. booing him every game will create negative press all season. what i found poor about yesterday was young oxo flex getting booed so if you decide to move on then come back to Parkhead with another club you will be booed.

a lot of youngsters have left so they will be booed when they come back. the griff situation aside i see a lot of toxic stuff in our fan base now that is ruining our great name our fans have and why our club is loved so much world wide something that set us aside from that vile lot across the city. who would want to join a club were the fans turn on you the moment there not happy no matter what you have done for this club. the difference with us and them is they don't care about how vile they are and toxic but i do care same as many other celtic fans will.

the attacks on lennon to were awful a man who bleeds celtic and has suffered so much abuse for bleeding Celtic yes he may have been the wrong choice in manager but ask yourself this if you were offered the job after securing the treble and had the chance to go on and achieve the historic 10 you would definitely accept it as you would feel you can do it. in years to come we will get over the 10 being lost but its something that will live with him for the rest of his life. to be fair I'm already over it its happened it is what it is we move on and create more success i have great memories of that 9 in a row quadruple treble and invincible season.

i grew up on stories on the 9 in a row and how i wish i could have been there to see it i did not get to see the original 9 in a row and that great team but i got to witness us achieve it again plus see that mob go bust.

both 9 in a rows were special the first one had the European cup the second one had the manky mob going bust and us achieving a quadruple treble something that would have been laughed at if suggested would happen. celebrated the quadruple treble and lived in the moment i did not moan because it was win on penalties something in years to come a generation that's not born yet will be in shock to hear that a section of fans moaned because the final went to penalties and didn't play to well.

i witnessed something celtic fans in the future may never witness i have even seen my team reach a European final the outcome was disappointing but we still partied on and showed the world what great fans we were in victory or defeat left a city intact and spotless and praised by the locals and win awards that is who we truly are and it must never change.

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25 Jul 2021 10:46:35
Part and parcel off the game UI. Fans boo returning players all the time. I'm sure it's water off a ducks back to the young man.

25 Jul 2021 10:50:09
Nearly every ex player gets booed when they return to a former club. You see it every week. The only ones that don't are those with legend staus - Larsson etc for us.

As for Griffiths that was always going to happen. He should have been removed from the club long ago and we would have avoided so many negative headlines.

As for NL. I could never hate the man but everyone and his dog seen that he should have been removed from his post at Christmad at the very latest. The anger directed at him was born from frustration at the board for not doing their job and removing him. That totalled with the absolute nonsense he was spewing at press conferences towards the end started a witch hunt.

I don't blame NL, Kennedy or any I the players. All of it could have been avoided if the club was run properly.

I just hope Ange gets a chance to put his stamp down before the fans patience run out again.

25 Jul 2021 10:58:26
A young boy that played about 5 mins for us, why anyone thinks that's OK is beyond me, wouldn't waste ma energy.

25 Jul 2021 11:01:37
to be fair bubs i was at the Barcelona game when he scored against us and some fans booed Larsson. point of the post if you pull the green and white on you should never be booed. there is only 2 that should and that's mo judas johnstone and kenny miller. you could possibly through Rodgers in to.

25 Jul 2021 11:40:39
If griff keeps acting like a dick it'll draw negative attention to the club all season.

25 Jul 2021 12:12:56
I used to worry what papers will say or other teams banter ripping us apart when we get a bad result now it supposed Celtic fans who run the team down boo players. And why would you boo okoflex why why why what is wrong with you. The guy played for us he never got a chance so why boo. The lad is quite right to leave. Great goal he scored against the team and board who said he has to go. Gd luck to him. Now the booing of Griff why don't you mind your own business about his personal life. This needs to stop.

25 Jul 2021 12:37:31
His serious mental issues need to be sympathetically viewed and not be commented on as they are none of our business and i wish him nothing but the best health in that regard. but his being a dick lifestyle getting played out in the media and then affecting his ability to represent the club deserves criticism.

25 Jul 2021 12:40:42
Get him as far to fk as possible. Just cos you wear the hoops doesn’t absolve you from wrong doing. Fans have a right to vent their disgust at him seeing as the club have taken a back seat. Don’t give me the he was cleared pish he’s a wee rat who doesn’t give a toss.

25 Jul 2021 13:05:26
Personally I don't agree with booing any Celtic player or a former player who's previously achieved a great deal when they played in the Hoops e. g. Larsson or Broony.

LG has always divided opinion and like many on here I think he needs to go, goals aside, he's a stupid individual who's behaviour off the park brings down the name of our great club.

25 Jul 2021 14:13:13
Well said Welshy. I've said it before, but footballers should be held to a higher account than purely just law. For example, many tory legislations don't break laws, but are unethical, still wouldn't want it at celtic.

25 Jul 2021 15:24:22
Welsh, bigbenny I Completely agree. When you play for our club you are a role model to many. There's more to it than kicking a ball for 20k a week. I think the club Will regret it if they don't ship him out before the end of the window.

25 Jul 2021 15:42:18
@UI lennon constantly said he could turn things around and time and time again he failed. He should have done the decent thing and walked away when he knew he couldn't change things, lennon didn't love the club as much as you think that's why he was waiting for a pay off. If he did love the club as much as people say he would have held his hands up and not blamed everything on everyone else except himself. He took the plaudits when things were going well but didn't want to take any critisism when things went Pete tong. Screw lennon the man's an ass hole rant over.

25 Jul 2021 16:43:16
SOS BHOY if it had of been my call, I'd of tore up the contract on the spot, if it went through the courts and celtic were liable for the 600k or so in salary, so be it.



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