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27 Jan 2021 16:25:27
The new banner outside Celtic Park says it all sums up what is happening at our club.

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27 Jan 2021 16:50:01
What does it say?

27 Jan 2021 17:31:23

27 Jan 2021 18:02:39
Yeah sums the club up 15 titles in 20 years, 9 titles in a row, quadruple treble.
Money in the bank developing players and selling them on.
Get these scumbags out our club the mismanagement.
Is this Celtic page now just Rangers fans or Celtic fans below the age of 35 and don’t know how lucky they are.

27 Jan 2021 18:12:55
Cmac1980 spot on.

27 Jan 2021 18:18:22
Thanks OaB.

27 Jan 2021 18:19:44
Very true Cmac. Pple seem to forget what we have won over the last couple of years. This year has fell apart for number of reasons and change is needed to bring fresh ideas to the club to bring us back to where this club needs to be.

27 Jan 2021 18:21:57
Cmac very true. Still think Lennon should be gone Already though so this could have been avoided.

27 Jan 2021 18:27:03
It's not a history lesson Cmac its president time No way should Celtic be that far away from any team in Scotland in January. As you said we are running at profit we have the best team IMO yet the team is not doing good team selection has been questionable at least interviews have at times been cringeworthy to say the least. Trip to Dubai questionable all at present times we can't live on past time we have to look at present and the future and just now the future looks bleak. The board will want people to just think of the past but that is not what it's about.

27 Jan 2021 18:34:56
Agreed Camac it smells of self entitlement when you consider what we’ve achieved but you can’t eat yesterday’s dinner. The board gambled and lost the 10 and were found asleep at the wheel as they were warned. The reincarnation of Rangers were indeed coming. The lack of communication from the Celtic board is arrogant and Neil Lennon’s comments yesterday that he didn’t understand the fans frustrations beggars belief. Would you or Oldkilly disagree that there has been mismanagement at every level?

27 Jan 2021 18:35:25
Now there’s a Celtic da. all is forgiven Celtic cos we were good for a while and rubbish in the 90s and maybe good again next year.

27 Jan 2021 18:42:03
Ss what could have been avoided. Boli going abroad and having 2 games postponed and already playing catch up.
We were unbeaten in the first 8 games. The international break left us without Eddie, Christie, bitton, elhamed due to C.V. Having to play the Scottish cup another 2 league games postponed playing catch up again. Coming back from the winter break and losing the team for 2 matches. We have never been able to put any pressure on them as they have always been 3 games ahead.
We have never had a settled team with Eddie being out for so long during the season and with forrest and julien out injured has left us with no creativity and a powderpuff defence.

27 Jan 2021 18:45:10
Mismanagement us the right word from recruitment to Dubai it's a shambles. you can't live on past glories you've got to move forward. and we've hit the skids.

27 Jan 2021 18:47:57
Fed up listening to this entitled BS. The club is toxic just now because of the decisions our board has made. But hey its ok because we've been successfully recently.

27 Jan 2021 18:55:28
The entitled fans are toxic. Outside the stadium. Why was Dubai a shambles in the next few weeks a number of clubs will be flying all over Europe for football matches and 3/ 4 days in 5 star facilities and training. Should that be called off. Eddie has started 12 league games all season scored 7 if he was able to start the other 11 Forrest missing all season between goals asists they provide you are missing around 20-25 goals within that period.

27 Jan 2021 19:03:03
Calmac what could have been avoided? Eh getting out thought by the reincarnated Rangers dugout and out fought by the reincarnated Rangers team. Nick Hammonds recruitment. Unfit players. The boards disconnect. A trip to Dubai that caused the scenarios you described. A team on their ar$e we should have been out of sight of but who caught us through the boards arrogance after being backed by the fans until our nose was bleeding. Losing the 10. Horses out Europe and the cup. That’s what could have been avoided.

27 Jan 2021 19:10:31
Big Bubs you don’t think abusing players and the team bus after 15 titles in 20 years and 12 trophies on the trot made the parkhead protestors look self entitled?

