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29 Jan 2021 19:52:50
Lawwell leaving is the end of an era where there were a lot of ups and plenty of downs. Nobody can argue that he is an absolute master of negotiation when it comes to bringing money into the club. However his legacy will always be tainted with his penchant for gambling and picking the cheap option when it came to key decisions. Giving ourselves the worst possible preparation for CL qualifiers every season recently was a particular bugbear of mine. All in all he presided over an unprecedented time of success which will likely never be repeated but he could have been mentioned in the same breath as Fergus but for his own ego getting the better of him at crucial moments.

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29 Jan 2021 20:07:34
As ever, well put together post Kev.

29 Jan 2021 20:08:00
If he just stuck with the commercial side then his legacy would have been outstanding. He didnt, preferring to involve himself in spotting and then signing players of dubious talent and commitment.

For me the money he brought in by doing his day job; is outweighed by the dozen upwards, of highly paid and big money signing flops.

I am glad he is going, maybe he will take the rest of his Tory pals with him.

29 Jan 2021 20:13:04
I'm blushing Jim haha.

29 Jan 2021 21:16:51
i keep on saying this i have supported celtic for seventy years and i did not know you could not support celtic if you voted tory i always thought celtic were a team for everyone keep politics out of football there is no place for it.

{Ed007's Note - "A club open to all" refers to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc It is not, and should not be twisted to be, an excuse to accept or hold abhorrent views supporting the party directly responsible for so much poverty and suffering across the world. Millions of people have died due to the direct result of Tory austerity & their policies home and abroad with over 4 million kids (probably more now with Covid) are living in poverty as a direct result of Tory decisions.
Will we go on? Keep politics out of football...



If you don't think politics has a place in football all across the world then you're a moron, from Athletic Bilbao's Basque-only policy, Barca's Catalonia identity all through Europe & South America football and politics are entwined and supporters - rightly or wrongly - will identify with that.}

29 Jan 2021 21:30:08
i did not know if you voted tory you could not be a celtic supporter
i always thought celtic were a team for everyone if that is true after seventy years i wll have start supporting another team.

{Ed007's Note - It's not a rule per se but it should be and hopefully it will be soon 😁 Do you have a season ticket because I know someone that's looking for one for next season?}

29 Jan 2021 21:52:45
if that is the thought of every supporter on here they can have my seat in the number seven lounge anytime i go to see football not politics if we all gave up our seats because you did not agree with somebodys politic where would we be.

{Ed007's Note - Probably in a better place.}

29 Jan 2021 22:00:56
I’ll take it.

29 Jan 2021 22:13:57
It’s ironic, Peter Lawwell would rarely let players overstay or run down their contracts if he could avoid it. If he’d applied the same principle to himself.? It’s harsh to say but IMO he lived off past achievements but more likely, anticipated glories. Lesson for us all. In time Peter Lawwell will get the credit he fully deserves. Rite now it just feels a bit raw.

29 Jan 2021 23:22:27
And what politics are OK for Celtic supporters?, I've never voted Tory, used to vote labour, but ever since Corbyn wouldn't condemn the islamic grooming gangs, because it would demonize a whole culture, and sacked what's her name and promoted the other what's her name because she was the right culture, i don't care what anyones race or culture is, but I believe what my mother used to say to me when I was young, speak the truth and shame the devil, is something Corbyn should have heeded, nothing is gained by hiding behind mistruths and fudges, but that is what Corbyn and the rest of his cronies did, and continue to do, I don't know who I will vote for the next time, the SNP?, an independence party, that doesn't believe in independence, the Greens?, who are OK on some issues and as wide as the wide mouthed frog on others, the last time I voted Labour, but only because of my local candidate, who I knew,

30 Jan 2021 02:15:58
Way off topic but Corbyn never refused to condemn the gangs or the crimes aindoh. He said it's wrong to vilify an entire community or nation for the actions of a few. Also, what's her name wasn't sacked, she resigned. Mistruths and fudges indeed.

30 Jan 2021 09:07:13
For me voting tory just goes against what the club is all about it goes against the very reason the club was set up - to feed the poor. Being a celtic fan for me, means more than football. And voting for a party who's policys have caused poverty, and supporting a club who's foundation is set up to combat this is confused thinking. I'm not a fan of this "keep politics out of football" nonsense. What they really mean is keep a certain type of politics out. Say no to racism is political, as is support Palestinians. Many clubs have a political identity, and those who do tend to either be closely aligned to celtic, or else completely opposed. If you vote tory, I'd suggest Chelsea or lazio as your next club 😜.

30 Jan 2021 09:26:40
And this is what happens when we start to talk politics. As far as I'm concerned each and everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views which I might or might not agree with. While it is correct Ed to say that sometimes it is inevitable to keep politics out of football I think that you are welcome to support Celtic regardless of creed, colour, religion, politics or the like. For me it has always been a club for all. And before I get shot down I know there will always be exceptions to the rules but these should be few and far between. Unfortunately, we live in a World where you you are entitled to your view and opinion provided it agrees with mine and if it doesn't then you're not and are ridiculed, trolled and vilified. This is at the root of the a lot of the problems we have today imo. So feel free to agree, disagree or whatever but do it respectfully and with the consideration that not everyone will, nor should they, always agree with your point of view. JEES! Bit heavy for a Saturday morning. So Hail Hail and a good weekend to one and all. 🍀🍀🍀.

30 Jan 2021 10:04:10
It's only my opinion, but as celtic fans we should call out abhorrent views. We should call out if someone is being racist to a fan, or player. We should call out if our own are not treating people with respect - past behaviour by lennon and Griffiths comes to mind. And for me this shouldn't stop because a party is considered mainstream. Many political parties historically had awful views. And I'd like to think in the future we will look back at the tory party and say how was that allowed to happen.



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