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03 May 2021 08:34:27
if what i have seen is true about the sending of with the rules stating if he plays advantage the yellow is not allowed to be shown the ref went against the rules to send our player of it must be called out and asked why did he go against the rules to send our player off a sending of that changed the game. we were beat fair and square in playing terms but the sending of sent them on there way.

{Ed001's Note - there is no rule about not showing a yellow if advantage is played. Referees often go back to book players after playing advantage following a foul. The only time it is forbidden is if the player is Fernandinho, in which case he is only to be booked if he decapitates someone or it is past the 90th minute of the match and it is his 100th bookable offence.}

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03 May 2021 08:59:51
United ireland, for me mcgregor himself gave the red a decision to make. A player of his experience, only been booked 2 mins previously should know better than to dive into that challenge. We could argue the toss all day on wether we felt his first yellow was a yellow, bottom line is the ref made his decision. For Kennedy to come out after that performance, coupled with our performances all season and since he took over lennon is just deflection tactics fae the dross served up all season.

03 May 2021 09:00:26
that's not what im seeing ed001 rule change last year if he allows the advantage for a goal scoring opportunity he can't go back to book just what I'm seeing mate.

you seem to not like fernandinho mate does he get away with a lot of bookings i know a player who got away with 3 red cards in one match i feel your pain.

{Ed001's Note - the change in the rulebook states: • Any offence (not only a foul) which ‘interferes with or stops a promising attack’ should result in a YC. That is a direct quote from the lawbook. Nothing about not being able to go back if he allows advantage for a goalscoring opportunity in the changes listed.

This is a link to the page so you can download a copy of the laws of the game and a pdf of the changes and clarifications for this year so you can check in case I have missed something.

As for Fernandinho, it has been a running joke on the editors widget for years about what exactly he would have to do to get booked. If he had done the challenge De Jong made on Xabi Alonso in the World Cup final a few years ago, he wouldn't have even got booked. I have never seen the like of it. I though Paul Scholes had some kind of special immunity, but even he must be in awe of Fernandinho's ability to avoid cards.}

03 May 2021 09:17:03
Refs first Glasgow Derby. Cal-Mac first yellow was soft but ref had set his stall out booking the zombie early on.
Truth is we could have had a extra player yesterday and still got beat. No heart, No desire and No fight. HH.

03 May 2021 09:29:42
had a look at that link mate. here is the rule

If the referee plays advantage or allows a ‘quick’ free kick for an offence which ‘interfered with or stopped a promising attack’, the YC is not issued.

so he went against the rules and issued the yellow card he allowed the advantage after McGregor made the tackle that interfered with a promising attack so there for he should not have shown the yellow card he broke the rules to send our player off. im no arguing with you here mate in case my post is coming across like that.

{Ed001's Note - would that not be before the change I posted up came into effect for this season? That's fine, the laws change constantly and it is a pain in the arse trying to keep up with them and I am finding after over 20 years doing this I get mixed up over which is the correct interpretation and which isn't. I don't know why they keep messing with the laws so much. They should be simple and easy for everyone to understand. If a foul should get a yellow card or red card, then give one, regardless of what happens afterwards with regards to shots/goals/penalties etc.}

03 May 2021 09:45:20
that was from the link you posted that was the new rules for this year. no worries mate im not trying to catch you out or anything was just pointing out that the ref broke the rule to send our player of and it should be called out and he should be asked why did he show the yellow when the rules state he was not allowed to after allowing the advantage he is a ref and knows the rule he clearly broke them to send us down to 10 man and gave the rangers a huge advantage but we never get answers mate we are just called conspiracy theorist when he clearly broke the rules to punish us.

{Ed001's Note - you are right I missed that beneath it. I wonder why they brought that in? And could it be he just forgot? For years they have been taught to play advantage and then go back and card players, in fact I have seen it done numerous times this season alone. It could simply be refs forget in the heat of the moment after years of following a law as it was. They do make a lot of mistakes, it is just that in English football the PGMOL will then come out with a new 'interpretation' of the rules to pretend it wasn't a mistake. Which they then have to 're-interpret' again later when a ref does it a different way! Referees are a law unto themselves.}

03 May 2021 09:46:56
garry the ref went against the rules to send McGregor off but we have to ignore it because we got beat it was that sending of that led to that defeat.

03 May 2021 10:01:28
it could be mate but but a lot of these honest mistakes favour a certain club. we had the head of the refs in this country with anti catholic emails we had members of the sfa hold back our players registration so he could not play against rangers which was took to task and proven. if your were a Celtic fan and seen the complete bias against us and the racism allowed towards us then you would understand mate how we go on about decisions like the one made yesterday we know it was not a honest mistake.

our manager was attacked in a stadium with 20 thousand fans watching and the match live on tv to the nation yet the man was found not proven how can that be not proven there is video evidence and countless witness the hatred for us runs deeper than football in this country.

03 May 2021 10:05:58
It should be over turned as the ref messed up. However, I hope it stands so he does not play again this season as he has been gash.

