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02 Jun 2021 16:50:54
Zidane leaves Real Madrid
BANG, Ancelotti is in

Pirlo sacked by Juventus
BANG, Allegri is in

Neither of them are managers who were ever going to be on our hitlist, granted, but that's how it should be done when you're a 'big' club. You should always have an ear to the ground and an eye on the future, knowing that if your manager were to disappear in a puff of smoke tomorrow then you know how you're going to fix it fast.
We're sitting 3 months after Lennon goes and we're scratching our arses not knowing what's happening. HH.

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02 Jun 2021 17:15:16
It's nearly 4 months to get a manager, gross mismanagement with very little communication with fans, and now we're miles behind sevco who are planning next season and we've still not got a manager or backroom team, heads should roll.

02 Jun 2021 17:18:24
But we're still a 'big' club Mally, right? lol HH.

02 Jun 2021 17:25:49
Its a shambles. But have faith sevco aren't upto much we no that far behind them league table doesn't tell full story we had too many players down tools need folk who want to be here.

02 Jun 2021 17:33:47
Gar, I hate to be the one to tell you this but the league table never lies. HH.

02 Jun 2021 18:18:22

You said that we are a “Big Club’ if that’s the case, then the board should start conducting their business like Big Clubs do.

Hail Hail 🍀🍀🍀.

02 Jun 2021 18:48:46
Boruc, my claim that we are still a 'big' club was very tongue in cheek.
Over the last few years our board has totally destroyed our global image and reputation to the point where we'd be lucky to attract players from Accrington Stanley.
I thought that was obvious. HH.

02 Jun 2021 19:32:37
Yep besty regressed in Europe and regressed in Scotland, huge job on our hands to be ready for next season.

02 Jun 2021 19:43:54
You're spot on bestybhoy, after last season there should be a sign outside CP for the foreseeable that reads; 'amateur night'.

02 Jun 2021 20:20:45
clubs like that can basically pick who they like when they like and have them in the front door as soon as the phone call is made. we play in a very poor league wee need to try and attract a good standard of manager that is good enough for our club plus sell the league to him. if we played in italy or spain we would have had a new manager in even before lenny had cleaned his locker out. all the eggs were put in the howe basket and he done us over at the last minute now we have moved on to the next candidate. howe wanted to wait to summer we waited and took him at his word if he was true to his word he would be in the door already announced but he was not.

02 Jun 2021 20:34:00
UI, we have to cut our cloth to suit our means but the structure shouldn't be any different. The top clubs in the world have a good structure that other clubs can learn from.
Yes, we allowed Howe to string us along with a nod and a wink but the concerning point is that we allowed him to do it without putting pen to paper. If that isn't an amateur approach then I don't know what is.
Unfortunately our club management has been a disgrace over the last few years. We are rudderless, we have no internal compass, we are a disaster and the last 4 months have shown that to be true. Just sayin' HH.

02 Jun 2021 20:41:56
Our Board has verged on incompetence for a while now with many dubious and questionable decisions or should I say indecision.
I accept the Howe fiasco was not all their fault, but they had a chance to act last year when all the signs were there that the season was going down the pan, but they dithered and did the 'ostrich' knowing the support was being kept at arms length with restrictions. The longer we delay and waste time the more I fear for the future and I don't just mean next season.

02 Jun 2021 20:58:33
OAB2, the Howe fiasco was definitely their fault. Yes he done a runner but they allowed it happen because they didn't insist on his official acceptance of the job for 3 months.
They left the club vulnerable and that in itself is an abdication of their duty. HH.

02 Jun 2021 22:09:27
As well as that bestybhoy, and I appreciate hindsight is 50/ 50, but the club should have had an alternative option (plan B) being lined up incase, shock horror, the nod/ wink/ gentleman's agreement comes back to bite them in the erse, oh wait.



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