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10 Feb 2021 07:01:30
Omg pass me the happy pills lennon wants to stay for 4 more seasons i think your on a loser there Neil you know you haven't reached the level we require and its over for you so take some pride and bow out as your clueless in Europe and tactics as we had the worst season in history under your team the crisis has hit rock bottom surley as a manager you must know that your done even a miracle couldn't save you Bow out now with your head high lawell employ in his hotel as a manager.

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10 Feb 2021 09:20:49
been a poor season for many reason and its not just all down to neil. show abit of respect and remember his achievements. were you celebrating winning our group in Europe last season with games to spare and our win on Italian soil for the firs time.

10 Feb 2021 10:11:19
The players have let him down big time. eddy for instance has decided to start playing and it's the middle of Feb Griff we Al leave it there. but he has made mistakes and some of his statements leave you baffled. and don't get me started on his subs.

10 Feb 2021 10:17:26
Well Said United Ireland, there are a load of parasites hanging around here too.
He started the run to the 10 with the first 3, he continued the run when the rat jumped ship and he was shot in the back by numerous lazy assed players who think they are too big for our club. Lenny has has faults but not everything bad n this horrible scenario can be put at his feet.
It’s not over yet.

10 Feb 2021 10:49:46
United Ireland, celebrating his achievements? He has destroyed this team - last year he worked with Rodgers team and players and was lucky Sevco collapsed. Warning signs where there and this year is typical of Lennon.

It’s some achievement going from being the best team in the league to being 21 points behind an average Sevco team but I forgot it’s everyone else’s fault never Neil’s.

All I will remember Lennon for is the man that lost 10 in a row.

{Ed007's Note - If he was "lucky Sevco collapsed" how do you explain him winning 26 games, drawing 2 and losing only 2 all season - was that also luck? We still needed to win those matches and as usual that had nothing to do with TRIFC.
But are you seriously saying that TRIFC were unlucky not to win the league last year, because if we were lucky that means they were.....
Too many supporters look at Celtic and when they lose they're rubbish but when they win they're either lucky or like the Kilmarnock game it's "well it's only Killie".
It's just anything for a bit of negativity.}

10 Feb 2021 11:31:35
On that point I think the views on Eddy are ridiculous. He has had injury and C.V. problems this season. Maybe didn't quite get firing early on but he is the top scorer in the league and contributed in Europe. Everyone knows he is destined for a bigger league. We should enjoy his last few months with us.

10 Feb 2021 12:09:11
I've said it before, the biggest problem we had this season was Lennon admitting there were players that wanted to leave who he then slated after the European lose and then he continued to play them.
I don't care who they were and what was at stake, if a player states that he wants to leave he should be sold and he should have played players that want to be at the club.

10 Feb 2021 12:12:16
Under Neil Lennon Celtic won 33 games out of 36 domestic games.
From October 2019 after losing 2-0 away to Livingston until October 2020 when we lost the Glasgow Derby.
And 2 of those games were draws on the plastic pitches at Livingston and Kilmarnock.
Our amazing run started with a 6-0 home victory against Ross County and every player that started that game where still at Celtic when this season started with the exception of goalkeeper Fraser Forster.
An exceptional record like that makes these last 4 months baffling because Celtic added to our squad in the summer and we kept our best Celtic players.
Personally I think everyone inside Celtic Park has played a part in our collapse.
Our players have been rubbish this season, with ability and effort.
Neil Lennon has struggled with every system and his players look clueless which is hard to watch.
There’s been times this season when our fans can’t see what the manager and his coaching staff are trying to achieve. The players don’t know what they’re doing.
And we’ve continually struggled to defend cross balls all season.
And the board done nothing in November when we were down to our last chance saloon to save our season and make more history and that’s unforgiving.
In a nutshell this season has been a disaster.
But as a club we will move on with changes being made throughout the club and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to getting back to the games and supporting our club and I think that’s what’s also been missing.

10 Feb 2021 12:41:40
Enrico agrees guys a number of things have not been so good you know? But people who continue to lash out at Lennon are a bit forgetful the man has done this club a great service for a long time.

Maybe it is time for change but Neil has always done his best. The C.V. players not at their best for whatever reason this cannot be blamed on Lennon.

Great player good manager and big supporter of Celtic he should be respected for his achievements for the club.

Enrico just heading to corner shop for some grape juice ahead of watching the bhoys reduce the points advantage this evening.

Hail hail 🍷💚.

