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07 Apr 2021 21:43:35
What’s book holders opinion on the drive by Celtic trust and Celtic shared for the club to issue shares in return for “no added value” this season.

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08 Apr 2021 00:01:02
Whats the point in diluting the value of current shares. We don't want the club turning our shares into Junk bonds. Rangers seem happy to clear their debts through shares no value in it for the club or the fans.

08 Apr 2021 00:17:29
What are they Welshy?, I'm. bot a ticket holder but intrigued.

08 Apr 2021 08:06:40
A few 100,000 thousand shares won't affect much. Supporters need hard cash to make a big difference.
Has to be a system where supporters can pay monthly amount until enough is raised to purchase large chunks of sharers.
Is there a appetite for it? Going by the board apologists on this forum im not sure.

08 Apr 2021 12:26:15
As letthepeoplesing said all that would do is devalue the present shares and devalue the club as a company.

08 Apr 2021 12:56:26
I’m so angry with how the club have handled this season that I want my money back, not a share slip that’s worthless but can be framed on the wall.
I don’t think PL wanted the ten as it might devalue the competition when it comes to tv and sponsorship. His actions certainly seem that way.

08 Apr 2021 15:00:54
No apologies for the board from me What's your plan Auf1888 go down the Barcelona route great having 140000 members with a vote that's wortless billions of euros in debt players picking the team and the manager.

We could get wee Sturgeon as our president wee red Capo. 😡 Celtic are in good financial footing compared to other global brands at the moment football will change in the next few years as a lot of smaller clubs will struggle leagues will change I'm sure our clubs structure will safeguard any financial issues others will have.

08 Apr 2021 16:43:50
What are you going on about. Fergus built stadium and put plans in place that no one person would be able to ride rough shot over the club. Desmond makes all the decisions, doesn't turn up to AGM or even games.
If your happy with the way thinks get run fair enough. Who mentioned going billions in debt. What are you going on about billions in debt,140,000 owners what's Barcelona got to do with Celtic.
Fans can own a club it doesn't mean you borrow billions. Im lost at your point. Think you just wanted have a go at me. Which is fair enough. I will debate my point of view. I think the board have lost focus and its immaterial what has happened in the past. We are at a crossroad and they need to step up and solve the issues facing us.

08 Apr 2021 20:04:57
We have a board of directors at the moment who've seen us through one of the most successful periods in our history. I feel as many that their time has come and gone it wasn't perfect but 4 trebles no debt and a real shame we ever won the 10.

I remember Fergus when building the stadium there were complainants with TV signals opposing planning permission. The wee man said he would provide new TVs for anyone that had an issue providing they had their upto date TV license typical Fergus he was geered out the door with his all the thin dimes he definitely earned. 😇.

09 Apr 2021 07:08:43
Im glad your happy with the board.



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