27 Jan 2021 19:17:05
I had yesterday's dinner today JFP was delicious👌. Lawell should stick to the financial side and stop being the Unofficial Director of Football. When Rodgers was in charge Lawell wasn't the main man anymore which put his nose out of joint. He never bought the players Rodgers wanted near the end of his tenure. Negotiated 9 million for BR which would have covered Rodgers 3 year wages.11 million for Frimpong, 7 million for Armstrong who was in his last year 11 million for VVD 10 millionfor FF,25 million for KT and 20million for Dembele and more is what he's good at. The Board must keep him the feck away from the football side. We have needed a CB for a while with Julien out for 4 months and they knew months ago Frimpong was wanting to leave yet hadn't any replacements lined up.2 loans will be rushed through isn't good management. Letting Lennon stagger on from November is Bad Management. The fitness of players an arrogant Board and manager who are way out of touch with our fanbase is Bad Management. A Hearts fan that walks about with a clipboard in charge of PR, terrible transfer business in the last window apart from Turnbull Waiting over a year to play Soro bad management.

27 Jan 2021 20:16:43
Jft We have lost 2 games in the league look at the side in the first rangers game. On another day we would have beat them at Ibrox. Sometimes you just have a bad season and unfortunate with C.V. and injuries. The group in Europe have look at where Lille and ac Milan are in there league had the toughest group.

27 Jan 2021 20:48:11
Cmac eddy has scored the 7 goals in 12 games which looks decent till you remember he scored a hatrick on the opening day against Hamilton so when you look at it like that he has scored 4 in 11 that's not good for a "Prolific" Striker, why do we keep playing eddy when he doesn't even want to be here. Give Ajeti or Klimala the game time.

27 Jan 2021 21:03:36
Sorry Marco never new Hamilton were not in the league. Your post is ridiculous what other teams don’t count. The point is in those other games he would have been the one to score a goal or provide an assist. I don’t know why play Eddie because he is by far the best player that we have. We have been a selling club for years we bring these players in to help them progress to a bigger team. That is the model it will not change. Is that 8 goals in 13 starts. 😂😂.

27 Jan 2021 21:55:35
JFP I'm not talking about the protesters who probably make up a tiny percentage of our support. I'm talking about the large volume that believe NL should be sacked, Lawwel should not interfere with football matters and we should appoint a manager fitting of our stature. We deserve to be heard and not dismissed as glory hunters or being entitled. This season has been a disaster that has been in the making since NL was appointed. I repeat our board has made the club toxic.

27 Jan 2021 22:01:56
Thing is if you remained eternally grateful for what happened yesterday you'd lose sight of tomorrow. That's what the board hoped happen and we'd keep ahead just and not spend too much money while raking it in. Fans have a right to expect a standard if professionalism and progress. Weve seen neither for a while. History is a wonderful thing to look back on but it's not getting the fans dancing in parkhead on Saturday is it.

27 Jan 2021 22:28:12
I don’t think the board did. I think we are just in a bit of a strange time in society the board went out and signed players we all thought would have done a job but have just not settled and kept the Eddie, Ajer, Christie etc. The C.V. has had a big impact on Celtic this season and playing catch up has not helped.

28 Jan 2021 09:39:07
There it is, a true Lennon comment

CV has had an impact on Celtic - yeah cause only Celtic are affected

Simple facts are - Lennon has regressed Celtic, the board are at fault for not removing him in October when 99% of Celtic minded folk knew he was incapable of getting the league won.

Lennon for his own health more than anything else now should be sacked immediately.

He describes the win against Hamilton as a great performance - eh far from it. Soro played well and Taylor was better than his usual average performance. The rest where again just bang average again.

28 Jan 2021 09:48:50
Cmac my point is its not like he is scoring in every game, my point is he is having flashes where he is scoring a hatrick in one game then nothing in the next 4 or 5, but his figures look good because he has scored 3 in 5/ 6 that's the point I am trying to make. Every single person in allowed to have a view and a point and that is my perspective on him flashes of brilliance now and again is irrelevant when you look at the bigger picture. When Griffiths scored 40 in the season a couple of years ago yes he he scored doubles but he scored almost every game he played. That's the difference. We need a guy who will score reg. Not one who doesn't want to be here or shows lack of spirit and looks like he has stopped trying imo.



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