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08 Mar 2021 14:32:51
In light of the C.V. and the reaction of that lot across the city after securing the league title
I believe the football authorities should cancel the remaining Celtic v sevco games and either declare them null and void or 0-0 draws.
We have already seen what happened the last few days and we really don't need OUR supporters getting involved which I believe would happen.
Any thoughts?

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08 Mar 2021 15:10:45
The Scottish Football Authorities can’t be trusted to do anything properly.
We are still waiting on them implementing their own rules that Rangers broke from 1999,for a full decade.
But that would mean they would be forced to strip 5 titles and 15 or 16 honours altogether. So that’s been well swept under the carpet.
As of yet the SPFL or the SFA have not made any statements about the behaviour of the Sevco manager, staff or players, for breaking protocols set by the Scot. Gov to allow football to be played in this country.
The SFA have still to make a statement about the second party from the Sevco 5-a-side team last month.
They will continue to do, what they’re being allowed to do. Fact.

08 Mar 2021 15:16:15
Tiny Tim

Not a bad proposal. It would definitely avoid confrontation which we could all do without under the current climate.

08 Mar 2021 15:33:43
Sly won't allow it we have a contract to fulfill.

08 Mar 2021 15:38:16
Tiny Tim I was saying the same to my brother the other day that they will converge on Celtic Park next week and a certain element of our own support will be there and all hell will break loose please don’t take the bait leave the to their own devices.

08 Mar 2021 16:46:33
Can the powers at be be trusted to keep them away 🤔.

08 Mar 2021 18:01:00
Apart from the contractual obligation to SLY, I have no trust in the Scottish Govt or Police Scotland regarding anything Sevco related.

08 Mar 2021 18:14:19
Welshy it's their responsibility not celtic or our fans for this . if the don't announce plans during the week to block them or allow them to invade Celtic park . we should stand back let them . and then vocally and graphically show the world the true nature of Scotland .

08 Mar 2021 19:07:54
Deep river bhoy, I’m more concerned that the moronic element in our support turn up. If the zombie squad show up and make an arse of themselves again so be it, as long as our fans don’t give them any ammunition to throw back.

{Ed007's Note - So just stand back and let them run amok, vandalising the area and the statues on The Celtic Way etc? It's our home ground and they have no business being there so if the police aren't going to do their job anyone that turns up to protect the Club's property will 100% be in the right.
Why are you worrying about giving them or anyone else ammunition? If you don't listen to them you won't hear what they're saying.}

08 Mar 2021 19:08:15
Tiny Tim

Good shout.

The game against them isn’t worth the hassle or the potential for confrontation.

Null and void or award it to Celtic for their behaviour.

Apart from breaching current protocols with the apparent approval of the club they were knocking six shades of shining bright out of each other in Glasgow last night.

{Ed007's Note - Why call off a game because one set of fans can't behave themselves or act like normal adult human beings? If the police and government done their job there wouldn't be any problems.}

08 Mar 2021 20:03:20
Bang on ed not a chance can we stand by and let the mutants run amok while we sit at hime saying oh look at what they’ve done now. And while I’m at it this moronic element what’s that all about the same moronic element who want to stand up for the club support the club. The same moronic element that when it suits certain people’s agendas get applauded for certain actions and vilified for others. Off the soapbox bhoys if the authorities do their job there be nothing to see but if they don’t I suppose it’ll be that moronic element of ours again in the papers eh.

{Ed007's Note - Pooooooottttinnnn 🥉


08 Mar 2021 19:44:18
Ed it’s actually worrying they seem to be a law unto themselves. The Celtic shop in Argyle Street was vandalised last night and the club has rightly asked that our property be protected. There is no evidence the authorities either have the will or the ability to do that particularly when you see photographs of their fans cuddling police and wantonly flouting restrictions with no repercussions.

If Police Scotland cannot protect the Celtic fans that will undoubtedly be there and our property allegedly because they have not been prioritised for vax the Government should acknowledge that and award the game to Celtic.