03 May 2021 10:13:11
United ireland, as Ed says himself the rules are continually changed therefor it throws up confusion. Now if as u suggest he did in fact make a mistake I’m sure Celtic as a club will ask for an explanation as to why the second yellow was shown. My point remains though, mcgregor was booked 2 mins before, surely a player of his experience, coupled with the fact the referee has no prior experience in this fixture and had already issued early yellow cards why go in for that second challenge? I’m sure in the cold light of day even mcgregor would admit he should’ve pulled out. To say the red card cost us the game? I’m no so sure about that mate. Yes it certainly hindered us there’s no denying that, but come on, we’ve been woeful this season, we’ve played rangers 5 times this season, yet failed in every single game to defeat them. There’s been games we’ve by far had the best chances and fail each time to convert them. Why instead of looking to blame the ref, why no look at the goals conceded again? First goal maybe bit of luck, second goal big ajer 💩 his pants and ducks fae the shot, thought Bain could’ve done better aswell, 3rd goal roofe lays ball off to the wing runs into the box, no one follows cross in free header, 4th goal a pensioner leaves young welsh for dead on the turn. let’s be honest, the goals we’re losing, not just yesterday are criminal.

03 May 2021 10:25:51
what difference does it make over turning it the damage is done he should not have been sent off. he went against the rules to punish us and weaken our team.

03 May 2021 10:49:48
I’m no interested in it being overturned or not. I’m more interes In the bigger picture. We’ve been woeful this season that’s fact. We can greet awe Sadat long about red cards yellow cards penalties etc etc awe throughout the season, the bottom line is the players chucked it early doors this season, in fact I don’t even think they started. Folk want to blame this that or the next, bottom line is the players haven’t performed it’s that simple. And havin my watched it till lennon left, Kennedy came in and continues the trend. Why no play ajeti, barkas, soro dembele etc since he took over and drop yer browns, edouards etc. try something different. Aye it might nonhave worked but could anyone have blamed him if he’d tried?

03 May 2021 10:49:54
gary having that mentality allows it to go on. yes we have been gash this season. and how do you know the red did not contribute to the result. he wrongfully sent our player off when the rules state he was not allowed to.

he played the advantage rangers scored then game just continues if he stopped the game to book McGregor then he gives free kick and it would have still been 0-0. so with that incident we should have been 1-0 down or a man down not both to send McGregor off after they score gives us a uphill battle 20 odd mins into the match. not challenging it and allowing it is just stupid all because we got beat you challenge it in victory or defeat he broke a rule to send our player of it was not just a harsh booking for a red card it was breaking a rule to send our player of after he allowed it to continue were they scored.

03 May 2021 10:51:34
@UI - I don't believe I disputed that, although the damage was done long before the ref sent him off. In my opinion the damage was done when Kennedy played him as he has been gash. McGregor, Kenny, Brown and Edouard should not have been anywhere near the team yesterday. I would not even have had them on the bench.

03 May 2021 11:10:47
youse are totaly missing the point it should be called out he broke a rule and they should explain why they broke the rule. Celtic fans are always shouting about challenging this stuff yet because we got beat its just to be ignored. after they scored we went up the park and scored we should have had 11 men on the field after we scored not 10 a man being sent of effects our game massively and helps the opponent. do you honestly think he made a mistake.

03 May 2021 11:27:06
UI, if this red card was indeed judged wrongly by the ref, I fully expect Celtic as the club, the head of the referees or someone who knows the exact interpretation of the rule to come out and say it was wrong. I’m no going to contradict what you say regarding the issue as I don’t know the exact rule jut like ED was confused by the change in the rule aswell, but as I say if the powers at Celtic etc believe as you do that it wasn’t a red and the sending off was wrong then I fully expect to hear about it. U say having that mentality allows it to continue regarding trying other players or formation etc, it’s been continuing all season mate, how many good games have You witnessed this season from brown, edouard, mcgregor, Bain, etc etc? So your telling me that the team has been playing that well that the likes of soro, dembele, ajeti even barkas can’t get a shot?

03 May 2021 11:27:26
I agree with all of that UI, although I think the outcome would have been the same if if had not happened.

But, yes the referee needs reprimanded for not knowing the laws of the game. We need a big apology for what happened and the red card needs overturned.

The fact I don't care that much is just a sign of how deflated I feel with each passing week of this crap show.

03 May 2021 12:05:22
garry it was to that mentality to people just shrugging it of because we got beat. as in it should be challenged in victory or defeat as he went against a rule to send our player off to shrug it off allows it to go on.

naw. that's the thing mate the damage has been done regardless if its overturned or not it weakened our squad and allowed them to go on and win a match they might not have win if we still had 11 men on the field. and allows them to go on for a league season undefeated and will allow them to claim a achievement that might not have happened if the ref had not broken a rule to weaken our squad. just like there allowed to claim history that died with the old club a history that was gained through cheating also when we sit back and allow it it will only allow more injustices against us. just because we suffered a heavy score line it should not be ignored and we should demand answers to a decision that contributed massively to the score line. it was not just that it was a soft booking he went against the rules to book him that sent him off the field after using that rule which allowed them to score so the rule was used in there favour which got them there goal then broken to weaken our squad.



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