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18 Feb 2021 09:47:05
Dont think the £7m is anything to worry for now.

However i do question whether it remains sustainable for us to rely on selling players each season to fill the void.

With the type of recruitment we have done since rodgers left we will start to run out of these high value assets.

This will cause us to have a weaker side on the park at the same time as rangers get stronger. This in turn will make it harder for us to recoup the money due to reduced season ticket sales and lack of top European football.

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18 Feb 2021 10:35:31
As well as continually bringing in average replacements that will never make any profit, we don't have another real stand-outs coming through the ranks like a KT right now - although time will tell?
When Eddy, Ajer, Jullien and probably Christie leave in the summer, we may only have Cal-Mac, Turnbull and Forrest that are 'assets'.
It's imperative that the management and recruitment teams have the full financial support to get us back to REAL Celtic standards.

18 Feb 2021 10:36:44
Did the figures not say we hadover 20 Mill cash we could use and 13mill borrowing facility. just wait for sevcos figures if they ever publish them.

18 Feb 2021 10:49:57
onceabhoy. in terms of youth over the past 10 year wee have produced KT calmac forrest mikey johnstone and young welsh looks like he will be a brilliant player to so i think we are producing well within our youth. young ewan henderson is a great player also definitely worth more first team appearances but he is not getting them. we are definitely bringing through great quality. i think young welsh could be the next KT look how brilliant he has slotted in there basically calmed down a poor defence.

18 Feb 2021 11:04:19
DK recruitment is definitely an issue which is there for all to see. I don’t think Rogers was the reason it was better or worse since he left. His coaching ability is not in question but nowhere in his career did he demonstrate his ability to spot talent.

Whether our poor recruitment has been down to Hammond or Peter Lawell pulling rank over his targets as has been suggested who knows. We need to grow our own and find the best gems as we did with KT, VVD, Dembele and Eduard. If we are less capable of doing that now than we were previously we need to establish why that is the case.

Our business model should be based on the potential for players to come and play and gain exposure on the European stage and our position as a shop window to the EPL.

I don’t think your fear that basing our strategy on selling players is a risk as the money is earned before it is spent. The problem seems to be at the moment our youth development and our ability to unearth gems seem to have failed simultaneously. If we are to add to that reduced season ticket sales next season which we’ve been discussing on here it could be the catalyst for a downhill trajectory.

I’m obviously in a minority on here at least given the comments in thinking for these reasons stated that it’s not the time to vote with our feet and wallets as a protest. I think these failings at the club do need tabled however and discussed openly to encourage the fans to support the club or the converse and our decline will be attributable to the silence from and contempt shown by the board.

18 Feb 2021 11:18:08
It wasn’t a £7 million exaggerating loss.
Also how do you know we will have reduced season ticket sales?
Celtic still have International players who are big assets to our club.
We recently sold a project which will make the club another £8 million.
Also the Ibrox club have another court date next month and they will eventually need to pay Ashley out loads of money.
Celtic will still get the chance to qualify for next seasons CL group stages.
If Scotland remain ahead of Ukraine clubs in the co-officiant points table,
Celtic can win the league next season which will guarantee another £30 million on top of the money we still have in the bank.
That would take care of your European question.
Celtic also have a sizeable credit facility on standby at a time our rivals are running out of shares to dilute.
I always get that feeling when I read your posts, it comes from a Sevco point of view.

18 Feb 2021 12:01:53
I think recruitment is the problem, who ever is responsible for it needs to get his jotters, I just don't see the player in Klimala, don't think he is as good as Nesbit, who we could have got for a lot less and I think has the makings of a very good player, Duffy is no where near good enough, think we could have got better in Scotland, well we did with Henry, but he has been shipped out too hastily, is crazy when you think about it, we loan out Henry and loan in a worse player.

18 Feb 2021 12:24:09
Hendry has suddenly become baresi. Can you imagine if we bought nisbet from the championship. What would the reaction have been. He is decent and would do as a backup.

18 Feb 2021 12:28:02
UI; I don't think Mikey Johnston will ever 'cut-it' at Celtic and right at this moment many of our best young players are being poached away from right under our noses and that is a real concern.
As I said who knows, what talent may emerge in the future, but right now we are limited and worryingly, some are walking out the door.

18 Feb 2021 13:17:33
I agree wit you Buzz. Always negative. A wif of an orc for sure.

18 Feb 2021 13:21:47
onceabhoy. we play in Scotland mate its all about money. some of these youth players in the so called big league are on more than our important first team player. the big clubs in all the so called big leagues are snapping up the best youth of every team it just shows we are producing great youth players for them to be snatched. the only problem is they need be gave more time with first team for them to think about staying. mikey is a great we player injury's are his problem.

the bottom line is money runs football now. if you got the money you pick and choose who you want when you want.



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