The scenes last night were worthy of the PSNI in East Belfast two weeks ago facilitating a loyalist show of strength. The game against them is potentially a recipe for disaster even during lockdown which is to the shame of the powers that be. I don’t want to see Celtic fans hurt or the stadium or statues damaged by their moronic hordes.

{Ed007's Note - The Scottish police were a disgrace and showed themselves up yet again to be nothing but bigoted $hitebahs again. The SNP have scored a massive own goal with their pandering once again to The Klan.}

08 Mar 2021 20:18:20
Exactly Ed007, I'm still astonished that Glasgow's finest gave them an escort from Greyskull to George Square.

{Ed007's Note - I'm not surprise at all. Anyone that's been involved with supporteer clubs or in bands etc know exactly how Police Scotland operate and have done for years.}

08 Mar 2021 21:08:40
Ed I’m a nationalist but the government has indeed scored an own goal. I said the same thing weeks back. There is no logic to that as SNP votes are few and far between among the Govan hordes. John Swinney has tonight condemned the new clubs silence and lack of leadership. He stated that the scenes were an absolute disgrace and undermined progress against the C.V. Fans have also been condemned in Corby and the Shankhill Road, Belfast.

Police Scotland behaved as I said like the PSNI did a few weeks back in East Belfast. It looked to me like they were a law unto themselves whether to make a point about not being prioritised for the jag who knows or showing themselves for bigots or both. As I said it’s seriously worrying. Not the h**s behaviour. Police Scotland’s behaviour. I’d be genuinely concerned for our fans that are there for the game against them at Celtic Park.

{Ed007's Note - I'm 100% confident that TRIFK fans will have respect for any of our moronic element who turn up to protect our statues 😁 Surely we all agree that statues need protected!
Seriously though this has been a massive own-goal by Sturgeon's SNP (and Police Scotland) and could be even worse for them with an election coming up. I have spoken to one MSP via e-mail today and they have assured me that there is a lot of them not happy with the government's response.

09 Mar 2021 00:53:09
Fck that I'd rather we played them and pumped them, no one else looks like beating them this season so let's put a marker down and show them they aren't that good of a team. At least salvage some pride and take their invincible opportunity away.

09 Mar 2021 11:18:09
Ed et al
I do get the point but in fairness, we are still in a C.V. and people are dying, loved ones lost etc.
The NHS has done an admiral job and we are looking at easing of restrictions.
Last thing we need is a few thousand (and I have no doubt it would be) idiots (cant call them supporters, real supporters will not gather) getting together, rioting etc. etc.
No doubt some of them will have the C.V. and it won't take long before it spreads through families friends and associates
Merr bluddy lockdowns!
For a game of football which really only has pride at stake.
Or is a media contract, pride, and a few votes more important than people's lives.
(lets also look at Clubs reputation, possible damaged done to the upcoming International Tournament (*which is already under review thanks to C.V. and supporters attendance)
It's not necessary to play the games so why risk it?

{Ed007's Note - So you'd rather our reputation was as a bunch of wet wipes that failed to turn up to make sure our stadium and surrounding area doesn't end up like George Square did at the weekend because we can't trust the police do their job properly?
As I've said I couldn't care less what outsiders say about us but you can't go about cancelling games in case there's going to problems for the authorities to deal with.}

09 Mar 2021 11:21:47
Anyway, I have given my opinion.
I have also contacted First Minister, SFA, Celtic, sevco (aka the rangers) and SPFL expressing my concern.
I want to get back to the pub, go out to eat, attend football and watch Celtic live.
I don't want all that delayed because of a bunch of mindless morons.

09 Mar 2021 11:23:43
We need to beat them to stop them equalling our undefeated league season. Some kind of small consolation I suppose.

09 Mar 2021 11:27:19
Total rubbish baggery that is. Null and void nothing, let's try and regain some pride and if we bump into any sevconians then so be it.



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