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16 Feb 2021 19:22:17
It was interesting to read in our half year accounts that Celtic have made £3.9 million more on merchandise, than this time last year.
The Celtic supporters really have stepped up this season considering the circumstances.
Celtic announced record season ticket sales in the summer and Adidas were delighted with the number of replica shirts the club sold.
In the 1990s our fans would constantly sing
“We are Celtic supporters, Faithful Through And Through”
Now it’s up to the younger generation to help carry on that tradition along with the Celtic Da’s.

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16 Feb 2021 20:18:08
Buzz Bomb

You’re spot on I read the financial statement and this is not a time to be playing politics or for scoring points against the board. These are difficult times economically and the club needs backed financially and season tickets renewed. Otherwise there will be player sales and downsizing like we’ve not seen in recent years never mind expenditure and investment on a a high profile manager. If fans want to vote with their feet or wallets fair enough but the only thing that will suffer is the club. If that’s the stance be prepared to accept the consequences. Bear in mind (excuse the pun) they will be renewing their season books by the bus load if they do win the league.

16 Feb 2021 20:44:23
Completely disagree jfp it’s that attitude that the board plays on. In these difficult times it’s the supporters that are suffering yet financially backing the club. Where do we go next season? Do we fork out for another year of rubbish tv streams while the club completely disengages from us? The unrest from fans this year is not solely on performances and having a spoilt brat attitude it’s the way the club have took us all for granted and that is all based on “the faithful through and through” attitude.

16 Feb 2021 21:02:50
Welshy great post. I share many of your sentiments. We’re diametrically opposed in terms of our argument which should make for a great debate and it will be good to hear the punters thoughts. But we share one thing in common a love of Celtic which even at my age sometimes feels like it isn’t even a choice. God Bless. ☘️👍.

16 Feb 2021 21:10:14
Unfortunately when the board choose to completely ignore the vast majority of the support the only way to be heard is to hit them in the pocket. So much pain could have been avoided if action was taken early on.

16 Feb 2021 21:32:17
The Board know fine well our emotional ties will see us renew. I've seen better Celtic games on iptv that have superior streams.

16 Feb 2021 21:41:35
The board are gambling on club loyalty Big gamble in my opinion the PR department are way out and another part of the club that needs addressed as part of the overhaul because the statements that have came out of Celtic are far away from most supporters Ideas of where the club should be going.

17 Feb 2021 04:02:40
Welshy your spot on mate with your analysis. I totally agree mate.

17 Feb 2021 06:44:49
Regardless of season ticket sales JFP1888, we will see the biggest overhaul in the playing department for many a year. For a start elyounoussi, Duffy, laxalt and kenny will return to their parent clubs, we’ve already lost elhamed, frimpong and more than likely ntcham. ajer, christie, rogic and edouard have made no secret they’d like out, then you’ve guys that you could question are they good enough to stay, ajeti, klimala, barkas. then you’ve bolingoli. Hendry looks like he could stay in Belgium and hopefully bayo will do likewise over in France. Now if the vast majority of that happens it’ll happen wether season tickets are sold or not. Yes there will be folk that will renew their tickets and you’ll have folk who rightly in difficult times, can’t attend games and IMO have been totally treated with contempt by our board. Celtic could’ve acted months ago regarding lennon, and not to miss the players, if they could be sacked some of them could’ve been aswell given their shambolic performances this season but unfortunately that’s not how it works and the manager at any club will go when things aren’t going right. I think it’s a dangerous game the board are playing to assume that they will sell the season tickets out this season under the same situation in terms of attending games, and especially with the uncertainty of these big changes that are coming. Surely it would make sense to be totally 100% transparent with the folk they expect to sell these tickets too and tell them exactly what’s going on?

17 Feb 2021 10:42:19
Gary I agree totally the board have treated the fans with nothing but contempt and the club have been guilty of gross mismanagement ar every level top to bottom. These issues and the growing disconnect needs addressed. I agree too there will be wholesale changes in terms of the footballing side of things including players who want away and those that are not good enough. We also have the managers position, youth development and recruitment needing overhauled.

The point I’m making that if fans vote with their feet and don’t renew season tickets that will only further damage the club financially in difficult economic times. If that’s the strategy that fans want to adopt that’s fine and it’s even understandable particularly as whether we’ll be back in he stadium remains to be seen after a shambolic season. But fans must be prepared to accept the impact that will have on the club particularly as I said given that across the Clyde the will flocking in their droves to renew season tickets if they win the league. Celtic like any other business cannot continue to spend money they haven’t got. So the fans need to do what the think they need to do but do it being aware of consequences.

17 Feb 2021 11:00:08
PS: and the first consequence will be downsizing like we’ve not seen in recent years never mind expenditure and investment on a a high profile manager. Who’s going to pay for that? The reason we can afford to buy the players we can and appoint managers others can’t is due to our fan base and season ticket sales. Without that we will be no more capable of affording what the fans want anymore than Hibs, Hearts or Aberdeen.

17 Feb 2021 12:26:35
JFP - I do like your posts and I’m sure the majority of fans will agree with most of what you say.

I also think that given the way the club appears to be either taking the fans for granted or are simply showing that our opinions / views don’t matter then voting with our feet is the final piece of action that can be taken.

Celtic have had this annoying habit of always downsizing to some degree Rodgers to Lennon the most notable recently and various signings of late that I’ll not go into as I’m sure we are all fed up with the lack of quality we have in the squad overall.

The biggest mistake Celtic can make now is keeping Lennon next year as this will simply tip the fans over the edge and then we will probably see renewals not being taken up the following year. We just might need to have another season of misery before we get improvements. I already feel sorry for whatever new manager or players come in for next season as history tells us with Celtic that we simply don’t appear to be able to plan properly form the season ahead.

17 Feb 2021 13:10:43
JFP, it doesn’t have to come down to will they won’t they renew season tickets. I think most fans like it or not accept we’re more than likely stuck with lennon till the seasons done certainty until it’s mathematically impossible for us to catch them but when that time comes why can’t celtic do as they did under RD? Why can’t lennon sit down and say “ right this is my last season regardless bla bla bla” then Celtic can start the process of looking / appointing the following seasons manager, but right now get the DOF in the door first. If Celtic get this done sooner rather than later I’ve no doubt season tickets will sell, and I’m certainly not chanting for fans to not renew tickets but let’s be honest, if lennon isn’t gone by the season ending Celtic IMO will struggle to sell season tickets at the numbers of recent years.

17 Feb 2021 14:36:28
Kev and Gary I agree 100% the board have treated the fans with contempt and as a result many will decide the only way to voice their discontent is by not renewing season tickets.

I agree too that unless they appoint a manager that shows a bit of ambition by the club I don’t think they will sell the same number of season tickets. Reading what I’m reading I’m starting to not rule out Neil being here for next season.

I’m just pointing out that not renewing season tickets can do nothing other than damage the club financially which is counterproductive and if that’s the decision the fans make we will need to live with the consequences which will mean further pain albeit for long term gain. That’s just a fact.

On the other hand if the board speculate to accumulate their investment will be more than recovered because the club will be backed by the fans and you would expect people with the business acumen of Dermot Desmond and McKay to realise that.

17 Feb 2021 15:33:49
There was always going to be a lull in book renewals regardless of the outcome of this season. I’m in the renewing but don’t blame anyone else if they don’t camp. It’s a real dilemma trying to separate backing the team without supporting the plc as ultimately it comes down to money our own hard earned money that we have no voice being heard in how it’s spent.



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