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05 Jun 2021 12:55:26
Yeah Neil that's right blame the fans for it was us that couldn't defend set pieces and put the ball in the back of the net. It was us who looked to have downed tools mid way through the season and it was us fans who selected the team and made the substitutions. Neil you need a reality check.

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05 Jun 2021 13:28:44
Seen some of that nonsense knowing the media there will be a spin on some of it.

Lennon lost a sense of reality with the fans. We had an obsession with 10 because it was a record we'd of loved to have broken. Further to the fact of the implosion of rangers, we should of managed to remain ahead for a decade, at least. When we didn't get the 10 you seen the chaos and gloating that came from the other side of the city, as fans we deserved better.

The treble became a normal thing over the last 4 years and all though it was no easy task I think the enthusiasm of having trebles may have worn off, which is was maybe lennon was talking about. Perhaps that even had an impact on players hunger at the club.

Make no mistake but, Lennon walked away from the club first in 2014 and when he returned in 2019 we had higher standards and expectations which he failed to meet. I'll always be grateful for what he done, but he was one of them that cost us the 10 in a row.

05 Jun 2021 13:35:22
I wish our manager, players, coaching staff and the Celtic board shared the same obsession last season because they acted as if it meant nothing.
Celtic gave the 10 up without a fight and that’s why the fans had a right to be angry.

05 Jun 2021 13:40:41
He should never of got manager job in first place.

05 Jun 2021 15:06:39
Defo dnn, he wasn’t exactly great the first time out either.

05 Jun 2021 15:35:17
Mr Me Myself and I. He beat Lazio🤣😂Aye Neil it was the fans fault that you had unfit players, useless clueless tactics, repeatedly picking the same underperforming players, Throwing the players under Parks buses! No mention of our European horror shows and our league and cup calamities.

05 Jun 2021 15:42:57
I'm a Lenny supporter But Celtic fan before anything else. I don't enjoy watching any other team but the hoops. That's in you or not. I think what Lennon means there's a cultural change in supporters and rightly so they shouldn't have to put up with what the older supporters had to we got spat on off tbe mob. Now the young team are getting arrested for Rubber dolls and singing Irish political songs there great granny used to sing to them. Lenny is loved by the granny and grandad support and he put a lot of time in to the club. He was well paid for the privilege. But shouldn't have been treated the way he was from the media and they that shall not be mentioned. God bless Neil Lennon and good luck always a Celt.

05 Jun 2021 17:46:13
Ltps, a few decent points there.
Lenny was unfairly treated by a section of our support and it is understandable to a degree but not to the degree that he got roasted. The bottom line is he didn't perform at the end and football is a results game. He isn't the first manager to leave Celtic and he won't be the last.
I agree with some of what he said but overall I think he'd have been better off saying nothing to the media. The feeling of failure among Celtic fans is still too raw for him to be coming out and pointing the finger. HH.

05 Jun 2021 21:52:43
NL is deluted and as has been already highlighted he's conveniently forgot to mention he was Captain of the good ship Titanic last season.

Yet again he's done himself no favours.

06 Jun 2021 12:16:10
Lennon stepped up when the rat deserted us.
He completed the Treble Treble and was at the helm for the Quadruple Treble.
Was it past his time when he left/ got booted? Possibly but WHO was there to replace him?
They stuck with Kennedy and probably because no one stepped up for the job.
Look at the debacle we are going through right now trying to get a manager.

As for NL?

The players and board have not been blamed, insulted or pilloried the way Lennon has.
Losing big FF in goal hurt us most this season (imo)
Many of the players who were 'superstars' last season never turned up this season (complacency? )
Remember how everybody wanted to be Edouard? Played this season like he was on valium!
LG being overweight (a well paid professional) at the start
Players second to every loose ball, failing to cross, pass or trap the ball.
Our Goalkeepers? ('nuff said)

C.V. -
The Internationals before the season kicked of cost us a full squad start.
That eejit wandering off for a wee night abroad with his burd.
The Dubai debacle (well intended but not during a C.V. )

A lot of supporters thought the 10 was a formality and when we failed they could not accept it and needed to blame someone - step forward NL

We won things as a team and we lost the 10 as a team.

I am of the old school where win lose or draw still means something.
However, losing is one thing but capitulation is another!

rant over lol and H. H.

06 Jun 2021 14:59:55
So we all stick £600 to buy season books. Don't get into any game's but it's our fault. Neil can go and take a flyer.



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