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01 Jun 2021 19:05:54
There has always been a bit of negativity on here but lately it has got crazy. 90% of the post are people greetin about so called facts and made up rubbish from the media. It’s just as well that it’s highly unlikely that any incoming manager would read this stuff or the only person who would consider coming in to manage us would be Neil Lennon. get behind the team and the new manager, whoever that turns out to be.

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01 Jun 2021 19:54:10
A know instead of banter it’s really depressing. Mon the hoops give us something to cheer aboot.

01 Jun 2021 20:05:54
It’s the uncertainty that is causing the negativity. We seem to be a shambles atm with high profile departures with no replacements as yet. Nor clarity that the board members are taking care of it. I loath the rat but he obviously knew something was not right and they weren’t prepared to fix it. Did we lose money when the rat was employed and Celtic are not going down that high profile manager again. I would love to know. Come on Celtic pull a rabbit out of the hat and give us something to cheer about.

01 Jun 2021 20:14:03
Hi Arrowh; I hope you are well mate? Yes; We really are a 'tough crowd' at times and even when we were raking in trophies and breaking records, there remained a negative undercurrent with concerns about our European decline, the caliber of players we were bringing in to replace top money departures, style and tempo of play and even 'why eddy never smiled when he scored a goal'?
To be fair I think most of us are still hurting big-time from the shock of last season aggravated by the yearning distance we've had to keep from our beloved Celtic Park for what seems an eternity. Meanwhile the necessity for some much needed good news and optimism seems to, not only go on and on, but is fraught with setbacks, rumours and second guessing which fuels frustration.

01 Jun 2021 21:07:08
At times the Celtic fans are hard to please, especially the supporters who have only witnessed Celtic playing in the last 20 years, of a relatively successful period.
But the Celtic fans are not daft.
The fans started displaying banners a couple of years ago, warning the board about the disgraceful scenario we currently find ourselves in.
Yes the media will run negative stories about Celtic but that’s nothing new.
The fans are in a panic and we have every right to be.
Because this could get worse that will take many years to try and rectify.
Is it not time the Celtic Chairman of 10 years and the other board members stood up for once.
It’s incredible to think our club looks in a worse situation now, than what it was in November, with the fans shouting for change.
That is only possible due to the total incompetence from the Celtic board.

01 Jun 2021 21:24:23
My problem is with the hierarchy. I’m done giving them my cash.

I really hope we get this Greek Aussie dude, on paper his philosophy on the game is everything I want in a coach/ manager. If he comes I really hope we give him time to make his own team. Takes certain types of players to succeed in his system. Fit, technical and hard workers. The media will look for any excuse to criticise him if we get him. They think they know better.

01 Jun 2021 21:37:27
So the board have run our club off a cliff but it's our fault for noticing? Jesus H. Aim your angst at the guilty, not the v7ctims if the guilty. We are not nodding donkeys, but by ****, we are being ked by them. Harkin the latest to knock us back. I suppose that's because he read the support aren't happy with the arseholes running this rubbish show? We wouldn't moan if we had competent people running our club, but we don't.

01 Jun 2021 22:09:36
The problem with Howe and harkin is this, Celtic being Celtic will come out and say their was no direct quote from the club stating Howe and harkin were the guys we wanted. now we all know certainly Howe was, god knows about harkin, but the biggest problem her is the PR department at the club. A simple statement saying Howe and harkin are both men of interest along with others simply covers all bases if/ when anything falls through. Instead of that they say nothing yet want fans to continue digging deep? Nothing short of an absolute PR disaster from the club and someone’s head should roll for it. To take this long to organise a manager and DOF is an absolute disgrace.

{Ed007's Note - The Club did say that Howe was their man, Garry:-

Following very positive and detailed discussions with Eddie Howe, with the belief that he would be an excellent candidate for the position of Celtic Manager, we allowed time for the process, given he’d previously made it clear he was not looking to return to management until this summer at the earliest.

We can now confirm that Eddie will not be joining the Club, for reasons outwith both his and Celtic’s control.

We wish Eddie success for the future.

As part of the ongoing process we have engaged with a number of candidates. We fully appreciate our fans will be seeking clarity on this matter and we aim, very shortly, to announce the appointment of a Manager with the quality and desire to take Celtic forward and bring further success to our supporters.

01 Jun 2021 22:48:52
I found it strange that the club came out with the statement on Howe last week. I don't see what they gained from it.

They could have not made a statement on Howe, worked hard to appoint the other candidate whoever that may be and nobody is really any the wiser.

I was half expecting Howe to be named at another club this week and thought that might have been the reason for the statement.

01 Jun 2021 22:56:33
Well said OnceaBhoy and Buzz Bomb.

To add to what you said about the possibility of things getting worse and taking years to rectify.

We are currently in a salvagable situation, although it will be hard to turn it round in a season, due to the fact Lennon was allowed to continue too long and the board not having a replacement in place earlier so they could plan for this season and get things setup.

At present, we have sellable assets in Edouard, Ajer, McGregor and Christie. However, if we sell them and squander the cash on more crap players or get the manager decision wrong, then next season we will be in a worse situation as we will have less sellable assets. This is why I am very worried about appointing Ange, as he is a big gamble and I don't think the appointment will go down well with a sizable number of fans.

The sensible thing for the board to do, is go big on a managerial appointment as this will get the majority of the fans onboard and stop the unrest.



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