10 Feb 2021 12:43:27
If and I know it's a big if we can win two games in hand and beat Sevco twice gap is 9 points How costly January has been to us. 9 points dropped in 4 games 3 of which were at home We'd have been applying some real pressure We can only hope Sevco do collapse. A slither of hope. I am somewhere between United ireland viewpoint and Kev T2. viewpoint I want to try remain positive and I agree it's not all Down to just Lenny but In all walks of life the buck has to stop somewhere When failure occurs and it's difficult to see this season as anything other than epic failure Will be tuned in tonight Still hoping for 3 points tho Jim Goodwin done job on Lenny couple weeks ago let's see the response.

10 Feb 2021 13:08:46
Well said Buzz, I honestly thought the board would have recruited better players in the summer. 10 would have been a walk in the park. They must have had a hint that some of our players would down tools when they wanted a move, if not, why not? . I don’t blame Neil Lennon, I blame the club for this embarrassing season 😒.

{Ed007's Note - When the transfer window closed were you happy with the signings and that we kept players like Ajer & Edouard? What "better players" did you say they have recruited.
Ntcham and Jullien were the only players that actively looked to move on during the summer and Ntcham's agent refused to put in a written transfer request so he couldn't have been that unhappy or was he scared of the £ he'd lose? Edouard & Ajer were happy to stay unless the Club got "an acceptable offer" putting the ball in the Club's court.
Apart from Ntcham I don't know who else you can say downed tools because they wanted out, as I said if things are that bad all they need to do is request a transfer in writing.
Players playing badly and losing form - a lot at the same time - the team generally looking unfit and not knowing what they're meant to be doing on the park isn't anyone "downing tools".
The players need to shoulder a lot of responsibility for the season but the downing tools talk is masking poor training & coaching methods and VERY poor man-management which is supposedly Lennon's strong point.}

10 Feb 2021 13:16:35
@kev. so he was playing with Rodgers teams last season every single player in our back line last season was a Neil Lennon signing except ajar.

last season Ryan Christie callum McGregor Edouard James Forrest all had there best seasons in a celtic jersey suppose don't give lennon any credit for that and last seasons great achievements winning our European group with games to spare. listen you are the utter toxic fan base who has plagued our club this season and contributed to the bad feel at the club away and stick your lollypop back in yer gub and gee us aw peace.

10 Feb 2021 13:49:48
Hahaha toxic fan base because I’m sick of Neil Lennon.

Rodgers showed how a club like Celtic should be, winning trebles galore and even an undefeated season. Not always pretty football and some heavy defeats against the worlds elite but when you can’t buy big then that’s what happens in champions league football.

Neil Lennon failed time after time with this with embarrassing defeats everywhere especially in cup’s and Europe. He’ has no tactical knowledge what so ever, our players fitness levels are terrible.

Your part of the Deluded Lennon fan brigade, it’s everyone against us.

So if being Toxic means getting Lennon out then I’ll happily be toxic.

10 Feb 2021 15:08:57
Since Lenny came back we have won two Scottish Cups and a league cup. One defeat to Ross County (as embarrassing as that was) hardly merits the embarrassing defeats everywhere. Although admittedly there were a few first time round.

I think we all agree that we need a new manager in charge for next season. It's also clear that Lenny will be here until the end of the season. When he does go he deserves to be remembered for all he has achieved as a player and a manager. It's not his fault he hasn't been sacked yet.

10 Feb 2021 15:11:20
if you put it like that yes Rodgers dominated a league he should have dominated and yes he is a great manager. but let me tell you this he utterly embarrassed us in Europe with refusing to change his shape for certain opponents but he was still praised because of that invincible season he could do no wrong.

neil my not be every ones cup of tea and yes i feel change is needed but he has gave me some great memories in Europe and domestically. he gave me better memory's in Europe than what Rodgers did. things have not worked our for him this season and i thank him and are grate full for what he has done for this club and will get behind him till season is over as its clear he is here to end of season.

yes toxic mate we are trying to get back on track and its just toxic abuse everyday even on the twitter posts of charity efforts and new players coming in. Lennon is leaving regardless if you keep being toxic or not it will be the end of the season he leaves so why keep being toxic if he is going at the end of the season. as we know our club do things quietly and by the looks of it the ball is rolling for big changes and im excited to see how things are going to be we could be moving forward in a big way.

10 Feb 2021 16:04:22
UI Brendan let Ralston play against Neymar. If that's not a great memory for you I don't know what is!

On a serious note let's hope we can find some more positives between now and the end of the season. Hopefully Welsh can continue to impress along with Soro and Turnbull. Would also be good to see Barkas make a save! Need to see more from Ajeti as well.

10 Feb 2021 17:39:01
My embarrassing results are taking into account his whole tenure not just Ross County.

We are all fans and have our own opinions and expectations. I was glad he left the first time and utterly disappointed when he was appointed again but as we do we get on with it.



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