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27 May 2021 18:41:44
Glad to see large number of fans boycotting season tickets.

The contempt the board have shown this season and continue to show has been shocking.

Give us a manager and back the new manager, then we buy them.

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27 May 2021 20:14:13
Has to be done LAW just until the board shows their hand and announcements on the manager front. They can't possibly go for cheap option again fans won't allow it.

27 May 2021 20:21:44
I see that all the BIG CLUBS like Alloa, Dunfermline, Ross County, Dundee United and Aberdeen can all appoint their new managers in weeks.

But Celtic take three months and counting!

28 May 2021 06:43:14
Yip it's easy supporting a winning team. Guarntee when Celtic start winning you will all be on here gloating. Faithful through and through.

28 May 2021 07:27:52
I see that another BIG CLUB in Kelly Hearts have appointed a new manager in the space of of four days since the previous one resigned! ’nnn.

28 May 2021 07:49:33
Auf its not about supporting I'll support team forever but the board can't just keep taking support for granted they need to start being more proactive we were in decline for so long it was only a matter of time before we lost our title. Am not saying I expect us to win every year, but things could of been done for us to be in better shape than we are, and the next few decisions have to be spot on or we are in trouble.

28 May 2021 08:11:28
I will be there regardless who the manager is. Regardless who is playing for us. Glory Hunters will come and go such is life.
We've had a horrendous season but everyone was hyperventilating at the start of the season. Kept all our big players and on paper had strengthened the squad. We blow it that's life.
It's a fact that it took us 4 months to get the Rodgers deal over the line. We had season book renewals out then before manager was in place. Only difference is we were winning. Its easy to follow a winning team. HH.

28 May 2021 08:14:25
Supporting Celtic is a life-long emotional commitment as we go through every single, solitary high and low together. Many of us will have loved the club, longer than any other attachment in life. However, when such a relationship becomes one-way, you start to have feelings of frustration, isolation and even bitterness at the lack of respect, commitment and communication; causing us to feel very let-down from Boardroom to dressing room and the enforced absence these past 12 months, have done even more damage to our trust and faith.

28 May 2021 08:25:10
Glory hunters got to love the the attitude towards fellow supporters eh I’ll stick that in my csc page so those still undecided about renewing know if they don’t they are not needed.

28 May 2021 08:42:59
OK everyone's allowed an opinion. We never just lost the league thou we were absolutely trounced which is hard accept.

28 May 2021 09:00:39
The way i see it is loads of fans have been unhappy with the board since the death of Rangers.

First we had the signing of the secret 5 way agreement.

This was followed by the boards inactivity over resolution 12.

Then we had the employment of Lennon in the showers.

The anger towards the board (not only Lawwell) has been allowed to reach a crescendo this season.

For starters they let lennon continue for far too long. They then failed to address the deficiencies in the team in January. Finally they did not have a succession plan for Lennon and we are now over 3 months without a manager.

I am sure i am not the only fan who feels anger towards every single person on the board for their actions and inactions over the last decade and we are now at the point were enough is enough. With each passing day of no news of a manager, my frustrations towards them grows.

We could appoint guardiola and give him 500 million to spend and i still would not be happy with the board. I want every sin gle one of them gone, immediately. I am now at the point my frustrations towards them is greater than the love of the team, although it is because of my devout love of the team that has got me to this point.

28 May 2021 09:10:19
@auf and @welshy - accussing people of glory hunting is wide of the mark. I have supported the team for over 40 years and went during good and bad times. Read the post i just done above and you will see what my decision is based on.

Now i don't expect everyone to share my opinion or act in the same way and i will not berate them or start calling them names for being different.

However, what I will say is the board and major shareholders would be foolish to ignore what a significant amount of us are feeling.

28 May 2021 09:27:39
Law read my post again 😉 this glory hunting that fans are accused of does my box in. If your a fan your a fan of wether it’s listening in radios, going every game or watching at home it makes no difference no other fan should question the commitment of another.

28 May 2021 09:53:49
Your totally correct there LAW the board haven't listened to the fans for far too long its time to make them listen. Its OK saying ill support them whatever happens that attitude is what this board rely on. Ill support the club forever but this board have made wrong decisions that's cost us someone has to be held accountable.

28 May 2021 10:08:24
apologies Welshy as i misinterpreted what you said.

28 May 2021 10:18:58
Got to love the attitude of so called supporters. Gloating that fans are boycotting season books. Then throwing hissy fits when get called out on it. Faithful through and through.

28 May 2021 10:31:07
I've renewed mine as I can't wait to get back to Paradise but that's my choice and it doesn't make me any more or less of a fan as the next person.

Regardless of who is in charge or who's on the board I would renew so I didn't see the point of holding off.

28 May 2021 10:42:59
Glory hunters WTFITA
Starting to sound like the cesspit down the road lads. Nobody supports there team more than the next person. As we all think about our team. Wether you have a season ticket or share a season ticket or even hunt online for gd news about out team it's not relevant we are all Celtic. We all know the Celtic way if doing things slow and awkward just wait and see what happens as we know nothing concrete until Celtic announce it. Renew or don't we don't care as you still support Celtic either way.

28 May 2021 11:49:54
Must be good in your green and white ivory tower. Auf. A lot of fans won’t be able renew due to finances and went all out to get one last year that mean they glory hunters too. OAB got it bang on as usual.

28 May 2021 12:03:17
Nobody is going to buy anything in life they can't afford. Completely different than gloating that fans aren't buying books (even although its not true) . It's everyone's individual choice, personally the board haven't acted any different than any other season. This is probably the first season they didn't punt our best players. Only difference we never won the league.
I live in a ivory tower. No i live in the real world. Do some homework on the team and the custodians of our club. HH.

28 May 2021 12:19:13
No right minded Celtic fan call another glory hunter. I don’t think fans gloating. I think fans well within rights hold off see what going to happen. Do some homework.? Aye nae bother. My 25 years of season ticket and lifelong support now approaching 50 years says only homework needing done is how u address fellow fans with respect.

28 May 2021 13:00:50
P73 👏👏👏.

28 May 2021 13:15:44

28 May 2021 13:57:33
One bad season in 20 and some want to chuck it, feck that that's sevco sh#t.

28 May 2021 15:17:07
Nothing to do with one bad season mally.

As I mentioned previously, I have had issues with the board for over a decade.

This seasons crap show has just accelerated what I was already feeling towards them and with each passing day it adds fuel to the fire.

28 May 2021 15:22:48
Are you saying there is no glory hunters in the Celtic support. You do remember the seats of shame.



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