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11 May 2021 12:06:06
Interested to read a post from yesterday's banter that stated, "the academy produces very few players who go on to being a first team pick". Does anyone else see that as a very serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately?

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11 May 2021 12:38:42
We have the structure, we have the facilities and the network of a huge club, but we don't seem to have a conveyor belt of outstanding young players that are 'first-team ready', like other massive clubs. Even when we bring in promising prospects from other teams, they never seem to make the breakthrough and many end up out the door. Obviously the demands and expectations for success may lead to fewer chances, but at the same time, over the last decade we have bought and taken in loans that have been well short of the quality required. That defies not only logic, but lowers the standard of 'Celtic Class' players and wastes money. Whatever restructuring takes place for next season, it's going to be a huge squad rebuilding exercise and imperative that the academy and first team work totally in tandem with the scouting network, for maximum efficiency and basic economic sense.

11 May 2021 13:38:40
the youngsters that are good enough are seeing that there pathway to the first team is limited so when the big boys from europe come in for them then its a no brainer for them to make that move.

11 May 2021 13:45:00
Agree OAB2 👍
This season alone we've lost young players to Bayern Munich and Man. City respectively therefore, someone within the scouting set up at these two clubs must have seen something in those players?
At the same time there's no guarantee these players will make the breakthrough especially at clubs the size of Munich and City who seem to stockpile young talent just to ensure no one else signs them.
I do think an overhaul is needed and also a clearly defined pathway to progress into the first team put in place or more young players will leave when they get the chance.

11 May 2021 14:47:45
Who has progressed to and held down a place in the team from the academy in the last 15 years?
KT 5 years ago.
McGreggor 7 years ago
Forrest 11 years ago.

That to me is utterly woeful. Something is wrong. The overwhelming majority get a few games, then are moved on and for most, not all, but most never reach a level that suggests we made a mistake in letting them go. We have to go back to Marshal nearly 20 years ago for a keeper. No right back, no striker. Producing a real class player every decade, with nothing inbetween of note, tells me it's not even close to working. For the last twenty years we hear of, this great prospect of 5hat but when they need to step up they are found to be nowhere near good enough. Howe, if he ever arrives needs to look at the stats and ask, why so few? Why can't we produce top class players regularly? It has got to the point where every single time I hear a great prospect inn the Academy, I say, heard it. We sign better from smaller clubs. This isn't even the the same universe as good enough. I've said it before, but we produce 9kayers for the Dundee's of this world and as long as that continues the Academy is failing. It needs a long hard look at and changes to improve the return. Welsh has come through, but if we want a really solid defence, he doesn't look good enough either imo. I hope he improves but he can't win a header at set pieces either. If anybody has anymore class players I missed please flag them up.

11 May 2021 15:09:25
Not like you to be negative magicpole lol.
We have had Hazard, Welsh, McGregor, Forrest, Johnston, Henderson play for us this season that came thro the ranks.
Thats 6 players, not too mention Montgomery, Dembelle, and Otto on the verge of stepping up.
There are not many big clubs across Europe who have this, only the smaller clubs bring thro youth regularly like Hamilton for eg simply because they have too.
So compare us to the comparable we are doing well.

11 May 2021 15:14:46
I'm with Magic pole, of the 6 you mention Rayman 4 are not good enough and the other 2 came through the youth system when the "Old Firm" still existed.

11 May 2021 15:54:43
chinks who are the ones not good enough from what im taking your meaning welsh Henderson Johnston and hazard. welsh is more than good enough and so is Henderson Henderson is a cracking player just does not get his chance Johnston is good just to injury prone and lightweight could maybe do with a season loan hazard is a decent keeper. from me Henderson and welsh definitely deserve a chance next season.

11 May 2021 16:11:01
As does Luca Connell.

11 May 2021 16:26:55
Not sure about hazard Johnstone far too slight and not sure he puts in the work Welsh imo is OK but too small for cb might be a decent rb Henderson again not sure he struggled for game time on loan at one club, Montgomery I haven't seen and Connel falls into that category it's OK doing well at qp but this is celtic, more questions than answers.

11 May 2021 17:29:44
The last time we rebuilt a side using many of our own 'youth' and nurtured players was probably 'The Quality Street Kids', way back when the Lisbon Lions was dispersing and that is ridiculous for a club of our size and resources. One or two every few years, shows we have went backwards in youth development and fast-tracking.

11 May 2021 18:47:30
From studies into academies, statistics show that less that 0.1% make it (that's less than 1 in 1000) . That's a high attrition rate, but you would expect our coaching staff to be aware of this, and, probably more importantly, so do senior management.

A good kid can not only save you a lot of money, but make you a lot of money in a subsequent transfer. Don't be fooled that a kid that is good enough will want to spend his career with Celtic, so transfers are inevitable.

So, you would hope that an appropriate level of investment is made. If our academy is not the best in Scotland, that should be the first objective. Then see where we go from there!

12 May 2021 09:14:41
Hazard isn't good enough, Welsh, imo, not good enough if we want a defence worthy of that name, Henderson and Johnston too slight to hold down a jersey. I suppose it depends on how good you want us to be, none of them at four woukd get a game apart from subs. And if they did, we woukd never progress to be able to either qualify for the CL, never mind not get horsed in it if we did. Its not be8ng negative, it's just not being sentimental and giving players a bye because they came from the Academy. The academy is broken and has been for years. Forrest, McGreggor and KT in over ten years. That's it. And that just isn't good enough.

12 May 2021 12:58:43
The colts team will be a big help but can they get promotion?

12 May 2021 16:00:01
It will help, but if the class isn't there, it isn't there regardless of games. Our recruitment at every level is awful. You have more chance getting into our team if you start at a smaller club. We miss these players and the place us bursting at the seams with players who aren't good enough. Stop signing them. Sign fewer who have a chance.



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