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22 Feb 2021 14:03:06
Shane Duffy is been targeted by the rangers supporters on Twitter calling him a fenian B*******. Also saying sick things about his late father. I'm sorry now but there's now need for this crap. The police in Scotland should be investigating this sectarian abuse of players. Pure scum.

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22 Feb 2021 14:26:20
Its probably a few young policemen doing the tweets!

22 Feb 2021 14:49:21
Paul welcome to the West of Scotland. Where Shane Duffy is from like us he’s seen and heard it all before. I’m sure some of the abuse he’s had from some of our so called own has hurt him more. That’s certainly how I would feel. What they say or do is of no interest to me although I’d wear what the called him like a badge of honour.

As they say if Coco the Clown calls you an idiot does it matter?

22 Feb 2021 15:00:12
Very true JFP.

22 Feb 2021 15:09:16
I've said for ages that Sectarianism is as important as Black Lives Matter, Rainbow laces, Zero Tolerance issues, campaigns against anti-semitism, Islamophobia and every other hate-crime; but this country has an aversion; because it is steeped in Sectarianism itself.

22 Feb 2021 15:57:18
The establishment in our small minded nation, built on the Kirk and its teachings, are not interested as by and large it doesn't affect them.

They're still happy to take our votes though.

22 Feb 2021 16:25:30
If only there was something that could make it illegal to discuss anything that can remotely be linked to hate crime. Oh wait religion is still fair game. Ah well bash on. They may take our freedom of speech but they will never take our sectarianism!

Humza will make it illegal to talk in your own home while bashing of religion is fair game.

22 Feb 2021 16:47:06
spot on JFP i certainly wear it like a badge of honour. only if they knew there ancestors were just like us before it was forced out them.

22 Feb 2021 17:12:50
United Ireland indeed they were Scotland’s history is a Catholic history but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the school curriculum. Unfortunately the victor writes the history books. I remember as a laddie standing outside the Orange Hall in the village I came from waiting on the bus it was what they referred to as an all blue night before the orange walk. I know colour co-ordination has never been their strong point.

They’d a singer up singing the massacre of Glencoe. A massacre ordered by William of Orange against Catholic clan McDonald for not swearing allegiance to the king. I was thinking the last time I was in Rome how they would get their head round Bonnie Prince Charlie being buried in the Vatican. An education would be a shock to their system.

22 Feb 2021 18:29:03
Yes indeed JFP, the only problem is an education would kill them.

22 Feb 2021 18:48:58

Pedro when Pope John Paul 2 came to Glasgow in 1982 there was a bus left the village I grew up in to protest. They’re good at protesting that’s what they do by definition. Big Paisley was the organiser and cheer leader.

Anyway my old man God rest him came in off the nightshift in the morning and said to us ‘I see we’ve got a deef Pope’. I said to him ‘whit? ’. He said ‘you’ll see it when ye go oot’ and went to his bed.

They’d sprayed NO POPE HEAR across the road. 😂.

23 Feb 2021 10:05:15
spot on mate. they praise William of orange some one who never even stepped foot in Scotland had no time for the scots and never felt safe to go there as he was hated in Scotland. praise a regime that slaughtered the way of life and culture of there ancestors brain washed lot they are. and hate us for embracing who we are and who our ancestors were.



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