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03 May 2021 12:42:42
Since lennon left and still no coach. I’m still thinking the board were waiting and hoping Kennedy done ok so they could have gave him the coach role, but that ship now has sailed.

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03 May 2021 13:00:11
It would not surprise me in the slightest. If it was the case then they should realise by now that it won't fly with the fans and they better get the finger out and get someone in ASAP.

03 May 2021 13:45:09
Still think Eddie Howe is on his way.

03 May 2021 15:12:14
@Pedro, if he is on his way, he obviously took a wrong turn somewhere as I think he got lost :P.

03 May 2021 15:30:59
Reading the sevco posts from last year and further when they were losing it read the same for them.
So which is it naw?
Are they biased against both?
I think not they are just poor.
I do believe there was bias in the past but just cannot believe it these days.
Its really down to which team loses and that's the truth of it really.
If u win u don't care about the odd bad decision.

03 May 2021 16:22:00
@Rayman, I challenge you to name a referee in Scotland that supported Celtic and was able to request that they get to officiate a Celtic match at Parkhead?

I challenge you to name a head of refereeing who got caught sending anti-protestant emails to his peers at work.

I challenge you to name a Celtic supporting referee who after officiating a Celtic v Rangers match and giving everything in favour of their own team was later in a well known Celtic pub celebrating.

I challenge you to name an instance were Rangers were competing for the league and it hinged on the last game of the season and at the last minute the SFA swapped the referee of their opponents match to a ref who supported the team they were competing against?

I challenge you to name a referee who got caught lieing to the Rangers manager about a dodgy incident in the match and was helped by the head of refereeing to change their match report.

I look forward to your answers.

03 May 2021 16:57:26
NOA, don’t seriously think Celtic alone could change this mate? You suggested Celtic bring in this independent ex ref etc etc and I agree it sounds perfect, but where do u stop? Firstly do I think the SFA would allow it never mind sit down and read this guys faults on an SFA ref? Secondly say Celtic did do this, then rangers done it etc etc, what I’d say during a clash like yesterday’s for instance this Celtic employee finds fault in something he highlights it, what if the rangers employee says well that’s no right i don’t agree. or vice versus? How do we sort a situation like that out?

03 May 2021 17:23:48
NAW I’m old enough to remember these instances,1965 league cup final Celtic were awarded two penalties by Hugh Phillips, Jim Callaghan never sent off John Hughes, Kevin O’Donnell allowed a late Celtic winner v Hearts none of them refereed again the three of them were of the Catholic faith.

03 May 2021 20:07:51
Thanks for that @Oldkilly, there are some examples of the opposite happening, which again highlights the in-group bias I mentioned in the above post. The difference is, these refs had their career finished as a result.

@Gerryc1977 - Who knows if one team can make a difference. What I do know is if we do nothing, then nothing will change and for that reason I would at least like to try.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying that referees should be berated for making a mistake as mistakes will happen. What I am talking about is establishing a pattern. If the referee is just incompetent or gives lots of yellow cards or red cards, then you would expect to see the same pattern when they referee other teams. If that is not happening, then it could well show bias.

A one of incident proves nothing, you need to establish patterns to show connections between events.

03 May 2021 21:15:09
NAW, so are the refs biased against partick thistle too?
They score a genuine goal last season and ref plays on.
Every team out there can give u specifics on how their team got unjust decisions.
Its wasted energy mate, i feel your pain but the problem isn't them.
Remember what Stein said.
We need to solve our own problemsnot focus on things we cannot control.

03 May 2021 21:20:36
NAW, Och give us peace!

03 May 2021 21:47:26
@rayman if you don't want to answer the questions I posed to you then I will assume that is because you can't, which I already knew.

You are talking about something completely different from what I am talking about.

Yes referees will make mistakes as they are only human, this will never change.

However, as I pointed out there is more at play than getting decisions wrong.

We have a disproportionate number of refs who support Rangers and come from Glasgow or North Lanarkshire. Why is that? This is a major issue when you factor in in-group bias.

We have had incidents were the head of referees was sacked for sending emails containing anti-catholic content. This suggests that he felt safe to do so and there are others withing the organisation who share similar views.

We have incidents of a referee going out to celebrate in a Rangers pub after he officiated a Celtic v Rangers match earlier that day, a game in which he let Rangers players foul our players repeatedly with no consequence.

We have ex referees coming out and claiming they had their progress halted because of the team they supported or not being a freemason.

We have had incidents of the referee and head of refereeing lieing to the Celtic manager and changing their match report, which resulted in them having to leave their job.

We have had incidents were the match official was changed at the last minute with no reason given and the replacement ref was officiating a game involving the team he supported, which was playing in a match that decided if the title went to Tynecastle or Celtic Park.

So don't give me this crap that all teams complain about refs as that is not the same thing.

04 May 2021 06:18:35
NAW, you’ve thrown up instances that are factually correct, I can’t argue with that nor would I, my problem with this debate is this. Yes in an ideal world it would be different the proportion of refs supporting clubs would be more even, but my big problem with it all is as u say it’s been this way for years and yes while once we did get foreign refs when ours went on strike but ultimately did it change anything? No, it’s back to the old status quo. To go down the road you suggest it will take the majority of clubs to come forward with a complaint, not just Celtic and I feel this just wrong not happen or it would be done by now. But hey ho, I’m all for challenging the establishment, if Celtic as a club feel as strongly in this as you do yourself and same as others why don’t they try do something about it mate? My problem with this is the timing. We’ve just went through one of the most successful periods in the club’s history, if Celtic for instance was going to challenge the authorities on referees etc, Id rather we’d done it while we were riding high, not when we’ve just had an absolutely humiliating season by our own high standards. To kick up a shot storm now about refs etc ( and I’m not denying anything u say) it looks like. “ there’s Celtic for yae, lose the 10 and start looking to blame everyone else bar themselves “. I get what you say about it going on for years etc, but it’s the timing of this that doesn’t sit well . First and foremost like I say we want to concentrate on getting our own house in order, we’re a shambles right now and for me that’s were our energy and priority should lie just now mate.

04 May 2021 11:13:14
Where was this post last year NAW when we were winning?



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