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05 Feb 2021 09:49:36
so there is a post on the celtic twitter account on jonjo kenny saying how much the lads have made him feel so welcome . and mostly every post is lennon out. seriously shut up now welcome the lad. what has our fan base become.

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05 Feb 2021 10:34:54
Absolute wallopers. Jonjo Kenny must be well impressed. Do these keyboard warriors really think they’re helping our cause to recruit a manager or attract players? Looking from the outside in and seeing some of the comments and abuse targeted at Neil Lennon and Peter Lawell irrespective of whether they should be away do they really think that they are making potential players and managers think ‘I can’t wait to play in front of these muppets? ’. Total Twats Tweeting Tosh on Twitter.

05 Feb 2021 10:56:08
spot on mate is making our fan base look utter toxic our fans and the atmosphere at Celtic park is one of the major pulls for our club and these idiots are ruining that. we all want a new manager it is clear lenny is here till the end of the season so let's just support the team and try have a strong finish and win the Scottish cup.

05 Feb 2021 11:38:35
Spot on JFP.

05 Feb 2021 13:03:56
While the comments do get tedious and disrespectful at times when on a post for charity or in remberence this whole situation has been caused by our board ignoring the vast majority of the fan base and keeping NL in role. People are going to vent and a Lennon out post is probably the most you can safely do atm.

05 Feb 2021 13:14:15
Maybe the fans wouldn't feel the need to stage such a protest if the club had done the sensible thing and sacked the manager a number of months ago. There was a protest at the stadium which was basically portayed as a riot after a small minority of idiots behaved horribly. Fans are painted in a bad light either way. The club and certain members of the support are unwilling to accept public criticism.

05 Feb 2021 13:25:41
vent it on another post then no a post about a new player saying how welcome he has been made to feel by his team mates. or a post about charity efforts. or better still all youse get in a twitter chat group and be toxic all day long and let us get on with trying to cheer the team and new player on for a strong finish and Scottish cup win and 2 derby wins

kenny must feel so welcomed by the fans with his post full of absolute toxic messages.

05 Feb 2021 13:49:22
kev they picked the fence up and through it of the police vans absolute sevco mentality.

05 Feb 2021 14:38:24
You're more interested in the feelings of a short term loanee than the feelings of lifelong supporters, that just sums it up. "They" didn't pick up a fence and throw it. A tiny number of them did but guys like you are happy to let that obscure the bigger picture and dilute the genuine concern that most people at the stadium were showing. The whole point about the Lennon pictures is that it's posted on every Twitter post - not just when it looks slightly better to outsiders - otherwise what would be the point in a protest? One last point, I see so many things on social media from Celtic fans about "Sevco mentality" and "Sevco behaviour" but when you look at how often Celtic fans are being chinned by their own for it, it's clearly not just "Sevco behaviour".

05 Feb 2021 15:58:31
they didn't pick up the fence and throw it a tiny number of them did. that makes nonsense at all kev the either did it or did not.

was a fence picked up by our fans and thrown on to a police van at the protests kev a simple yes or no.

i am very saddened by the toxic fan base we have just now. and that loanee just happens to have signed for my club and i wish him a very warm welcome and hope he is a success and if he is we may sign him permanent and he may fall in love with this club like many other players have after they have joined so i wish him well and will show him no toxic attitude from me regardless of how this season is going

jonjo kenny welcome to glasgow celtic biggest and best team in this country no matter how things are going we will always have your back and our support as long as you play for the badge of this club that's my thinking. neil lennon has gave everything for this badge and the toxic abuse is a absolute joke.

05 Feb 2021 16:00:13
you will always get rubbish on social media it gives people a platform to spout rubbish.

05 Feb 2021 18:44:58
This is my last post on the subject because you're entitled to your opinion and I'm not going to go round in circles trying to change your mind. In my own opinion, the protest captured the feeling of the majority of the fans who wanted to force the board into action. The club and the press have used the unacceptable behaviour of a tiny number of idiots to completely ignore the very reason there was a protest in the first place. Since the painting of supporters as thugs and hooligans in the aftermath of that day, supporters have decided to make their thoughts known in a more peaceful and C.V.-friendly way. It has been made clear that ALL posts will be targeted so nobody, Jonjoe Kenny included, should take any personal offence to it or be surprised by it. There definitely seems to be a divide in the support and in my view it's between those who care more about the club being the best it can be and those who are more interested in how we're perceived by the rest of the footballing community i. e. The best fans in the world, who make friends on away trips and are faithful through and through etc. I'm firmly in the former and if that upsets Neil Lennon, Jonjoe Kenny or my fellow posters then, respectfully, I don't care. For 2 and a half years we saw what sort of professional standards the club was capable of (granted, Europe wasn't great) so there's no excuse for where we've ended up since.

