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27 Feb 2021 10:27:24
Lads was thinking about the new manager situation.
I don't follow English football And when Rodgers came in I'd never heard of him and if he had actually won or done nything.
When Lenny came back i thought be gd to Finnish the rest of Rodgers season when he left.
I also thought we would have a replacement manager for Lenny and Lenny could have left like a super hero. But I support Celtic so we go with it.
My point is I supported Lenny how can it go so bad so quickly all that in house stuff and secrets etc is pathetic grown men and all that. The bitching was unbelievable do some of these players forget who pays there wages.
Today against the Dons If we see a huge difference today in about 5 celtic players I won't mention them, then we wil know. My opinion is for them allegedly downing tools they can GTF.
We could all see something was wrong at Xmas then it all crashed Lenny said BACK then he would leave if he thought he was not the right man.
So I judged him on his confidence or arrogance, I'm starting to think HIS arrogance the sneering and bad attitude in the live interviews. You could see something was off.
Now this did not just happen it was accumulating and accelerating fast. There was nothing to worry about at Xmas Lenny should have left then I think the changes could all have been made and we would not be in this situation then boom why did Lenny not hand in notice when it got to much for him as that decision was not for the love of the club that he stayed.

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27 Feb 2021 11:21:19
Let me ask you this Andy, if you were doing your dream job would you just leave, especially if you had no other job to leave to?

Lennon was never going to leave and I am sure that he tried his best and never gave up while he was there.

At the end of the day, this decision was the boards to make and they made it far too late.

This downward trend was visible at the start of the season and gradually got worse. There was the occasional upturn but the overall trend was a decline. At the start of the season I attributed it to a dip in form and fully expected things to change due to the quality of our squad. However, that kickstart never happened.

The board should have acted in December when they gap would have been easy to close and should have been done before the Rangers game. This would hopefully have kickstarted our season, gave the new manager time to assess the squad and try and strengthen the key areas in January. Why that did not happen, only the board know but they dropped the ball on this, big time. This in my opinion is unforgiveable and I suspect many of our support will not forget this neglegance.

27 Feb 2021 11:33:56
A lot of good points and questions Andy in your post.

The truth is we'll never really know what went on in the background this at the start of this season but a culmination of several factors sunk our ship before it even the the dock.

* NL was a downgrade on BR - modern day biscuit tin mentality by PL
* Key 1st team players wanted transferred last Summer and never got away
* These same players downed tools and no doubt that negativity went through the dressing room like a cancer
* Poor transfers were made during the transfer window
* Players bought in the transfer window who proved, when it was too late that they could do a job, weren't played
* Form went out the window
* Poor team selections/ tactics/ formations
* Defence was non existent
* Add in Dubai and impact of C.V. and it's the perfect storm.

But if I were to pinpoint one key decision went a very long way to deciding how we were going to prepare for and perform this season it would be;-

(1) the board, by not having a quality manager and coaching staff ready to come in at the end of last season to replace NL, caused a domino effect that ripped the arse out of the entire season and ensured we were at a disadvantage before the first ball was kicked. IMHO.

27 Feb 2021 11:55:05
LAW, to be fair your question is not comparing like for like.

If you asked me, as a Celtic supporter, if I were a millionaire former player getting paid a small fortune to manage the Club I loved amd despite every best effort failed to the extent that even my friends and former teammates said that by not resigning I was hurting the very Club I loved, yes, I would resign.

Why, because I love the Club, I love my family, I'm not greedy and also continuing with the level of criticism, day in day out, would not help my own mental well being.

I'd also like to think that by doing this, for the reasons stated, any reasonable Celtic supporter would understand and respect my position.

27 Feb 2021 12:44:12
Fair views lads. Cheers for input.

Is anyone getting excited about what Kennedy can do or change. He's workef under a few winning manager surely he must have thought I could be a winner at this. Maybe he could do it better. Think my heart is ruling head today. 🙃🤣.

27 Feb 2021 13:03:53
Am not excited Andy can't wait for season to be over . only comfort is the new club can't celebrate the way they would like, sad yep guilty as charged and they would be the same.

27 Feb 2021 13:09:45
@Pedro - Fair enough Lennon's circumstance may be different from ours. However, it is still his dream job and I am sure he felt he could turn it around and tried his best to do that.

Also, we do not know his financial situation or what else was happening behind the scenes.

Personally I don't think Lennon done anything wrong by not resigning sooner (I also doubt he resigned at all) and it is hard to judge if we would have done the same if we were in his shoes.

Perhaps in the future details of what happened behind the scenes will emerge and we will have a better understanding of his rationale.

All that being said, do you not think it was the board who should have acted sooner?

27 Feb 2021 13:10:31
LaW, Lennon was already a multimillionaire thanks to football and Celtic. Having no job to go to isn’t a good argument here. I’ll accept the dream job part, but surely he could see it wasn’t working, and if he cared about Celtic as much as he says, then walking away is for the good of the club. If I’m in his position (millionaire) after the 2 in 12 slump, I genuinely believe I’d consider the damage I was doing to the club and the fans if I let going. It seems clear he’d lost the dressing room, and I can’t he how that cane ever be fixed without wholesale player changes.

27 Feb 2021 13:12:39
IMO Lennon should have gone after the first the rangers game, but the board should have definitely pulled the trigger after losing 4-1 at home to Prague.

27 Feb 2021 13:25:43
How on earth have you not heard of Brendan Rodgers. Fitness? Give me a break. .

27 Feb 2021 13:26:52
Thats thd issue with Scottish football. Very blinkrred.

27 Feb 2021 14:15:33
@Aussie ray
I really only follow Celtic don't really care for the rest.
Rodgers was never in the bookies list till the last min when they stopped taking bets.
The sports I follow you would not know any of them but these guys earn 10 times more than any footballer that's why. You asked me to give you a break which part do you want me to break 🤣.

27 Feb 2021 15:37:21
LAW, we're on the same page. Three things that should have happened;-

* PL should never have offered NL the job in the showers
* The board should have come to an agreement for NL to leave on the back of Europa pumpings from Prague
* NL should have walked far earlier than he did.



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