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13 Apr 2021 20:59:03
The video going around now of lennon, is quite sad really. He looks like he’s struggling and needs help, he was coming apart all season . He seemed to have little or no help from anyone at Celtic, be it staff or boardroom. He should have been taken out of the limelight much earlier. Everyone knows he struggles with mental issues and it’s a shame to see it.

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13 Apr 2021 21:31:14
What video Quinn?

{Ed007's Note - I'm not putting a link up mate - I was in two minds whether to post Quinn's post - but there's a couple of videos on social media with Lennon looking.... worse for wear with the bevvy we'll go for.
No offence Quinn btw 👍

13 Apr 2021 21:33:22
Rally sad to see. I know there’s some people who weren’t his biggest fan but to see Lenny tonight was a sad moment especially with the mental health issues he’s suffered. GBNL 🍀💚.

13 Apr 2021 21:37:39
I questioned whether that was a major reason for this years downfall n post didn't see light of day. I also haven't seen video n to be honest not sure I want to.

13 Apr 2021 21:43:16
None taken Ed, just a shame to see him like that.

{Ed007's Note - Definitely Quinny and you know I'm not Lennon's biggest fan.}

13 Apr 2021 22:05:27

You did the right thing it’s a fine line.

Spot on.

Good you posted Quinn’s post which makes us aware there is an issue. I can’t be the only one that doesn’t buy papers watch tv or use social media so wouldn’t have known. But also good you didn’t post a link to video. I personally don’t need or want to see it I get the picture.

There will be enough enemies and perfect people queuing up for the circus. This world isn’t big on empathy or understanding. I always wonder where these people that have never made a mistake come from when somebody is down on their luck. People that matter don’t judge and people that judge don’t matter.

But the awareness means Neil will be in my prayers tonight and I’m sure I’ll not be alone.

13 Apr 2021 22:12:39
It’s a shame to see him in that state.

To be fair that clips should never have been made public.

Hail Hail🍀🍀.

13 Apr 2021 22:18:52
I'd rather not watch the videos but I get the jist. It's not nice to see anybody having a hard time and hopefully it's just a blip. I wanted him sacked and made that quite clear for a while but would never hold any personal ill will for him in his personal life.

13 Apr 2021 23:07:25
I was gutted when I saw this video. The man is in serious struggle with his mental health. So sad to see Lennon like this. Hope you get the help you need.
Hail Hail Neil Lennon ☘🙏.

13 Apr 2021 23:23:45
At the end of the day, it's just a drunk guy needing a help home. Probably not in a good place after losing his job. But we have all been there. there's no point putting the video up. It's the equivalent of your mates filming you pished. I know a few rangers fans condemning it too. It's just life.

13 Apr 2021 22:29:22
It's really sad 😥 to see this.

13 Apr 2021 22:34:07
As others have said very sad to see Lenny like that and hope he gets the support he needs. 🍀

I just don’t get the poisonous mindset of the person that 1. films that and 2. Thinks it’s clever to post it online. Unfortunately, it’s the world we live in now.

13 Apr 2021 23:41:07
Was a tough watch. Hope he gets the help he needs the comments from sevco fans are embarrassing imagine if it was gascoigne.

13 Apr 2021 23:44:07
I don’t think people really understand until they go thru this. I had a period of depression couple of years back, was always the type to say that “it’s life, get on with it”, had a good job etc, why would I b depressed?!?
I’ve since “recovered” but think I’ve changed as a person n will never b the same, last year didn’t help, had serious health issues, had a toe amputation, lost my job of 31 years. What I’m trying to say is u just don’t know what’s around the corner n everyone needs help at some point. Sometimes the easiest n difficult thing is to ask the question how ure getting on to a friend/ colleague etc.

14 Apr 2021 08:38:30
I am torn re the NL vid. Guys, I have had my struggles in the past year. Honest. I think we're going a bit overboard here. Yes, the man has issues, but is allowed to get drunk like anyone else! I've been steamin' in an airport before. I am in no way playing this down. just cut the guy some slack. HH!

14 Apr 2021 08:54:32

Thanks very much for your post.

I’m glad to hear you’re doing better and getting there.

I’ve said one for you this morning.

I hope you have a good day my friend.

God Bless.


14 Apr 2021 08:55:31
Am I the only one that thinks this video is being taken out of contexts and people are maybe looking for stuff that might not be there.

How many of us have been in that state before?
My last bender I spent 5 hours on the bathroom floor.

If he is struggling I hope the people around him are looking after him but to me it just looks like a gut that's went over board because the pubs have just reopened.

14 Apr 2021 09:30:33
Whilst it does indeed it looks like Neil Lennon has consumed alcohol, he looks a broken man, depression is a horrendous invisible sickness that only the person suffering can understand, not sleeping, eating, can’t focus, paranoid I could go on, no one person knows what’s going through another persons mind, the euphoric feelings have gone and loneliness and despair prevails, I myself have lived with this most cruel sickness in denial myself thinking tomorrow will get better thinking MAN UP! I sincerely hope Neil Lennon asks for help as should anyone reading this who feels this way, talk to someone I have recently no one knew, it is something you can get help from , just talk bhoys, ask you’re mates, you’re family, work colleagues it’s invisible

14 Apr 2021 10:05:56
Lads just a question on the video. Are pub not still closed in the UK? Secondly how many of us who do drink have not had a time where we have had a few too many. The biggest problem l have is the idiot who thinks it ok to take the video and then post it. What a walker that person is.

18 Apr 2021 10:14:05
Ed007 wel done on showing discretion and privacy to Neil re the video I didn’t know about it and I don’t want to see it. . we’ve all been there and you’ve did well.

{Ed007's Note - 👍



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