{Ed007's Note - Thank God that's your last word on it. I prefer to think THIS GUY has a better take on things although he could write it better.
The fans that embarrassed and shamed the Club & themselves - when we had dropped FOUR points in the league - were acting like spoilt brats and done more harm than good. Did they think DD would say, "Here Peter we've upset the snowflake generation of the fans, better sack Neil."? What did the players do, laugh mate, there were players watching the "protest" and laughing at the nick of it. Maybe if they had stayed in the house when we had only dropped 4 points in the league and backed the players we wouldn't be where we are with players not giving their all. Didn't Lennon say that Frimpongs move had been on the go for about 7 weeks, what changed from October to then?
Then there's the laughable season ticket boycotts? Go for it and see the team we have on the park next season. Bills will still need paid so it'll be the transfer pot that will take that hit with maybe needing to sell McGregor.
As for the pishy "It has been made clear that ALL posts will be targeted so nobody...." - who made it clear, was it the idiotic group of bullies that have been infiltrated by TRIFC fans on social media and who are you targeting apart from the SLO (the hassle JP is getting is ridiculous "Where's our review JP boo hoo 😭😭) and the poor sod that runs the social media accounts, what do YOU personally think that's go to do? I'll tell you hee-haw. And at no time whatsoever did the Club say the review would be made public, why should it be?
I couldn't give a stuff how we're perceived by anyone apart from my peers in the Celtic support and maybe others should follow that route because there's some amount of absolute roasters following the Club these days, nothing but spoilt brats.}

05 Feb 2021 19:22:26
Must've been good to get that off your chest Ed 😉.

{Ed007's Note - Needs must, Kev because these morons on social media are sucking more and more people in with their BS because it's being made to look like the cool thing to do. As I said, the group's been infiltrated with imposters that know exactly what they're doing. They're being taken for mugs and I have no doubt there will be "Lennon Out" merch available soon - kerching 😉

05 Feb 2021 19:35:33
Well I'm glad to say I don't pay enough attention to the club's Twitter account to partake anyway 😂.

{Ed007's Note - Yet you're sticking up for folk trolling and hassling people that have no control to affect change - just guys like me and you, Kev. 🤦‍♂️

05 Feb 2021 19:52:21
Ed 007 well said. ‘A divide between fans that care more about the club and those who are more interested in how we are perceived’’. Kev what total and utter pi$h thou hath spoken. I and many like me don’t give a flying feck what the MSSM or anybody else for that matter thinks of us in fact I don’t even care what the resurrected Rangers achieve. I’m only interested in the good of my club and the performances of my team. I just don’t think behaving like a self entitled twat and abusing a manager and chief executive that have done more for Celtic than you or me ever will is acceptable or remotely justifiable. Away and lie down. Ed 0007 send yourself that wee Vladimir Putin GIPHY fae me for a fabulous post particularly as you were never up for Neil Lennon as manager.

{Ed007's Note - I made my feelings about Lennon very clear during his first stint and again after "Showergate", JFP - from his ability as a manager/coach to the stuff in his private life -and I took pelters for it but I don't see why I should keep going on about it. I'd actually like to think I've been pretty fair and unbiased while some people would be expecting me to come on with the "Told you so" patter and gloating.
I take no pleasure in seeing anyone failing at Celtic no matter what their job is as that effects Celtic and makes me unhappy.
I wonder how many people that bought a Neil Lennon calendar in 2013(?) are now standing outside Celtic Park with their wee banners and hassling Celtic employees on social media.
Just as a note, I am usually 100% behind what the Green Brigade do and have stuck up for them on numerous occasions on here but I think they have scored a massive OG with this campaign.}

05 Feb 2021 20:22:33
Ed007 you backed the green brigade when they were getting castigated on all fronts and have been fair. They brought a fantastic atmosphere to the games when there was none and there was a period of time they were the only thing worth watching. My seat is right beside them. But you’re right they’ve mis-read the room and made a roaring James Hunt of this one.

{Ed007's Note -


05 Feb 2021 20:40:31
Ed it always makes me smile. 😂👍.

{Ed007's Note - Vlad for DOF..... Get him, John Collins & Keano 💚Peace be upon Him💚 in and we'd have a team full utter machines. Vlad and Collins having sit up competitions on the park at half time 😁

05 Feb 2021 21:24:17
UI go and take a look at Spurs Instagram. Every post it greeted with Jose out or Dier out. It will be the same across the board with every team who are struggling. Venting on social media is the way things seem to be done. No one is denying it shouldn't happen on those type of posts but again the board has caused this toxicity by not doing their job.



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